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Top 12 Parenting Apps You Will Find Useful



Parenting Apps

Technology is helping us in almost every aspect of life. As a parent, you will definitely need help, regardless of how old your kids are. Therefore, here is the list of twelve apps that can make your (and your kids’) life better.

Wolf + Friends

Wolf + Friends is an app designed to create a community for parents of kids with special needs. Besides offering all relevant news and products, parents can find the most useful advice from child development specialists. These bits of information are related to mental health issues, learning differences, autism, ADHD, anxiety, and much more.


Smart money spending is essential for financial stability. Now when you are a parent, your kid’s food, diapers, and other stuff also became parts of your budget. And that’s where Basket app shines. It is a crowdsourcing app that searches all your nearby stores and calculates which one has the lowest prices overall. It can’t be simpler – it allows you to compare prices and makes it easy for you to choose the right store.


Math is a tough science, even for adults. And it is not a shame; some people are just bad mathematicians. However, your kid doesn’t have to know it, at least for now. When they ask you for help, open the Photomath, and take a picture of a particular problem. The app will provide you the answer, as well as the solving instructions.


Moms that spend a lot of time with their babies can forget about the importance of socialization. That should never happen. Fortunately, there is an app that can help busy moms meet, message, and create group conversations more easily. On top of that, it is easy to find like-minded women since the app gives you an option to explore topics and create posts. You can even form communities, and who knows, you might find an actual, real-life friend.


Normally, parents worry when their kids go out. Life360 can fix this problem. Kids can check in when they arrive at a particular place. When you open the app, you will know exactly where your kids are at the moment. Besides that, this app also provides a Driver Protect version, which is excellent for older kids who start driving. At any moment, you will know if they are safe on the road.

Cloud Baby Monitor

Turning your phone into a baby monitor sounds great! You won’t have to worry about if your baby is sleeping. The app includes live video and motion alerts that you can turn on and off. Most importantly, you won’t have to sneak into their rooms anymore since it can wake them up.

Breathe, Think, Do With Sesame

Teaching your kids social skills is essential. By using this app, they will learn how to control emotions, how to solve problems, or how to get the job done. This app is very useful, but it is also super fun, and kids love it.


Trying new, original dishes is always great. Yummly gives you a lot of different recipes that you might find delicious. After you pick the meal you want to cook, the app will organize the ingredients into the list. Once you decide to go to the grocery store, you’ll know exactly what you need.


Even though you should always be in contact with your doctor when you are pregnant, you should still check other opinions. Especially when you are not sure which medication to take. MommyMeds is an app from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center designed to help moms about their medications. Through search, you can find thousands of medications, as well as prescriptions, safety recommendations, and ingredients.

Baby Nursing App

Only moms know that breastfeeding can become super complicated. It is normal to forget which side did they eat from last or other similar things. Hence, using the Baby Nursing app can be very beneficial. It will track their latest feeding time, how long they ate, how much they slept, which side was the last one, and much more. You can even take notes on crucial points from the previous visit to the doctor.


This app helps parents when their kids are planning to leave for college. To be more precise, it helps you to find scholarships for their exact talents. Therefore, you won’t have to fill out all those unnecessary scholarship forms anymore. Talk to your kids about their interests and choose the appropriate scholarship.

Moshi Twilight

Creating a sleeping routine with calming audio stories can become a remedy for your kid. Moshi Twilight stories contain lulling voices that will help your kid to fall asleep. This app is especially suitable for kids who learn how to sleep alone.

Every app that we mentioned helps with a specific area of parenting. Pick the one (or more) that sounds the best to you and make your life easier.


8 Maternity Dresses to Ease Your Journey to Big Day



8 Maternity Dresses to Ease Your Journey to Big Day

If you are expecting a baby and at the same finding it hard to look fashionable, you are not alone. Mamas-to-be to often leave their style on the back burner once they have a bun in the oven. It is because pregnancy brings with it many changes to a women’s body– you don’t just have a growing belly to deal with, but other parts of your body may feel more prominent too. It can make any women feel lost – your old clothes don’t fit anymore and you don’t know how to style that cute baby bump!

