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10 Fun Sexting Games to Play with Your Partner




Are you looking for sex advice on how to have a steamier roll in the hay? If so, you’re definitely not alone. Everyone wants to have hotter sex, and we know just the way to do it. Foreplay is critical, and when you combine the power of foreplay with your cell phone, something magical happens.

Some of this is true, but when you use your phone to play these 10 naughty sexting games, your spouse won’t think twice when your phone is in your hands.

1. Would You Rather

If you want sex advice on how to get to know your partner’s likes and dislikes better, look no further than the “would you rather” sext game. Examples of questions you can ask are as follows:

  • Would you rather go without pizza or go without sex for the rest of your life?
  • Would you rather have sex in the shower or on the kitchen table?
  • Would you rather secretly talk dirty at work or a family dinner?

And so forth and so on. These questions can be as silly or as sexy as you dare!

2. Bucket List Dream Sex

Have you ever fantasized about getting frisky on a beach or an airplane? How about trying some kinky new toys or doing it in 10 different countries? Take turns texting back and forth with your spouse about your dream sexy bucket list challenge.

3. “Once upon a time…”

This cute storytelling game allows you and your partner to collaborate on a sexy story.Take turns sending texts to one another. Kind of like those games, we played as kids where one person would start with “Once upon a time,” and the other person would say, “An enchanted elephant lived in the woods.” Only this time, make each sentence part of a dirty fairy-tale.

After you’ve created this ‘choose your own adventure’ game, you can act it out the next time you’re together.

4. A Stroll Down Memory Lane

If you want sex advice on how to spice things up via text without getting too wild, try playing a fun game of memory lane. In this sexy text exchange, take turns recalling your favorite sex sessions you’ve had with your spouse and describe in detail what about them really turned you on.The oxytocin hormone your body releases post-orgasm promotes bonding between couples, reduces anxiety, and heightens emotional intimacy. So why not relive these toe-curling sessions via text?

5. Emoji Scramble

Everyone loves emojis, right? Sometimes too much, if we’re honest. We don’t need a smiley face after every single sentence you make. We’re smart enough to realize you were “just kidding” about being so hungry you could die.Use emojis for a sexy good time in this fun emoji scramble sext game. Send your partner a text like the following:

[kitty] [tongue face emoji] [heart eyes]

Try and get them to decode the message. This is a fun and silly way to flirt. See how creative you can get!

6. Classic 20 Questions

A study by the Journal of Marital Sex & Therapy revealed that men are emotionally happier when their female partner is sexually satisfied by him. And what better way to get to know what satisfies your partner than to ask? They say communication is key to a successful relationship, so make yours a healthy one by takings turns asking questions about your turns on, turn-offs, and wildest fantasies.

7. A Link of a Good Time

One of the great things about talking to your partner through text is that you can add an extra layer of intrigue by including pictures and links.Did you find a “page-turning” short story online? Why not share it with your partner and get them hot and bothered with you. Maybe you found a daring page from the Kama Sutra you’d like to try out with your partner? Send it over! Play a fun game of ‘link exchange’ to add fresh new ideas into your sexual repertoire.

8. Sexy Scavenger Hunt

The next time you’re at your partner’s place (or they’re at work), start to put some tantalizing scavenger items around the house. Arrange a personalized scavenger hunt and start texting him the clues when he gets home.

For example, text, “You can find your next clue in the same place you’d put the whipped cream.” When he goes to the fridge, have a lacy pair of panties draped over the whipped cream. Once he sends you a photo confirming he’s found your little surprise, text him your next clue with the addition of “Psst. Bring the whipped cream. We’ll be needing it.”You can take this game as far as you want! You can even have him wind up meeting you in a hotel room for the night to keep things feeling extra scandalous.

9. Roleplay Texts

Are you ready to get wild in the bedroom, but you’re too shy to start roleplaying in person? If so, this game is going to be right up your alley.Tell your partner that you’re going to roleplay, and each picks a dirty scenario. Popular ones include professor/student, maid/butler, strangers hooking up or queen/king/servant.Then start acting out a sexy fantasy over text. This roleplay is bound to drive you both wild.

10. Writing in Reverse

You don’t have to conquer the world with your sexy games; you have to make your partner smile (and ideally turn them on a bit!)Writing in reverse is an easy sexting game you can play. Write something naughty, such as: “Enola uoy teg ot tiaw t’ nac I” in reverse and wait for your spouse to crack the naughty code.

In Conclusion

All jokes aside, remember that as much as a sexy phone game can spice up the intimacy in your relationship, it can just as easily kill it! Surveys show that 1 in 10 couples admit to checking their phone during sex. Guys? That is the wrong time to be worried about your Insta-stories.


