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5 Amazing Things Your Wedding DJ Can Do



Wedding DJ
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A wedding DJ does more than play songs. The ultimate goal is to give everyone a memorable experience. A DJ adds just the right spark to one of the most magical events in your life. This requires hiring a professional who has the skills to do more than hit the play button on a laptop.

  1. Helps You Create a Playlist

Let your DJ help you choose the songs. A seasoned DJ has an extensive music library and is familiar with all music genres. Make it a point to meet with your DJ weeks before your wedding to ensure the playlist suits the occasion.

  1. Uses Quality Audio Gear

Crappy sound equipment can ruin your big day. The right Salt Lake wedding DJ only uses top-notch speakers and microphones. This ensures everything from the best man’s toast to your introduction as newlyweds sound crystal clear.

  1. Performs a Sound Check 

Audio mishaps can happen at any time. A pro-level wedding DJ prepares for the worst-case scenario. The last thing you want is for your wedding reception to come to a screeching halt because there’s an epic fail with the audio. Common problems include:

  • Muffled music
  • Music too soft
  • Music too loud
  • Dead air

This is where a wedding DJ’s expertise comes into play. He or she will conduct a sound check of the venue. Plus, the DJ has the tech know-how to troubleshoot audio issues quickly.

  1. Creates the Right Mood

An amateur DJ can kill the vibe of your wedding event. One of the biggest problems is playing wrongs songs at the wrong time. A professional wedding DJ reads the crowd’s energy level. He or she knows when to play a song that hypes everyone up and when to play a song to slow things down.

  1. Serves as a Master of Ceremony

A Salt Lake wedding DJ doubles as an emcee. He or she can broadcast announcements, make introductions or provide instructions. Whatever your guests need to know during your reception, the DJ is the point of contact. This allows you to focus on enjoying your wedding instead of taking on hosting duties.

Make Your Wedding Magical

A wedding DJ is not just someone who plays songs for your nuptials. This is a professional who enhances the level of fun, excitement and entertainment. Ready for a wedding extravaganza that strikes the right musical chord? Contact Salt Lake DJ Company today. We turn regular weddings into events of a lifetime.

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