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A bedroom is the most comfortable and private place for anyone. It is the space to which people are emotionally attached as that is their little universe. People are very touchy and possessive when it comes to the decor of their bedroom. They want their small tiny world to be perfect, comfy, and according to their taste. From extravagant bed sets to the expensive hanging lights, stylish clutter, and elegant curtains, one can turn his bedroom into a visionary haven. But if you’re planning to decorate or renovate your room, you should have complete knowledge and details about the color schemes, lighting, and other fixtures as well.

Choosing the right color and correlating things for your room is very necessary, but proper fixing and arrangement of these objects are also essential. Sometimes a very tiny object can add the charm to your room. And sometimes, the slightest improper placement and adjustment make your room dull and boring. The look of your bedroom can also enhance by picking the matching or contrasting curtains to the walls. Hanging style of curtains has a massive role in making the look of your bedroom classy and beautiful. There are many ideas and sites available on the internet that will guide you on how to hang curtains. If you want to give a royal look to your bedroom, then you can go for a small tiny chandelier. You can also make your room attractive by using vintage paintings, statement pieces, and cool accessories.


It is not necessary to spend millions of dollars to give your room a classy, comfy, and lavish look. By following a few simple steps, you can easily design and decorate your bedroom according to your desire. If you are looking for the best interior designer, start with a simple search for Santa Barbara interior designer (or whatever city you are in) and Google pulls up a list of the top designers in your area! They will also help you in setting up the furniture and paintings at their desired place. In this article, we are going to describe a few ideas by which you can give a new classy look to your room.


One of the most important things is the color theme. Before selecting a color theme for your room, you should ask yourself first that either you want a soft look or a bright look. All white can make the best option for a soft, smooth, peaceful look for the bedroom. But if you are a cheerful and lively person, then you can go for multi-colors. Color theme should be selected very carefully as the rest of the things in your room highly depends on it like red, and orange shades mostly go with wooden furniture and bricks.


Lights are the basic need in every room, either it is big or small. Using fairy or hanging lights for the decor is a common trend these days. A wide variety of these hanging lights in different styles are present at many stores at economical prices. While the online ordering of these fairy lights is also possible.


The curtains should be according to your room’s color. Straightforward and neutral curtains add warmth to the bedroom. The new and trendy hanging style of your curtains can give a modern look to your bedroom. Different types of curtains are there like pencil pleat and pinch pleat curtains. Taking guidance from an interior designer for your curtains can be helpful as he or she will help you in choosing the best curtains for your room.


These statement pieces and vintage paintings can add grace to your walls. People are obsessed with such pieces can make good use of these paintings. These pieces include an old wooden armed chair, antique mirrors, and a wooden dresser, etc. Do not overfill your room’s space with such things as it can steal the attention from your main items like furniture.


Always keep the size of your room in mind while purchasing a bed set. A large and extravagant bed set is not suitable for a small room. In the same way, a small bedroom set for a master bedroom is also wrong. You can also go for custom-made furniture if you want to give a special touch to your room. But the coziness and comfort of a bed set should not be compromised.


A mirror is an essential need, especially if it is a girl’s room. Different types and lengths of mirrors are available in markets that you can incorporate into your bedroom. These full-length mirrors can stand on the floors while small mirrors can be placed on the walls. Some opt vintage mirrors while some choose round or rectangular mirrors. It all depends on one’s choice and taste.


If you’re fond of books and cannot live without them, then a bookshelf in your bedroom is a must. You can place this shelf separately on a wall or can also make it inside a headboard as it will give a new, unique, and different look to your bed. You can also add greenery by placing small pot plants in various corners of your room, and they will give a fresh feel to your room.


Everybody desires a classy, luxurious, and lavish bedroom for himself. That does not only look good but also provide a feeling of comfort, warmth, happiness, and peace of mind. Numerous interior designers and online ideas are there that will offer you all the necessary and tiny details from color schemes to the curtains, furniture, showpieces, and so on. These ideas will help you in so many ways to design a dreamy and classy bedroom for yourself within a minimum expenditure.

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Home Improvement

What are the Technology Used in Solar Photovoltaic



photovoltaic technology 1

The solar panel market is a growing and ever expanding market concept. The idea of getting off of addicting fossil fuels and going green and making energy efficient choices is starting to drive the world of tomorrow. Energy efficient machines, ever lessening gas mileage on cars, lower emission requirements, and more recycling than ever before are signs that the world is trying to change the way it thinks about energy consumption and conservation.