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Best Thailand Online Dating Sites for Visitors



thai cupid

Online dating is highly common in Thailand. There are many websites there, but few are the best online dating sites in Thailand. There are only a couple of worth mentioning Thai dating sites, because the remainder do not have a large membership number, because the performance of the individuals on the site is atrocious or because the interface needs an instruction manual for navigation.

Dating in Thailand can pay huge dividends if you want to bring the grease and sweat needed for it to operate. You need a lot of patience and time to scan hundreds of profiles and send personalized emails to those who have profiles that appeal to you.

Thai Women,Thai Brides,dating Thai girls are some of Asia’s most lovely females. You’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever been to Bangkok or Phuket. Be ensured you will see a group of incredibly appealing females when you sign up for one of these dating locations.

If you decide to register for online dating sites, I suggest that you read members profiles closely because you may find many fake profiles. Usually, I can readily see these profiles. A female who has only one image on her photo wears a shapely dress and generally has clear signals to make an overly suggestive posture. A female with a badly written profile is another indication of a pretender. The more boring the profile the more boring the individual is, as a rule of thumb.


thai cupid

thai cupid is Thailand’s best online dating site. If I had only cash to spend on a site, I would spend it on that site. You will generally discover more than 2000 individuals online at any moment. Also, if you search females between 18 and 35 years old who were involved in the web within the last month, more than 1000 profiles will be available. is managed by one of my favorite Cupid Media internet dating firms. Cupid Media possesses sites I’ve used in the past such as and

ThaiCupid users have a number of powerful characteristics, including detailed profiles, audio/video chat, and outstanding spam-resistant measures. If you are a Thai or want to meet Thai local people, this site is a real gold mine of games.
It’s not only free to sign up (always in the budget), it’s fast and smooth, too. To start, join Facebook or bring your fingers to operate and enter your name, gender, e-mail and password.

Fill out a brief section about me next, inform ThaiCupid about your perfect match and you’re registered formally. It is now up to you to decide if you wish to take the time to complete or continue using the site to find your perfect match. If you decide to leave your profile now, I would like to mention that the website sometimes invites you to answer more questions, which can be annoying.


thai friendly

thai friendly is a famous site and a nice second choice in Thailand.

ThaiFriendly is the biggest “free” Thai dating site in Thailand, with about 830,000 participants, over 3000 of whom were online when I wrote this review. As a generally free site, ThaiFriendly draws a smaller urban crowd (with premium membership for additional benefits available), than its primary rival, ThaiCupid. Members from throughout Thailand, including Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket, will be found.

You can do a lot without paying a dime on ThaiFriendly, but the premium membership contains enough functions to look into. Overall, I liked ThaiFriendly a lot and considered it to be a excellent third alternative.

Registration is quick and easy, and you need to start with a username / password, email, birthday, height / weight, sex and gender. The next page will prompt you to write a title for your profile, a brief blurring of yourself and choose your level of schooling, the English and Thai linguistic skills and if you have kids.

To complete, pick the age and place of your perfect match. Profiles are quite scarce and share nothing else than what was finished during the registration phase.
The normal navigation function is not as well developed as other locations, but it works well enough. As a free member you can filter with height, weight, education, and kids by sex, age and place, as an expanded filter option for premium participants. Profiles with a picture, age, place and username are displayed, and only those who are presently on-line and who have a picture can be further filtered.

Dating Thai girls using ThaiFriendly will also mark fresh customers. There is also a tab called “lists,” which contains profiles which showed interest or favorite interests in you or those that you visited, which showed interest in, or preferred.


asian dating

asian dating is a part of the Cupid Media Network International. The website has more than 1 million subscribers.

As is prevalent for network websites, AsianDating is an easy to navigate and use website. The site provides both free and premium membership, and like most websites, its free membership is quite limited while its premium membership provides many great characteristics that customers can enjoy.

The greatest failure that I discovered on AsianDating was the big number of spam messages I got instantly after registration. However, there are many real women and men on the site who want to meet other individuals and the filters on the site assist to maintain out a good part of the scammers.

This site is a wonderful place to look, if you want to communicate with a Thai Brides.
Registering for AsianDating was very easy. It lasted about 2 minutes and required no data about the loan card. You can register on or begin from scratch with your Facebook account and enter a few personal details, such as your name, gender, email address and password.

Once the account has been developed, you will create a profile where you can share data on yourself, which you believe may be of interest to prospective matches, and let individuals know what you are looking for in your optimum game.

