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How to use digital marketing for business in 2020?




When you think of Digital Marketing, you talk a lot about subjects like followers, likes and various other topics that refer to exacerbated numbers and a multitude of interactions. Defining the importance, however, of each is a more complex task. So keeping in mind the key market trends in the digital world of advertising is essential to designing good strategies and achieving the key goals of any business.

The 2018 E-commerce Trends survey estimated that nearly half of the online sellers surveyed are dissatisfied with their sales. In a market where, according to the same analysis, 98% of internet users have already made some kind of purchase in an online store, 46.9% of sellers have dissatisfaction is alarming. But how to solve this problem? Check this website to more about digital marketing  tricks to improve your business growth for the upcoming 2020.

Inbound Marketing

Set of strategies for educating, informing or entertaining future customers and converting sales by creating targeted and relevant publications. Inbound Marketing is indeed a trend in the digital landscape. Based on three pillars, attraction marketing is centered on SEO, content production and social networking. What differs from the traditional format (Outbound) is that the company does not seek customers, but the opposite (through the consumption of content).

A partner of Legacy Technology and Communication, Antonio Erasmo specializes in advertising strategy and says that traditional advertising methods are losing steam. “Inbound Marketing has been so successful because it exploits the potential of the service [or product] to add value to the brand. The best marketing in the world doesn’t look like marketing. So we prioritize working in our agency ”, comments the businessman. One top marketing experts visit website for your ongoing and upcoming marketing solutions.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing, as its name implies, is focused on producing relevant material to make customer attraction even greater. Despite being an arm of Inbound, its goal is not to convert sales, but to attract the public for the consumption of publications. The main feature is the wide range of possibilities for action.

According to the Content Trends 2019 survey, 67.3% of companies already work with Content Marketing. Among those who do not use it, 85.8% intend to use it as a way to seek new buyers.

The data also shows Companies that have adopted Content Marketing receive 30% more visits to their site and generate 40% more leads. It is noteworthy, however, that the majority of content consumption is via smartphone (89%). 

Another Legacy partner, Inã Zoé, communicator and branding expert, defines Content Marketing as a “lightweight, engaging and effective strategy”. “The problem is that many people and businesses face a big challenge in generating this content. Without frequent posts and added value to the material produced, the effect may not be expected, ”says Inã. 

“Some solutions to solve this impasse have been hiring agencies that specialize in this type of strategy, or even low-cost tools that direct the work of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in their daily lives. One of them is the Content Calendar For Social Networks ”, which concludes the expert. 

Exploring Resources

Even though the production of content can bring information in various formats that can capture the attention of the reader/listener/viewer, knowing how to position yourself on the web is essential to extract the maximum range that the medium provides. The use of tags, geolocation, carousels and the like is beneficial if thoughtfully and strategically designed and executed.

Inã Zoé believes that these resources provided by social networks are capable of excellent results. “Today, for example, Facebook and Instagram make it very easy to make these tags, which significantly increases the chance that people will see that content,” says the communicator.

Marketing 4.0

The age of connectivity is happening and we need to adapt. Philip Kotler traces in his book the trajectory of Marketing, from 1.0 to 4.0, which according to him is the face of the future. Relationships between seller and consumer are now built horizontally, the buyer expects an experience that generates value for his life. So any business needs to have a reason to be standing there. As a line capable of connecting multiple scattered points, the web makes it easy for both sides if used well.

One of Uber’s former Midwest managers and a Legacy partner, Thiago Rocha believes companies should provide new and positive customer experiences. “The customer journey has no boundary between online and offline. Nowadays, digital tools are the bridge, not the abyss, ”he says.

Also according to Thiago, the agency seeks to contribute to the market by offering courses on social media management. “We always say that the information is free. Legacy has at its heart the desire to deliver solutions to the public that improve their lives as a whole. In this case, we offer an affordable price the possibility of professionalizing the social networks of entrepreneurs, ”he says.

However, the director points out, this careful work with digital media can take effort and time that not every business owner will have. “That’s why we created social network management service packages. We do the full briefing and feed the contractor profiles daily. Always with professional content, strategically designed and built with the customer and that generate proven results in the market segment of each business, ”explains Thiago.

The offline presence

While the digital world has brought people closer together than ever before, any company that wants to extend achievements needs to have real-world branding. Reconciling the two realities should be the goal of those who want success on the marketing spectrum.


