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10 Professional Wedding Planning Tips for Clients

Are you aware that more than 2 million weddings are performed in the United States each year? Thanks to these and other wedding figures, we know that being a wedding planner can be satisfying both financially and emotionally. Whether you schedule one or a dozen weddings this year, both professional


Are you aware that more than 2 million weddings are performed in the United States each year? Thanks to these and other wedding figures, we know that being a wedding planner can be satisfying both financially and emotionally. Whether you schedule one or a dozen weddings this year, both professional event managers and wedding planners should make use of wedding scheduling tips to make the most of their unique customer days!

1. Expand the wedding know-how.

Learn how to plan wedding, photograph and make cake so you know the difference between what is good and what is really nice. You can also sell these services together with your preparation in a kit. It takes a while, but this is a wedding planning guide that event planners can use for any wedding.

It is also a smart business sense, as well as a great help to the happy couple. Bringing these abilities to your team will allow you to stand out. It will also allow you to sell services and make more money than you would if your job was limited to just planning.

2. Organize an initial meeting on wedding planning.

Initial planning sessions have provided the basis for the wedding’s success in every way. Next, you must set and handle your goals in compliance with budgets, dates and other major components of the wedding event.

Next time you will also want to review your contract. Most precisely, what is included in the contract or not. If hurried late night calls are not accepted during the months before the big day, inform them that if you email you, you will always get a reply by 10 am the next day.

The next thing that you have to consider is interests. What are their thoughts already? Do these ideas match in with a cohesive theme? How can you make your wedding unique and special in an innovative and budget-friendly way? To fill the gaps, brainstorm together.

Oh, and ensure that you follow the meeting with written documentation of all that you have addressed. Things may change on the way, but you’re all on the same page now, so there are no surprises.

3. Note that consumers have the final say.

Even if the taste is poor. Most significantly, the couple are content with all the choices they have made. It’s just too bad for you, their friends, their bridal party, or anyone else who doesn’t like it. It’s their special day, and whatever they want they should have the right to veto.

That said, several newbie wedding planners end up being bowled over by more assertive couples who love the idea but hate it when it comes to execution. This is where your wedding planning background needs to be balanced with your customer service skills. When their plan is difficult or unlikely to succeed, it is your job to make sure that you propose one or more ways to help them achieve their goal and still pull it off.

4. Relationships with your preferred wedding suppliers.

Remembering this is important even when you’re just beginning. All designers of wedding events bring to the table their own skills, style and experience. But a wedding planner who also brings along with them an army of qualified, tried-and-true vendors? It is above and beyond now.

Make sure that you have on your list a wide range of vendors that suits your budget and style. You never know what a customer might ask for! You might even come to define your own personal style of wedding planning. If that’s the case, you’re going to want to pick groups of vendors who can work well together in terms of mood and communication, regardless of which brands are selected.

Soon assemble your dream teams and make friends with the best vendors you can find.

5. Have a backup plan for all major components of the union.

The most common wedding mishaps, according to the Bridal Guide, include: red wine or bridal gown staining food.
A guest at the wedding gets too intoxicated and makes a scene.
Mid-event shifts in unpredictable weather.
A fainting bride, husband, or visitor.
The team at the function is late or someone has been calling out sick.
Have you already had ideas about how to handle the situation while keeping the guests relaxed and happy as you read through that list? If not, preparation is time to begin.

But don’t think about these plans to your clients until you have to use them. Sure, when they recruit you, they will feel comfortable because they know you’re going to be there to deal with all these things and more.

But if you show them the many (and we mean many) ways that even the easiest weddings can go wrong, they can get confused easily. So let them know that you’ve covered them, but don’t worry about the specifics. And when the time comes, they’re just going to be so much more impressed by their super hero abilities as you save their wedding day from near catastrophe.

6. Streamline the paperwork of wedding.

Paperwork is a must when a professional wedding planner is present. Nevertheless, it is easier to arrange and ignore these piles of contracts, vendor agreements and proposals until they become necessary. This is why it is so important to have a paperwork intake system, signature recovery and documentation. It is important to always make sure everybody is paying and is on the same page so that the documents are transparent and easy for all investors to access when necessary!

7. Shape relationships with event venues for wedding.

Wedding venues are a competitive world, particularly if you are a wedding planner in a big city with high-demand spaces or a small town where high-season choices are fun but minimal. Teaming with wedding venues allows you and your customers to get out. Wedding event venues would love to have you back in their room in the future if you’re a joy to work with. Also couples who are looking for a professional local wedding planner may be recommended.

And if you have a couple whose entire wedding dream revolves around a specific location that is normally in high demand, you can let them know that you have a pre-existing relationship with their management team. If you can book as a priority, it’s perfect! But even if that’s not a possibility, it’s a great selling point for new customers simply to know that you’ve worked with that location in the past because they cover your business website.

8. Have a plan to fail.

We have already addressed the importance of having a wedding plan or components which go wrong the day. But what about a strategy if you manage the feelings of your customers before the big event? If someone has a meltdown, it will be your job to make sure that the problem is resolved and that the person feels secure, satisfied and excited again.

Such problems may even go beyond what you can manage, especially if interpersonal disputes are involved. As their wedding planner, you will only benefit from a systematic way to motivate them in advance. One of the best qualities as a wedding planner is thinking on your feet. And it’s much simpler to have a panic strategy!

9. Build a robust portfolio platform.

The portfolio of wedding sites is perfect for your business. It helps you find yourself online, organizes your relevant experiences easily, and points out what you can give to your customers. But it’s perfect also for the clients! You may have pictures of similar events, past lookbooks, or blogs about stories you may share behind the scenes to inspire your own case.

Make sure to include each of the following when designing your portfolio site: a detailed list of services you provide and an estimated cost of each kit.
Your theory of wedding planning and an explanation of how you deal with customers.
Pictures of past events as well as explanations of what you have done to make it so good.
New customers are welcome to check in with a range of validated references.
Any relevant professional awards, memberships or qualifications that add value to the planning skills of your wedding.
You’ll want to make sure you have the rest of the things in your wedding planning toolkit.

10. Can handle multiple projects at once, use one or more wedding planning tools.

Planning many marriages at once? Then you really need to keep it straight on top of your organization game. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to cover a wide range of wedding planning tasks, free (or inexpensive), easy to use. Some of our wedding planning resources have been mentioned here.

To complete and coordinate activities, you can use marriage planning apps and websites such as: diagrams of the wedding tools to help arrange your wedding and share information about your caterers, entertainers and other suppliers. Try free tools for 3D wedding style.
Free post applications synchronizing your digital invitation list to send email reminders, invites and RSVPs at defined intervals automatically.
A curated list of real examples of local vendors and venues to help narrow your search.


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