At this stage, the profile is not completely completed, but you have the possibility to begin browsing the site for possible matches. If you select this technique, the site will encourage you regularly to complete the final stages of your profile, and while that can be a little disturbing, you can select when and if you complete your profile.

You can choose to browse other profiles on the website, or you can use the search option when searching for games on the web.

Browsing is going to be at your own speed. You can view pictures and read complete profiles, one user at a moment. This allows you to have complete access to all the other site employees but can take time.

The search function is a little quicker and allows you to generate search requirements for what you are looking for. There are many searching alternatives, including era, place, level of education, whether or not consumers are smoking, drinking or other lifestyle preferences, which you might look for, construct, gender, married or singles or religion.

You have the choice to save your search criteria so that in the future you can use your individual search to search for fresh individuals. Every day, I ran my search to discover fresh individuals that fit my requirements.

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Top 10 ForePlay tips to Make her Wild on The Bed



Top 10 ForePlay tips to Make her Wild on The Bed

Foreplay is considerably the best warm-up before sex. It is just like jogging before running. Foreplay is something which holds the most important in the love-making session. You need to take your lady love to the situation where she is heading towards orgasm. Sexual intercourse comes later.

Top 10 ForePlay tips to Make her Wild on The Bed

Foreplay is just as good as sex. Touching, talking, rubbing, and kissing is all about foreplay. The best part is that you must improvise on these four aspects to make it feel even better. In this article, you will know about some of the best foreplay tips that you can improvise in your love-making session.

  1. Precoital Massage

It is the very basic tip of foreplay. You must start with it. Massage her legs and move towards the upper thighs and then go down to her ankles. Do it for some time and then shift your focus on her feet. Finish it off by sucking on her toes. Stretch each leg individually and glide your fingers back and forth, increasing the sensation. Do fewer things, but do it best.

Precoital Massage

Precoital Massage

Do not focus on doing different things, reaching out to the climax. Foreplay is the key to arouse any women, do not hurry on that. She notices very keenly if you are rushing for sex or playing a slow and steady game. Satisfy yourself as well while you are into foreplay. Believe it or not, you will eventually turn her on. Try some new sex positions which make her feel better, and help her for squirt easily.

  1. Talk about her fantasies

Talking to your lady does not make you any less manly. Ask the sex fantasies of your partner to perform better. Ask her what she loves and what are her hopes. It makes women happy that their men are concerned about their satisfaction. If you give in efforts to satisfy her, you will get the favour back.

  1. Oral Sex

Oral sex can be improvised with many moves. Mix it up to spice up the session. Give vertical and horizontal strokes on her clitoris. It will stimulate her and make her sexually aroused. If you are good, then you will get the favour back. Find the G-spot but do not hurry on it. Do not head directly on to the clitoris as it might be painful and ruin the mood. Firstly rub the hood for a while and make her comfortable then go for the G-spot. You can use vibrating Love Egg, which directly hits over the G-Spot that make her crazy

Oral sex can make your girl go crazy on bed. Tease the clitoris by licking and sucking on it. Figure-8 is one of the most effective foreplay tips. When you love your lady down below the waist, run your fingers in the shape of 8 around her clitoris. Make her feel the sensation and grab your hairs. Do it for a while and then make way with your fingers to arouse her even more. Increase the pressure by noticing the way she accepts it.

  1. Massage the labia

Labia are mostly ignored as men wish to ignore the vagina barriers. Do not do it next time. Labia are full of sensitive nerves which deserves some amount of foreplay. Rub it amidst your fingers to give her the sensation of pleasure. Massage it to make it even more effective/Increase The pace of rubbing depending upon how much she enjoys.

Massage the labia

Massage the labia

  1. Love her body

Do not spend the entire session down in the genitals. Some of the other arousing parts of the body are breasts, thighs, and necks. Try on nibbling, sucking, licking, and caressing other arousing parts of her body. Kiss her neck, bite her ear lobes, and do anything that you think will be appraised.

Love her body

Love her body

Along with your hands, prefer getting a waterproof vibrator to run through her genitals to turn her on. It is of great assistance during foreplay. Use the vibrator not only for her vagina but run it all over her body. Give rest to your hands as the vibration, and the buzz of a vibrator can do wonders in arousing her.

  1. Talk less love more

Talking during sex is good but makes it precise. Think before you speak anything. You might not know, and something might just upset her mood, and then it’s done for you. Talk dirty and also about her fantasies. Talking less does not mean to be mute; it again affects the mood. Keep talking to stimulate the mood.