Content Marketing Ideas with Critic Review of Recent Trends



Content Marketing Ideas

A form of marketing in which we are focusing on the creation, publication and distribution of the content is known as content marketing. Content marketing is done for various purposes like it is done to get the attention of the audience, it is done to expand the customer base and it is done to increase the brand awareness. By sharing valuable content free for the audience, it is easy for the businessmen to transform prospects into customers. In order to promote their businesses, businessmen use lots of content marketing ideas. Here, we will discuss some essential content marketing ideas with critic review of recent trends.

Results-Focused Content:

As we know that competition in the search engines is increasing day by day. Therefore, we should try to focus on the new results for faster results. For this reason, you should try to select the content marketing strategy as the first marketing strategy. Secondly, you should try to track two to three metrics. In order to use this marketing trend effectively, it is necessary for us to identify the posts that are getting more and more traffic. Secondly, you should try to filter these posts because these posts are providing the best user-experience to the audience.

Video and Live Streaming:

Along with the blog posts, video content is also getting more and more fame during the past two to three years. There are many reasons for it. First of all, modern customers want to receive video content from the top brands because videos are helpful for them to understand the different features of a product than any other type of content. Secondly, the numbers of live stream audiences are also increasing day by day. With the help of live streaming videos, it is easy for the brands to engage more than 80% of the customers. In order to promote your business through video and live to stream, you can use lots of platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Snapchat and Facebook etc.

The Conversational Marketing Strategy Will Continue To Evolve:

Most people think that in 2020 and beyond, they will have to use new marketing strategies instead of conversational marketing strategy. They should come to know that conversational marketing strategy will be critical from the marketing point of view. Its reason is that this marketing strategy is providing the real way for the brands to engage their customers. Moreover, a conversational marketing strategy will also be helpful for people to fulfill their specific needs and to understand their problems.

Voice Search and Smart Devices:

As per conversation with a dissertation writer, in 2020 and beyond, the use of smart devices will also last lots of impacts on marketing strategies. That’s why it will be necessary for the brands to create voice searches with the help of smart devices for the marketing point of view. It is also expected that most of the smart devices are helpful to get answers to different queries with the help of voice search. Therefore, brands should try to optimize their content for voice research. It will be helpful for you to compete with your competitors.

Use of Podcasts:

According to the reports of Statista, in the last decade, the numbers of podcasts listeners have been increased three times. Therefore, we can also say that podcasts are also engaging lots of people. According to Forbes, the listeners of the podcast will never try to miss the episodes of their favourite programs. Moreover, these podcasts are also helpful for audience members to deliver trust. Therefore, with the help of podcasts, it is also easy for the brands to promote their products. Brands can also promote their products by running ads between the famous podcasting programs.

Topic Focused Content:

Nowadays, search engines have decided to rank only authentic content only. Therefore, while creating any post for the marketing point of view, it is also necessary for us to focus on the topic. Moreover, Google will also analyze the context of the entire website before analyzing a specific page for a specific search result. For example, if you have written a post about ‘Rules to play football’, it is necessary for you that you should write only rules to play football in this article. After writing this article, it is also necessary that you should try to share this article on such a website which is relevant to sports.

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Is email marketing dead? – 2020 statistics and facts



Digital marketing has become an industry and it is likely to continue to grow at a rapid pace. Almost all types of businesses are getting more interested into it because of its high impact results and audience engagement. When we talk about audience engagement, we are talking about email marketing for sure. There may be some other tools also available to engage with the audience like social media platforms, pop up messages etc., but the value email marketing brings into the force is unparalleled. Despite the value it creates, some people still ask that is email marketing dead.

Actually, this seems to be one the biggest misconceptions that have found a place in the minds of laymen as well as some digital marketers. Many of them think email marketing is no longer a player in the digital marketing world. We need to completely remove this misconception from our heads.

In this post, we will be sharing with you some of the facts and statistics regarding the email marketing and try to answer the question is email marketing dead.

Connection with the Audience via Email

Businesses like to connect with their audience every time and they will certainly utilize all the possible channels which allow them to interact with their existing and potentials clients. When we see all these communication channels, we find that email marketing happens to be one of the most authentic digital tools to connect with your target audience. You may have many other ways to connect with the audience but the email sent from your official account brings the authenticity which is matchless and leaves a good impression on the recipients.

