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How to use digital marketing for business in 2020?

When you think of Digital Marketing, you talk a lot about subjects like followers, likes and various other topics that refer to exacerbated numbers and a multitude of interactions. Defining the importance, however, of each is a more complex task. So keeping in mind the key market trends in the digit

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When you think of Digital Marketing, you talk a lot about subjects like followers, likes and various other topics that refer to exacerbated numbers and a multitude of interactions. Defining the importance, however, of each is a more complex task. So keeping in mind the key market trends in the digital world of advertising is essential to designing good strategies and achieving the key goals of any business.

The 2018 E-commerce Trends survey estimated that nearly half of the online sellers surveyed are dissatisfied with their sales. In a market where, according to the same analysis, 98% of internet users have already made some kind of purchase in an online store, 46.9% of sellers have dissatisfaction is alarming. But how to solve this problem? Check this website to more about digital marketing  tricks to improve your business growth for the upcoming 2020.

Inbound Marketing

Set of strategies for educating, informing or entertaining future customers and converting sales by creating targeted and relevant publications. Inbound Marketing is indeed a trend in the digital landscape. Based on three pillars, attraction marketing is centered on SEO, content production and social networking. What differs from the traditional format (Outbound) is that the company does not seek customers, but the opposite (through the consumption of content).

A partner of Legacy Technology and Communication, Antonio Erasmo specializes in advertising strategy and says that traditional advertising methods are losing steam. “Inbound Marketing has been so successful because it exploits the potential of the service [or product] to add value to the brand. The best marketing in the world doesn’t look like marketing. So we prioritize working in our agency ”, comments the businessman. One top marketing experts visit website for your ongoing and upcoming marketing solutions.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing, as its name implies, is focused on producing relevant material to make customer attraction even greater. Despite being an arm of Inbound, its goal is not to convert sales, but to attract the public for the consumption of publications. The main feature is the wide range of possibilities for action.

According to the Content Trends 2019 survey, 67.3% of companies already work with Content Marketing. Among those who do not use it, 85.8% intend to use it as a way to seek new buyers.

The data also shows Companies that have adopted Content Marketing receive 30% more visits to their site and generate 40% more leads. It is noteworthy, however, that the majority of content consumption is via smartphone (89%).

Another Legacy partner, Inã Zoé, communicator and branding expert, defines Content Marketing as a “lightweight, engaging and effective strategy”. “The problem is that many people and businesses face a big challenge in generating this content. Without frequent posts and added value to the material produced, the effect may not be expected, ”says Inã.

“Some solutions to solve this impasse have been hiring agencies that specialize in this type of strategy, or even low-cost tools that direct the work of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in their daily lives. One of them is the Content Calendar For Social Networks ”, which concludes the expert. You can find more from our expert services at .

Exploring Resources

Even though the production of content can bring information in various formats that can capture the attention of the reader/listener/viewer, knowing how to position yourself on the web is essential to extract the maximum range that the medium provides. The use of tags, geolocation, carousels and the like is beneficial if thoughtfully and strategically designed and executed.

Inã Zoé believes that these resources provided by social networks are capable of excellent results. “Today, for example, Facebook and Instagram make it very easy to make these tags, which significantly increases the chance that people will see that content,” says the communicator.

Marketing 4.0

The age of connectivity is happening and we need to adapt. Philip Kotler traces in his book the trajectory of Marketing, from 1.0 to 4.0, which according to him is the face of the future. Relationships between seller and consumer are now built horizontally, the buyer expects an experience that generates value for his life. So any business needs to have a reason to be standing there. As a line capable of connecting multiple scattered points, the web makes it easy for both sides if used well.

One of Uber’s former Midwest managers and a Legacy partner, Thiago Rocha believes companies should provide new and positive customer experiences. “The customer journey has no boundary between online and offline. Nowadays, digital tools are the bridge, not the abyss, ”he says.

Also according to Thiago, the agency seeks to contribute to the market by offering courses on social media management. “We always say that the information is free. Legacy has at its heart the desire to deliver solutions to the public that improve their lives as a whole. In this case, we offer an affordable price the possibility of professionalizing the social networks of entrepreneurs, ”he says.

However, the director points out, this careful work with digital media can take effort and time that not every business owner will have. “That’s why we created social network management service packages. We do the full briefing and feed the contractor profiles daily. Always with professional content, strategically designed and built with the customer and that generate proven results in the market segment of each business, ”explains Thiago.

The offline presence

While the digital world has brought people closer together than ever before, any company that wants to extend achievements needs to have real-world branding. Reconciling the two realities should be the goal of those who want success on the marketing spectrum.


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