  1. Observe her expressions

While you are into a complete arousing mood, do not forget to look after her feelings and expressions. Learn to understand the different emotions of your girl while sex and act accordingly. Follow her instructions to please her. Make her notice that you care for her. At times let her be the boss and decide whether the bed or a sofa.

  1. Observe your expressions

Mostly the tension that men carry is of ejaculating sooner during intercourse. You need to develop control over your sexual arousal or take medications to last longer. Most likely, you will end sooner if you continuously think about it. Do things that make you confident to the last longer in bed. Take sexual intervals to increase the whole love-making session.

  1. Kissing is romantic

You begin your intimate relationship with kissing, so do not forget it as she lets you move down. Most girls love kisses, above all. Kiss her to make her feel special. Show her that you care for her. If you feel like she is losing her interest, then kiss her just to get her back on track.

Kissing is romantic

Kissing is romantic

  1. Appraise her efforts

Appraise her when she makes an effort to satisfy you. If she does a thing for you, tell her that you loved it. If she wishes to please herself by coming up on you, then let her do it. Let her feel that you are comfortable with her showing efforts. If you are married for a long time, then you already have the chemistry. You can skip the part of foreplay at times. You must know when to skip and when not to skip foreplay.

These are the ten tips of foreplay that will make you love your partner unconditionally.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Urge Your Man to Have Sex Every Day




Sex is not just for pleasure. It has several other benefits that you may not be aware of. Making love is not only healthy for your body but also your mind. So, if your man is stressed out after a long day at work and not feeling that urge to satisfy you in bed, educate him with these five reasons on why having sex regularly is beneficial for both of you:

1) Helps you feel better

loveHandling daily stress at work is not easy, but a more natural way to cope with the pressure is by having sex at night. Even better, a bit of morning sex will go a long way in providing an energy boost for the rest of the day. That will rejuvenate your mind and help you sail through the day with a good mood. But, what if your man is down and out in bed before he even hits the right spots? Keep some healthy sex capsules handy and feed him one before getting into the act. Erogan is one such capsule that can keep the stallion running for hours. Bet that will satisfy both of you for the night!

2) Builds emotional intimacy

Sex is not all about physical intimacy. It also creates a strong emotional bond between couples. If you want your relationship to last, explain to your partner why having sex regularly will improve your emotional connection. This is an essential ingredient for a long-lasting relationship, and one of the ways to ensure that is regular sex.

3) Better cardiovascular health

A recent report suggests that couples who have sex regularly or more than four times a week are less prone to getting a heart attack, unlike those who have sex once a week. That is another incentive to keep your man going. When you have sex regularly, you are in a better position to control your blood pressure. 

4) Improves immunity

When you have an orgasm, your body releases a hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone. This is responsible for keeping your skin healthy and also repairs the tissues in your body. Most importantly, it improves your overall immunity.

That is why couples who have sex regularly have more chances of getting at least three orgasms a week. This will enable them to live longer than couples who do it once or twice a week and get an orgasm once a month.

5) Keeps insomnia away

This is directly related to reducing stress. If you have sex regularly, it not only keeps your mood happy and reduces stress but also drives insomnia away. Stress can often give you and your partner sleepless nights. If he is having a bad time at the office, make him understand that having sex will make him feel relaxed, which will promote better sleep. Try it, and you will soon see that he is sleeping like a baby.

So, now that you know about the benefits of having regular sex, it is time to explain to him the facts. These five reasons should be enough for him to get straight down to the action.

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13 Signs She is Madly in Love With You



13 Signs She is Madly in Love With You

“Does She Like Me or Not?”

That’s not a question, a dilemma that every man has to encounter at some stage of his life. This is a fine thread that binds so many one-sided relationships.

Found the love of your life, but still not sure if she feels the same way. Don’t worry; today we’re going to unveil the mystery of relationship counselors. Scroll down; if you find a few of the below-pointed actions in her behavior, then she is completely into you.-

13 Signs She is Madly in Love With You

13 Signs She is Madly in Love With You

  1. She Laughs At Your Weird Jokes

Is she the first one to bust out into tears of laughter, even when you’ve cracked the most stupendous joke? Admit you know it was really bad. Man, then that’s a clear-cut sign she has some sort of felling for you, and that feeling is called love.

  1. She Wants To Know More

Well, she might not ask your straightaway, but if your friend or coworker lets you know a mutual know girl was inquiring several questions, then that’s the green flag “She Is Just in Love with You,” So, it’s time to tune into Joe Jonas song Just in Love.

  1. Her Eyes Are Searching You

Caught her glaring at you and then she promptly looked here & there, with all the due experience of the Love experts out there, this is nothing but she has a crush on. Don’t let this opportunity to go by, make a move & get her number.