Well, the good news is that there are plenty of beautiful maternity dresses out there to suit every body type. Whether you are petite or curvy, there is an outfit waiting for you to put together and make you look and feel stunning and comfortable.

If you are looking for some fashion inspiration, here’s a look at our eight best maternity dresses to keep every mama looking great until the big day arrives:

  • Maxi dress

Maxi dress

Maxi dress

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Whether you are picking an outfit for your maternity photoshoot or just heading out for a party, a maxi dress is an excellent choice for mamas-to-be. Maxi dresses are fitted around the bust area and fall loosely around the belly, making them ideal for maternity wear. They can comfortably accommodate your growing bump and can even stay in your wardrobe after you deliver the baby because these long, flowy dresses look great, whether you are pregnant or not. They also require little accessorizing – pair it with a pretty necklace or earrings, and you are good to go.

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  • Off-shoulder dresses

Off-shoulder dresses

Off-shoulder dresses

If you intend to draw some attention away from some less-appealing areas of your body and highlight your best ones, you may certainly opt for a cute maternity off-shoulder dress. These floral patterns are an excellent choice as they look very feminine, elegant, and classy if you are headed out for a formal occasion. It can be further styled up with some pretty jewelry and Bump Girl certainly has some great options that you can check out.



  • Jumpsuits
jump suite

jump suite                                                                                                                                     Source

You heard that right – jumpsuits are very trendy for pregnant women right now because they are a style staple that is so easy to put together. Since it’s a one-piece, it makes your body look elongated, taking attention away from the places in which you’ve gained weight while the loose midsection leaves plenty of room for your bump to feel comfortable.

  • Little Black Dress
Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress                                    Source

If you have thrown away all your fitted black dresses just because you are pregnant, you really shouldn’t have! You can still look great in a classy black number, as long as it fits well. Just swap your heels with a pair of comfortable wedges or some cute sandals. If it’s chilly outside, pair it with a jacket, and you will be all ready to flaunt your new figure.

  • High-waist skirts

High-waist skirts

High-waist skirts                                                                                                                            Source

It is something we recommend to all mamas-to-be to own if they don’t already. High-waisted skirts ensure there’s no pressure on the belly which is a must when your bump starts to get bigger. Choose a comfortable fabric and a neutral color such as blue, maroon, or gray so that it is easy to pair with different tops. Add on a cardigan, and you have the perfect casual look.

  • Track Pants or Boyfriend Jeans

Track Pants or Boyfriend Jeans

Pregnant Selma Blair                                                                    Source

If you are during that stage of pregnancy where you want all your clothes to be loose and comfortable, ditch the skinny jeans, and opt for track pants or boyfriend jeans instead. Not only are they super comfy, but they can look very fashionable when paired with a cute, slightly more fitted T-shirt or tank top.

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  • T-shirt dresses

T-shirt dresses

T-shirt dresses                                                                                                    Source

If you love the comfort and warmth of oversized T-shirts but don’t want to look sloppy? Invest in some trendy T-shirt dresses. It’s the perfect one-piece outfit that requires no thought at all for those days when you don’t feel like doing anything at all. And trust us – there are plenty of such days when you are pregnant. Pair these with sunglasses and cool flats or trainers for a no-effort, casual look.

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  • Long tunics and leggings

Long tunics and leggings

Long tunics and leggings                                                                                                                                              Source


If you are overly sensitive and conscious about your baby bump, long tunics are your best friend – they are loose, flowy, and easy to carry. Whether you are heading out to run some errands or just going out for a walk, they can get along with leggings or a pair of jeans. Don’t be afraid to buy them in a variety of patterns and colors for a fun look.

You do not need to compromise on style just because you are pregnant. There are so many ways to style your baby bump that you can surely look fabulous during those crazy, long nine months. Experiment with different styles and find your stylish maternity look – you are sure to have a blast in the process!

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