Two technologies that are currently used to harvest solar energy are the solar photovoltaic and solar thermal methods. Basically, solar photovoltaic technology (PV) involves the conversion of solar rays into electricity, which can then be fed into a grid or used separately to power lighting, heating and air conditioning systems as well as all the home appliances. Solar thermal technology, on the other hand, harnesses sunlight directly to produce solar power, which enables appliances such as solar cookers and water heaters to function without conventional electricity.

What is a Photovoltaic Technology? 

The best solar panels technology uses arrays of solar cells to receive sunlight and convert the same into electricity. A solar cell is basically a fine silicon wafer. PV solar panels comes in poly crystalline , mono crystalline, amorphous material and thinfilm varieties. Currently, crystalline silicon panels are the most commonly used PV systems. However, silicon is expensive and in short supply.

Production Cost

High production costs make silicon panels too expensive for the average consumer in India. Companies are researching alternatives such as thin film systems as well as other non – silicon options to bring down the cost of production and make PV solar panels widely accessible. Photovoltaic systems are developed using specific combinations of solar cells. Basically, PV systems are available in two designs, which are flat – plate and concentrator panels. As of now, most of PV solar panels sold in the World are constituted of crystalline silicon cells.

Solar shingles also use PV technology. These power generators are designed to look like regular roof shingles and the advantage is that they are quite often capable of providing power even when the roof is partially shaded.

How PV Cell Works?


PV solar panel do not require direct sunlight, they can also function properly in daylight. This photovoltaic technology product electricity even in cloudy weather. A PV cell is made up of one or more layers of semi – conducting material, which is normally silicon. When the PV cells receive sunlight, electric field develops around the layers which helps in the flow of electricity. The intensity or strength of PV cells is measured in terms of the energy they generate in maximum sunlight and is referred to as kilowatt peak or KWP.

PV systems connected to the grid require hardly any maintenance apart from ensuring that they are kept clean and are not in the shade from surrounding trees.

What are the Uses of Photovoltaic Cells?

Photovoltaic technology can be used to power consumer appliances as well as large electrical systems in the commercial sector. PV Solar panels water pump used for irrigation and drinking water distribution. You can benefit from solar panels installed on your roof or wall so long as your house is not in the shadow of other buildings or large trees. Shade reduces the output of solar modules. Also, these panels can be heavy and the surface on which they are installed must be strong enough to support them.

This technology is more or less environmentally benign. Though the manufacturing process of PV panels is polluting to a certain extent, these panels are eco – friendly to use. Solar photovoltaic power does not emit greenhouse gases.

Thin – film technologies are being adopted by a few solar panel manufacturers because they use no polysilicon. The cost of thin films is less compared to silicon cells as the technology used to made is wafer thin layers of photosensitive material and the manufacturing process consumes less energy. Thin films can be embedded in roof shingles, windows and sidings. Over the past two years or so, thin film production has increased almost four times, accounting for over 10% global market share.

The Global PV cell installation surpass to 150 GW in 2021 in the world. Globally, Jinko panels are reported to be the most efficient solar PV panels on the market. The other major global producers are SolarEdge, SMA Solar, Risen Solar, LONGi Solar and Q – Cells. With rising oil prices and growing awareness of the need to adopt environment friendly energy sources, the market for photovoltaic technology is poised for healthy growth.

Pro’s and Con’s of Alternative Energy

The advantages of using solar energy would include: a significant price reduction in your power bills, it is quite easy to install as well as maintain, it produces little to no carbon emission and is very environmentally friendly and the extra energy that you have left over can be fed back into the electrical grid which would earn you credits. The use of solar energy as an alternative resource for energy is very popular nowadays.

This is not surprising since it is the easiest to use when compared to the other resources but there are certain disadvantages to using it too. Here are a few: in order to produce enough energy that would power an entire home, you would need quite a number of panels and the thing is that these panels aren’t exactly the most affordable thing out there, not to mention the fact that they can take up a lot of space.

Nonetheless, solar energy still proves to be the best option for most people despite of its obvious disadvantages. Besides, you can always start small and have enough panels that would lower the amount you have to pay for each and every month. Remember, every little bit counts. So there you have it, just some of the things that you need to know about solar power when it comes to its alternative energy advantages and disadvantages.