Our statement of email authenticity is proven by a recent study carried out by The Manifest which reveals that 69% of the businesses interact with their audience on email. One can imagine that the businesses must be getting a good return on their email marketing investment that is why they have been using email as an efficient tool to interact with their clients. If it wasn’t the case, the percentage must have gone down. Now, you can quote this percentage of email usage and ask those who question is email marketing dead.

Is email marketing dead? A Myth

Is email marketing dead? It is the question that is probably asked to support a myth that people don’t like to receive emails and hate reading long text. If we rationally think and try to verify this statement, we will find that it is only a myth that has nothing to do with the reality or it is the half-truth that conceals the complete reality and manipulates the fact. In actual, people ignore those emails that are not of their interest or do not give the information that is mentioned in the subject and these types of emails are usually marked spam which are sent in bulk without getting the interest of the receiver. These emails mostly backfire to the enterprises that resort to spamming.

We are not here to support spam but we encourage the emails that are sent with relevant and proper information to the target audience. These emails are generally accepted by the recipients because their content is worthwhile for reading. According to a safe estimation, billions of emails are sent on daily basis worldwide and the number of emails per day is likely to reach 306 billion by 2020. This figure alone may be good enough to answer is email marketing dead.

Subscription through Email

When we go in the history of digital marketing and try to find the tools which were used to bring the potential clients into the target list, we will find email subscription on top of all the tools. Email subscription happens to be the most legit and authentic way to collect the data of the potential clients that have shown interest in your products or services. What’s more, they are willing to remain in contact for future offers via email. One should know how to build an email list for getting potential clients and interact with them on regular basis for conversion.

It is an established fact that the email subscription is one of the oldest activities to market the products and services in the digital world. Nonetheless, it also needs to be understood that, especially to answer is email marketing dead, email subscription is still relevant and will continue to be relevant in the coming years. A study reveals that email subscribers are 3 times more likely to share the content by 2020 on social media platforms as compared to other channels from where leads are generated.

This number clearly authenticates the fact that email subscription will continue to grow and the digital marketers are forced to adopt it if anyone is thinking of doing away with email marketing in case. Email creates authenticity if targeted towards the right people with the right information and the receivers would share it on their social networks to market your content with customers’ stamp on the quality of your services. No business can ask for more than that if a business is getting quality certificates from their clients and clients are endorsing their service.

Importance of Email

Many people think email is used only for official purpose, otherwise people don’t pay heed to them. We cannot deny the fact that emails are used for official purpose but this is the only purpose of email. It can’t be true at all. The only purpose of these types of lame reasons may be to produce a fertile ground for growth of the questions like is email marketing dead. According to an independent estimation, 94% of the users get online just to check their emails and this trend is likely to continue by 2020 or beyond. With this massive number of people coming online to check their emails, you can’t just stick these users to official emails only.

We need to understand here the power of emails and the emails become powerful with their content which is relevant to the subject and has ample information for the readers. What you do the first thing in the morning is of importance as it has got your all attention and sits on top of your to-do list. You should not be surprised that 58% of the people check their emails right at the beginning of their day. Of course, email has the highest importance among all other working tasks of the day that is why most of the people are checking their emails first. This figure also endorses the importance of emails. It may be right to say that many of these people check their emails related to official work but there is also a big number of people who check their personal emails as well.


We have shared with you several statistics and facts in this post which are contemporary as well as related to 2020 which gives clear indications about the future of email marketing. The email marketing has a rich history, it is here to stay, and it will remain relevant in the years to come. In the light of these statistics and facts, we see no roam for the question ‘is email marketing dead’. On the contrary, people should be asking how they can increase their email list and improve their email marketing for better results.

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Top Propagation Of Label Market In 2020 And Beyond



Label Market

It is completely visible that the trends of labelling market is mushrooming at a greater speed backed by IT Support and digital marketing. Different types of software are being used to enable the key trends of labelling that primarily focus upon giving momentum to the concept of digitalisation. In this current year, advanced level of technologies are being employed and used in case of corporate flourishment and techno savvy revolution giving a fine touch to label and printing industry. Different sets of concepts are being used and focused upon to attract the customers and legally encash their data and information in order to interpret their behaviour of buying. 

