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Top Propagation Of Label Market In 2020 And Beyond



Label Market

It is completely visible that the trends of labelling market is mushrooming at a greater speed backed by IT Support and digital marketing. Different types of software are being used to enable the key trends of labelling that primarily focus upon giving momentum to the concept of digitalisation. In this current year, advanced level of technologies are being employed and used in case of corporate flourishment and techno savvy revolution giving a fine touch to label and printing industry. Different sets of concepts are being used and focused upon to attract the customers and legally encash their data and information in order to interpret their behaviour of buying. 

For an instances, respective Government bodies are arranging and propagating LabelExpo with an intention to accumulate large scale players and commemorate them in the area of digital printing and taking it to newer heights – updating it as per the requirement in different countries. Day by day they are crossing boarders and achieving milestones by multiplying various technique of scanning like – RFID scanning, Augmented Reality, Sensing Label and Electronic Shelf Label and many more that facilitates in quick scanning and accumulation of vistas of data.  

Scaling of Business Opportunities with labelling market 

It is purely transparent that the labelling industries is about to bring large scale business opportunities – coded with data and information ensuring justification to the customers. For example, the concept of scan and pay is subject to fast forward payments that captures the data and transfer the amount directly within few seconds. One of the prominent company – Xerox Corporation are using labelling and printing. This concept is considered as their key offerings with inkjet printing process. With the same concept, they have been mushrooming their wings in few major segments like – Europe, America and Australia strongly supporting the concept of digital printing and scanning. 

The propagation of Smart label Market 

The market opportunity towards smart label is expected CAGR of 13.7%, over the forecast period of 2019 -2024. Thus, it has become one of the most brimming concept that acts as a support system for retail, health care and FMCG sector. Like, smart technologies have been used for transporting and dispatching goods from one nation to other. One of the leading company like FedEx are providing smart delivery services within said time by employing smart labelling technique. This advance technology quickly scan the product and send to the nearest port, record the data and deliver it to the right customer without facing any turmoil during the process. 

In the same field, smart labels are being prominently used in case of vertical integration and backward integration that are equally supported by big Data and Internet of Things as 4.0 revolutionary measure. With such speedy acceleration in the technological sector, every minute detail can be stored, retrieved and reused in order to determine the buying behaviour of an individual and overall footfalls of a customer in a particular period of time. These technologies like IoT and Machine Learning are used to identify and interpret the basic psychology and psychographic segmentation behind the product or service purchased. 

As a result, there is a growing need of vendor inventory management and pallet tracking especially in retail industry that scans the data based on the sticker or label adhered to the apparel. Volume tracking data is being coded inside the label which helps to identify the no. of times a product is being picked and left in the shelf. 

Thus, 2020 will bring a eureka moment in printing and labelling market exposing to the product provision. Stay tuned for more information. 

Raj Barcode Systems Pvt. Ltd. (RBSPL), since 1994, is an AIDC (Automatic Identification & Data Collections) solutions and services provider with a strong focus in the area of pervasive technology, innovative solutions, and world-class products. RBSPL’s goal of providing Single Source Total Solution is served by its strategic business units for Hardware, Software, Consumables, and Support.

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COVID-19 vaccine exemptions: Where do different religions stand on vaccinations?



COVID-19 vaccine exemptions: Where do different religions stand on vaccinations?

(NEXSTAR/WSYR) – As significant numbers of Americans seek religious exemptions from COVID-19 vaccine mandates, many faith leaders are saying: Not with our endorsement.

Leaders of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America said last week that while some people may have medical reasons for not receiving the vaccine, “there is no exemption in the Orthodox Church for Her faithful from any vaccination for religious reasons.”

What are other religious leaders saying about the COVID-19 vaccines?


The head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis, has urged people to get the COVID-19 vaccine and said that getting the shot is an “act of love”.

“Thanks to God’s grace and to the work of many, we now have vaccines to protect us from COVID-19,” the pope said in the video below. He continued on to say that vaccines “bring hope to end the pandemic, but only if they are available to all and if we collaborate with one another.”

Pope Francis received his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine back in January, according to The Vatican.