  1. She Just Can’t Stop Smiling

Smile is a manslayer weapon that ladies employ to take down the man she has a crush on. Is your girl constantly giving an adorable smile? Yeah! Then wait or hesitate, start a relationship, whatever you’ll say she will going to love it, and you’ll booth See Love all around you.

  1. She Wants To Know Your Relationship Status

In 21st, ladies are subtle no more, so don’t be surprised, if a girl straightway comes to ask if you have someone special in your life.

  1. Is She The First One To Like Your Posts

Does she like, share, and comment on whatever you post on your social profiles? If yes is your answer, and then be ready to embrace the new chapter of your life, which everyone wants to get in, the magical world of love!

  1. She Keeps Teasing and Picking

No matter its college love or an adult relationship, these girls have a habit of teasing and picking on her man. So, look for this sign the next time you come across her.

  1. She Wants To Hang Out With You

What’ Your Saturday Schedule?

Does that sound familiar? Man, she is dropping a quick hint that she wants to spend an evening one-on-one with you. So, the next she put forth a similar question, just say ”Nothing, But If You Are By My Side That The Day Will Be Memorable.”

  1. She is Physically Close To at Public Places

Take her for a bus or train ride, and she’ll take the seat just next to you.

  1. She Likes Talking To You

Have you ever felt that she just loves to talk to you anytime and anywhere, via social platforms? Yeah! Don’t hold back &  gradually weave your love relationship.

  1. She Touches You

Even slightly, a quick touch on your shirt to compliment you or lovingly hits you when you say something funny!

  1. Responds to You Text every time

Whenever you text, she responds promptly, even your smiley emoji, then in most likelihood suggests she likes you. And, if it happens during the odds of the day, the girl is into you.

  1. She Put Away the Phone Whenever She Sees You

Nowadays, smartphones have become an integral segment of our lives that lets us do so many things, right from shopping on the move to anytime entertainment. So, if she puts her smartphone away upon seeing you, this means the feeling is the same on both the side.

Final Thought

The above-listed signs that a woman is in love with you vary from one individual to another, so in that case, let your gut feeling make the final decision. Are you a first-time dating a girl, need advice? Contact Relationships MDD right away!

I would love to hear from you, share your experiences in the comment section.

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Just Married? Is It Time To Visit Sex Therapist? Find Out Now!



sexologist in Noida

You have been recently married, but you are having problems having sex. What should you do? You need to visit a sex therapist or a reputed sexologist in Noida.

But many of you might not be aware of what sex therapy is and whether it can solve your problems.  It is the therapy which is designed to help the couples overcome any medical, psychological, personal or the interpersonal factors that impact sexual satisfaction.

The primary objective of this therapy is to help people overcome physical and emotional challenges. It allows them to have a happy sex life.

Sexual Problems are Commonplace

If you are newly married and are facing problems in having sex, you are not alone as sexual dysfunction is common. The problem may be with men and the women as well.  Some common issues that you might face may be erectile dysfunction, lack of libido, waning interest in having sex, premature ejaculation, inability to control the sexual behavior, distressing sexual thoughts and unwanted sexual fetishes.

When you are healthy, you have a fulfilling sex life, and the physical and emotional intimacy is crucial for the wellbeing. If there is a dysfunction, having a fulfilled sex life may be a challenge. It is where sex therapy helps as you can reframe the sexual difficulties and enhance sexual satisfaction.

Read More: Erectile Dysfunction: Learn about Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

How Does It Work?

You can compare it to psychotherapy. The treatment is rendered by talking through experience, worries, and feelings.  When you closely work with the therapist, you get better ways to improve the responses in the future so that you can have a healthy sex life.

The sex therapist will talk to each one of you alone or together. The therapist will not take anyone’s side, and there will not be any nudity during the therapy, or therapist will not guide you on how to have sex.

With every session, you will move toward better management and the acceptance of your concerns, which may lead to better sex life. If the therapist finds out that their problem is due to physical, sexual concern, he may refer you to sexologist in Noida.

He can consult about the signs and the symptoms and may address the challenges that may be affecting your sex life.

Do You Need a Sex Therapist?

If you are facing problems with your sex life, you should meet a therapist without any second thought. If you are facing sex-related, or have difficulties with a partner, a sex therapist is a place to start with.

How Do You Find One?

There are many platforms available on the internet where you can find them. When you search for one, there are many things that you need to consider, e.g., experience, years in service, customer reviews, ease of availability, fee, etc.


There is no point in wasting time to find a sexologist in Noida.  If you are facing issues, you should seek therapy or medical help immediately as you have only one life to live!


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