For an instances, respective Government bodies are arranging and propagating LabelExpo with an intention to accumulate large scale players and commemorate them in the area of digital printing and taking it to newer heights – updating it as per the requirement in different countries. Day by day they are crossing boarders and achieving milestones by multiplying various technique of scanning like – RFID scanning, Augmented Reality, Sensing Label and Electronic Shelf Label and many more that facilitates in quick scanning and accumulation of vistas of data.  

Scaling of Business Opportunities with labelling market 

It is purely transparent that the labelling industries is about to bring large scale business opportunities – coded with data and information ensuring justification to the customers. For example, the concept of scan and pay is subject to fast forward payments that captures the data and transfer the amount directly within few seconds. One of the prominent company – Xerox Corporation are using labelling and printing. This concept is considered as their key offerings with inkjet printing process. With the same concept, they have been mushrooming their wings in few major segments like – Europe, America and Australia strongly supporting the concept of digital printing and scanning. 

The propagation of Smart label Market 

The market opportunity towards smart label is expected CAGR of 13.7%, over the forecast period of 2019 -2024. Thus, it has become one of the most brimming concept that acts as a support system for retail, health care and FMCG sector. Like, smart technologies have been used for transporting and dispatching goods from one nation to other. One of the leading company like FedEx are providing smart delivery services within said time by employing smart labelling technique. This advance technology quickly scan the product and send to the nearest port, record the data and deliver it to the right customer without facing any turmoil during the process. 

In the same field, smart labels are being prominently used in case of vertical integration and backward integration that are equally supported by big Data and Internet of Things as 4.0 revolutionary measure. With such speedy acceleration in the technological sector, every minute detail can be stored, retrieved and reused in order to determine the buying behaviour of an individual and overall footfalls of a customer in a particular period of time. These technologies like IoT and Machine Learning are used to identify and interpret the basic psychology and psychographic segmentation behind the product or service purchased. 

As a result, there is a growing need of vendor inventory management and pallet tracking especially in retail industry that scans the data based on the sticker or label adhered to the apparel. Volume tracking data is being coded inside the label which helps to identify the no. of times a product is being picked and left in the shelf. 

Thus, 2020 will bring a eureka moment in printing and labelling market exposing to the product provision. Stay tuned for more information. 

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How to Write Good Instagram Captions That Attracts Followers




Catchy Instagram captions are your key to pull in your followers on the popular social networking site. Yes, of course, your images are no doubt spectacular. But to lead people to your posts, you have to arouse their curiosity and interest in the first place. And this is where a great caption is the most crucial. Creating winning Instagram captions is not as simple as 1-2-3. Observe closely the Instagram captions that have successfully grabbed your attention. You will see some serious work that has been put into all of them.

So, yes, creating classy and sassy Instagram captions does require some level of hard work and research. Once again, your pictures are amazingly awesome. But to make people view them, a smart caption is even more important. And there is no dearth of cool shots on the social networking site. The competition is actually cut-throat here. The most important thing that can help your posts to stand out in the crowd is an attractive caption. Much to your convenience, this post below shares the best strategic tips to help you to create fantastic captions for your Instagram posts.

  • Zero on your goal
  • Understand your audience
  • Simple, brief & focused
  • Don’t forget CTAs
  • Inject a dose of humor
  • Ask questions
  • Be careful about legibility
  • Spice up things with emoji

Be clear about the goal of what you wish to share with your image on Instagram. Your caption would be centered on your goal. If you are not specific of the goal beforehand, you are likely to end up with a misleading caption.

Read More:- 7 Types of Visual Content you can publish on Social Media

For example, say you are a wedding photographer who wants to share a classy shot you have taken at a recent wedding. So, your goal here would be to portray how beautifully you have been able to capture the essence. Put simply, your goal here is to assert what a fabulous job you have done as a photographer. The caption for the same picture would be different if you are the best of the bride who wants to rave about the unforgettable moments of the event. So, before you write your caption, ask yourself that what you wish to achieve or assert with the image. Once you get that, it will be a cakewalk to frame the caption accordingly.

The main aim of your caption is to pull your audience towards your image on Instagram. It means you have to frame the caption according to your niche’s expectations and behaviors. Thus, you should put some effort to understand your audience so that you can come up with a fitting caption. Your research will determine everything about the caption- right from the choice of words to the tone of the message. Remember, your caption would be something that your niche would be able to relate to. If they are unable to relate to your caption, they won’t bother to check your image.