There was some controversy as to whether the vaccines’ development made them morally permissible according to the church. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops released a statement clearing up the confusion:

Neither the Pfizer nor the Moderna vaccine involved the use of cell lines that originated in fetal tissue taken from the body of an aborted baby at any level of design, development, or production. They are not completely free from any connection to abortion, however, as both Pfizer and Moderna made use of a tainted cell line for one of the confirmatory lab tests of their products. There is thus a connection, but it is relatively remote.

Some are asserting that if a vaccine is connected in any way with tainted cell lines then it is immoral to be vaccinated with them. This is an inaccurate portrayal of Catholic moral teaching.

Most Reverend Kevin C. Rhoades, and Most Reverend Joseph F. Naumann

In March of 2021, the organization questioned the moral permissibility of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine, however, was developed, tested and is produced with abortion-derived cell lines raising additional moral concerns. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has judged that ‘when ethically irreproachable Covid-19 vaccines are not available … it is morally acceptable to receive Covid-19 vaccines that have used cell lines from aborted fetuses in their research and production process.[1] However, if one can choose among equally safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines, the vaccine with the least connection to abortion-derived cell lines should be chosen. Therefore, if one has the ability to choose a vaccine, Pfizer or Moderna’s vaccines should be chosen over Johnson & Johnson’s.

Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades of Fort Wayne-South Bend, chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) Committee on Doctrine, and Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of Kansas City in Kansas, chairman of the USCCB’s Committee on Pro-Life Activities


Mitzvah is one of the Torah’s 613 Divine commandments; a good deed or religious precept, according to Rabbi Yehuda Shurpin. Rabbi Shurpin writes “guarding your own health doesn’t only make sense, it’s actually a mitzvah. That means that even if you don’t want to do it, for whatever reason, you are still obligated to do so.”

The three major branches of modern Judaism include Reform, Orthodox, and Conservative. Organizations and leaders across the three branches have released statements in support of vaccinations.

The Union for Reform Judaism adopted the Resolution on Mandatory Immunization laws in 2015. The resolution supports mandatory immunization laws and urges congregations to educate members on the “scientific evidence and Jewish values in support of mandatory vaccinations.”

The Orthodox Union also released a statement in support of COVID-19 vaccinations:


The Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America said in a statement that there is no way to stop the pandemic besides reaching herd immunity. Herd immunity requires a certain percentage of a population have immunity to a virus. The AMJA says this can happen one of two ways:

  1. Allowing the infection to spread among the people without curtailing it
  2. Vaccinating people against the virus

The first way does not conform with the Sharia, because it risks the lives of people, particularly the weak, which is in direct conflict with the intent of the legislator with regard to preserving all human lives. …

The second way is through vaccination, which is congruent with the Sharia and reason.

AMJA Resident Fatwa Committee

Many Muslims who practice Islam avoid pork. The National Muslim COVID-19 Task Force shared in December 2020 that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines “contain fat, salts/buffer agents, and sugar (sucrose). The fat is not made from pork products.”


Buddhism has no central authority that determines doctrine, but the Dalai Lama received his COVID-19 vaccine in India in March.

After receiving his shot, the Dalai Lama said, “Those other patients also should take this injection for greater benefit,” calling the shot “very, very helpful”.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

The First Presidency, the governing body of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, urged Latter-day Saints to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in August, saying, “To provide personal protection from such severe infections, we urge individuals to be vaccinated. Available vaccines have proven to be both safe and effective.”

Christian Science

A small branch of Christianity, Christian Science released a statement on vaccinations and public health.

According to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, “One of the basic teachings of this denomination is that disease can be cured or prevented by focused prayer and members will often request exemptions when available. However, there are no strict rules against vaccination and members can receive required vaccinations.”

For more than a century, our denomination has counseled respect for public health authorities and conscientious obedience to the laws of the land, including those requiring vaccination. Christian Scientists report suspected communicable disease, obey quarantines, and strive to cooperate with measures considered necessary by public health officials. We see this as a matter of basic Golden Rule ethics and New Testament love. …

Most of our church members normally rely on prayer for healing. It’s a deeply considered spiritual practice and way of life that has meant a lot to us over the years. So we’ve appreciated vaccination exemptions and sought to use them conscientiously and responsibly, when they have been granted.

On the other hand, our practice isn’t a dogmatic thing. Church members are free to make their own choices on all life-decisions, in obedience to the law, including whether or not to vaccinate. These aren’t decisions imposed by their church.