Author Bio:

Sophia Wilson is a content creator and senior marketer at Isolux Solar. She enjoys researching various topic and writing to spread knowledge to the reader.

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Home Improvement

Should You Consider a Tankless Toilet System?




The bathroom is one common part of the house that usually undergoes home renovations. In a bathroom, the focal point of the upgrade is normally the toilet. With the many bathroom toilet models these days, homeowners have a lot of options to choose from. One of the increasingly popular toilet options today is the tankless toilets.

As its name suggests, the tankless toilet does not have a tank that makes use of gravity in flushing out the waste. Instead, it utilizes a powerful flush action to eliminate waste. Home tankless toilets have a motorized pump mechanism that pumps in a certain amount of water to the bowl.

There are certain benefits of a tankless system that makes this type of toilet ideal for a basement bathroom toilet as well as bathrooms located in other parts of the house. First of all, the tankless toilet results to more space within the bathroom. The toilet can be placed in almost anywhere, with only the link to the plumbing as the consideration.

A homeowner can either choose to install the toilet against the wall, or facing the wall with the water pipes connected from underneath the floor and through the bowl. Such toilet is ideal for homeowners who want more freedom in designing their bathroom layout. Since there is no tank, there is more than enough space to accommodate other fixtures like shelves, cabinets, and tables. The addition of these functional bathroom items can greatly help to improve its functionality.

Since the tankless toilet system makes use of an electric pump mechanism, there is the risk that the toilet would not function when there is an electric outage. Thus, homeowners opting to use them in their basement bathroom toilet or in any other bathrooms need to have an emergency generator. This is perhaps the major drawback of using this type of toilet system.

But overall, the use of tankless toilet systems offer a new way of improving the overall look and functionality of a bathroom without requiring too much space.

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What Are the Advantages of Choosing a Wall Hung Basin for Your Bathroom?




Picture the scenario – you have bought your new home, however, the bathroom needs a complete refurbishment. One of the first questions you are likely to think about is what type of bathroom sink, or basin, you would like for your bathroom. In this article we will learn more about the wall hung basin, or wall mounted basin, and consider some of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a wall hung basin for your bathroom.

Firstly, what is a wall hung basin? It is fairly simply a bathroom sink which essentially hangs or is suspended, in the wall. It is important to realise that it is not supported by a pedestal unit, or fitted over a bathroom unit. So what are some of the advantages of choosing this type of bathroom sink?

One of the biggest drawing points to wall mounted basins is the flexibility in the height of the actual basin. This is especially beneficial in houses with children – as they will hopefully be able to easily access the sink and wash their hands. This is also extremely helpful if you have any disabled or wheelchair users within the house, as they will also benefit from the lowered height of the mounted basin.

The very design of a wall mounted basin is also a significant advantage. As it does not use any type of stand, the basin will take up less space, especially on the floor. This allows these types of basin to be installed in almost any sized bathroom or cloakroom, and will more than likely fit comfortably. The disadvantage of a pedestal basin is that it can sometimes be more clunky and take up some of that crucial space which is needed.

Wall mounted basins are also easier to clean. Again the aesthetics of the design mean that the only real cleaning point is the actual basin. As there is no stand or any other clunky parts to the basin, the process of cleaning a wall hung basin should be relatively quick and simple.

If you are designing, or even redesigning, your bathroom – especially if you are seeking a more minimalistic look, then this type of bathroom sink may be the ideal choice for you. You should, however, be aware that there are also some potential disadvantages to choosing a wall mounted basin.

We mentioned above about the minimalistic look that a mounted basin can provide. However, this is both positive and a negative. The very design of the basin means that there is a lack of storage space associated with the sink. A lot of bathroom sinks will usually come with some type of cupboard space below the sink, where people usually keep other bathroom accessories such as toilet roll, soap or anything else. With the mounted sink, it can mean that you have to find a different place to store your bathroom accessories.

There is also the added financial cost of the installation of a wall mounted sink. As the plumbing cannot be hidden within a bathroom unit, it will need be to properly fitted by a plumber. Although the costs of plumbers can be reasonable, it will still increase your overall costs.

It is clear that wall mounted bathroom sinks do provide a large number of advantages. In the right type of bathroom, this can be a perfect choice and really enhance the look and feel of the bathroom. Whatever decision you make – always consider all of your options and the individual characteristics of your bathroom – and choose the right option for yourself.

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