Instagram is bustling with countless numbers of photos and lots of images are getting posted in seconds. Also, don’t forget the n attention span has been decreasing over time. So, basically, you have a very short window to grab the attention of your audience. According to experts, one simple compact sentence would do the trick. People don’t have time today to wade through long complex posts. If they can’t get it in 3-5 seconds, they will simply move to another post.

Besides, make sure to be specific about the message that you wish to convey in your caption. Do not confuse your audience with a vague ambiguous heading.

Call To Action (CTAs) are always very effective whether you use it in your marketing emails, promotional articles or Instagram captions. If placed rightly, they work to inspire and urge the audience to take further action that will enhance their involvement with you or your brand. There are various ways how you can incorporate CTAs in your Instagram captions. For example, you may nudge your viewers to share their own opinions or like the post. You can even include a link here which, when clicked, would take your audience to your bio on Instagram. You can also invite viewers to tag buddies or enable them to click and enter a cool contest. The bottom line is to engage and involve your audience.

Humour has this unmatched quality to attract humans like no other. So, one of the best tips for an attention-grabbing Instagram caption is a fun-filled & witty headliner. We love to enjoy a hearty laugh and we like to share fun stuff with our near and dear ones. If your caption can actually make your viewers laugh, they would be most likely to make your caption viral by sharing it with their close ones on Instagram.

You have to build a rapport with your leads on Instagram if you want to convert them into your customers. You have to have a clear idea on their needs and wants. Your audience is looking for a solution and it will only go to that profile that can offer them that desired solution. Thus, it’s better to interact with your viewers and ask them about their expectations and requirements. Your caption should be engaging enough to inspire them to talk their hearts out.

An ideal caption is generally brief & specific. However, at times, you may need to come up with a longer caption. In that case, you must make sure to include the most crucial parts of your message on the front. This way, your viewers would be able to see the vital part of the caption before and it may motivate them to read the whole lengthy portion afterward. Remember, longer captions may have a deeper impact, provided you are being able to make people read it.

Humans are naturally drawn to visual content. So, a caption packed with right emojis at the right junctions is any day more attractive than a plan textual headline.

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Enterprise SEO Outsourcing Tips



seo outsourcing

The emergence of the Internet paved the way for many enterprises of today to adapt and come up with new methods of marketing that can allow them to accumulate more customers and sales. One notable example is a digital marketing strategy called SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Let’s say you started a business with a mindset of letting your brand known online. With more than a billion websites accessible through the world wide web, it might seem impossible for you to think as to how you can bring people to your site. That’s where SEO comes in. By implementing specific methods that can increase the exposure or visibility of a site on a web search engine, your site can attract a lot of online users, which could be converted into potential customers in the long run.

SEO has been becoming a trend ever since its inception because of its incredible potential, which could benefit any business, small and large enterprises alike. Though always keep in mind that SEO has its own complexities, and it might require a certain level of patience before results can be achieved. It is not something that can happen overnight and there’s always the risk of failure once mistakes were made.

Another probable downside of SEO is that since it could take months or years in order to be successful, companies could find themselves investing a great deal of their time and in-house resources.

Fortunately, this didn’t stop large companies from using SEO since such service can now be outsourced thanks to the skills and expertise offered by some digital marketing agencies. More and more enterprises around the world are starting to gain interest in outsourcing their SEO tasks to agencies situated in countries such as the Philippines. Hence, the term Enterprise SEO Outsourcing is steadily turning to a necessity that keeps the competitive foothold of a company intact. According to statistics, 70% of marketing experts believed that SEO is more effective than PPC (Pay Per Click) when it comes to driving sales.

As the name implied, SEO takes advantage of the search engine rankings in order to make a site more visible to online visitors. This means that one must have adequate knowledge and understanding of how search engine algorithms work.

Moreover, given the fact that no businesses are exactly alike, an SEO strategy can be implemented differently based on the needs of the company. But it shall always be an essential point to consider that an effective SEO campaign relies heavily on the capability of the hired agency.

To help you make the most out of your Enterprise SEO Outsourcing needs, head over to the infographic below brought to you by Digital Marketing Philippines.

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