A Christian Science perspective on vaccination and public health


As there are many Christian denominations, not all were broken down in this article. According to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, the following Christian denominations have no theological objection to vaccination:

  • Roman Catholicism
  • Eastern Orthodox
  • Oriental Orthodox
  • Amish
  • Anglican
  • Baptist
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints​ (Mormon)
  • Congregational
  • Episcopalian
  • Jehovah’s Witness (Note: This denomination originally denounced vaccination, but revised this doctrine in 1952. An article in a recent issue of the church’s newsletter promotes vaccination to avoid infectious diseases.)
  • Lutheran
  • Mennonite
  • Methodist (including African Methodist Episcopal)
  • Quaker
  • Pentecostal
  • Presbyterian
  • Seventh-Day Adventist
  • Unitarian-Universalist

Vanderbilt University Medical Center says the following denominations do have a theological objection to vaccination:

  • Dutch Reformed Congregations – This denomination has a tradition of declining immunizations. Some members decline vaccination on the basis that it interferes with divine providence. However, others within the faith accept immunization as a gift from God to be used with gratitude.
  • Faith healing denominations including:
  • Faith Tabernacle
  • Church of the First Born
  • Faith Assembly
  • End Time Ministrie
  • Church of Christ, Scientist

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Fall means more deer on the road: 4 ways time of day, month and year raise your risk of crashes



Fall means more deer on the road: 4 ways time of day, month and year raise your risk of crashes

(Getty Images)

(NEXSTAR) – Deer cause over 1 million motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. each year, resulting in more than US$1 billion in property damage, about 200 human deaths, and 29,000 serious injuries.

In Autumn the risk of hitting deer on rural roads and highways is rising, especially around dusk and during a full moon. Property damage insurance claims average around $2,600 per accident, and the overall average cost, including severe injuries or death, is over $6,000.

While avoiding deer – as well as moose, elk, and other hoofed animals, known as ungulates – can seem impossible if you’re driving in rural areas, there are certain times and places that are most hazardous, and so warrant extra caution.

Transportation agencies, working with scientists, have been developing ways to predict where deer and other ungulates enter roads so they can post warning signs or install fencing or wildlife passages under or over the roadway. Just as important is knowing when these accidents occur.

My former students Victor Colino-Rabanal, Nimanthi Abeyrathna, and I have analyzed over 86,000 deer-vehicle collisions involving white-tailed deer in New York state using police records over a three-year period. Here’s what our research and other studies show about timing and risk:

The risk of hitting a deer varies by:

  • Time of day
  • Day of the week
  • Monthly lunar cycle
  • Seasons of the year

These accident cycles are partly a function of driver behavior – they are highest when traffic is heavy, drivers are least alert and driving conditions are poorest for spotting animals. They are also affected by deer behavior. Not infrequently, deer-vehicle accidents involve multiple vehicles, as startled drivers swerve to miss a deer and collide with a vehicle in another lane, or they slam on the breaks and are rear-ended by the vehicle behind.

In analyzing thousands of deer-vehicle collisions, we found that these accidents occur most frequently at dusk and dawn when deer are most active and drivers’ ability to spot them is poorest. Only about 20% of accidents occur during daylight hours. Deer-vehicle accidents are eight times more frequent per hour of dusk than daylight, and four times more frequent at dusk than after nightfall.

During the week, accidents occur most frequently on days that have the most drivers on the road at dawn or dusk, so they are associated with work commuter driving patterns and social factors such as Friday “date night” traffic.

Over the span of a month, the most deer-vehicle accidents occur during the full moon, and at the time of night that the moon is brightest. Deer move greater distances from cover and are more likely to enter roadways when there is more illumination at night. The pattern holds for deer and other ungulates in both North America and Europe.

Over a year, by far the highest numbers of deer-vehicle accidents are in autumn, and particularly during the rut when bucks search and compete to mate with does. In New York state, the peak number of deer-vehicle accidents occurs in the last week of October and the first weeks of November. There are over four times as many deer-vehicle accidents during that period than during spring. Moose-vehicle accidents show a similar pattern.

That high-risk period is also when daylight saving time ends – it happens on Nov. 7, 2021, in the U.S. Shifting the clock one hour back means more commuters are on the road during the high-risk dusk hours. The result is more cars driving at the peak time of day and during the peak time of the year for deer-vehicle accidents.

Overall, given that most U.S. states and more than 70 countries have seasonal “daylight saving” clock shifts, elevated ungulate-vehicle accident rates caused by clock shifts may be a widespread problem.

There is a longstanding debate about the benefit of a daylight-saving clock shift, given how it disrupts humans’ circadian rhythms, causing short-term stress and fatigue. The risk of deer-vehicle accidents may be another reason to reconsider whether clock shifts are worthwhile.

Deer still cross the Roads at any time.

It’s important to remember that deer-vehicle accidents can occur at any time of day or night, on any day of the year – and that deer can show up in urban areas as well as rural ones.

The insurance company State Farm found that on average, U.S. drivers have a 1 in 116 chance of hitting an animal, with much higher rates in states such as West Virginia, Montana, and Pennsylvania. Over the 12 months ending in June 2020, State Farm counted 1.9 million insurance claims for collisions with wildlife nationwide. Around 90% of those involved deer.

Where deer or other ungulates are likely to be present, drivers should always be alert and cautious, especially at dawn, dusk, on bright moonlit nights, and during the fall rut.

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WATCH: Dog the Bounty Hunter shows up at Brian Laundrie’s family home, knocks on door



WATCH: Dog the Bounty Hunter shows up at Brian Laundrie's family home, knocks on door

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Duane Chapman – better known by the name of his TV show, “Dog the Bounty Hunter” – visited the Florida family home of Brian Laundrie Saturday. Laundrie is a person of interest in his girlfriend Gabby Petito’s death, which has been ruled a homicide.

The reality TV personality pulled up to the North Port home of Christopher and Roberta Laundrie around 4:30 p.m. and knocked on the front door. No one answered.

When asked why he was there, Chapman told a NewsNation reporter “come on, you know,” and implored the public to share tips by calling 833-TELL-DOG.

Police are currently searching for Brian Laundrie, who was last seen by his family on Sept. 14.

Petito’s remains were found last Sunday near Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Laundrie, who is believed to be the last person to see Petito alive, refused to cooperate with authorities before his disappearance.

His family told investigators he went hiking and never returned. Multiple agencies have been searching the 25,000-acre Carlton Reserve, the area he was believed to be hiking in. He’s been missing for over a week.

On Thursday, federal officials in Wyoming charged Laundrie with unauthorized use of a debit card, alleging he used a Capital One Bankcard and someone’s personal identification number to make unauthorized withdrawals or charges worth more than $1,000 during the period in which Petito went missing. They did not say who the card belonged to.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Illinois state trooper survives after being rear-ended by semi-truck on I-70 shoulder



Illinois state trooper survives after being rear-ended by semi-truck on I-70 shoulder

ST. ELMO, Ill. – A California truck driver is facing charges after rear-ending an Illinois State Police trooper who had been parked on the shoulder of Interstate 70 to assist another motorist.

According to a spokesperson for ISP District 12, the crash happened shortly after 6 a.m. near milepost 76 on eastbound I-70 in Fayette County.

The trooper was parked on the right shoulder to help a motorist and had activated the emergency lights on their police vehicle.

State police said a semi-truck was also traveling east on I-70 and veered off the roadway onto the right shoulder for unknown reasons. The truck rear-ended the ISP vehicle while the trooper was seated inside.

The trooper was taken to a local hospital, an ISP spokesperson said. The trooper’s injuries were not life-threatening and they were eventually released.

Meanwhile, the truck driver, 58-year-old Pedro Espinoza of Sunland, California, and a passenger were also taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Espinoza was charged with a violation of Scott’s Law, failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident, and improper lane usage.

Scott’s Law is an Illinois law requiring all motorists to slow down and move over when approaching an emergency vehicle or any vehicle with their hazard lights activated. Anyone who violates Scott’s Law faces a fine of up to $10,000 for a first offense. If the violation results in injury to another person, the offending driver will lose their license for a period between six months and two years.

Illinois State Police said 19 squad cars have been struck so far this year and 12 troopers have been injured in Scott’s Law-related crashes.

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Broncos up-down drill: Highs and lows for Denver against the Jets



Broncos up-down drill: Highs and lows for Denver against the Jets

Up: Re-United in Orange. The slogan was emblazoned all over Empower Field, and it in no way felt corny or repetitive. This was a celebration, and it was a delight to see so many fans wearing the same color.

Down: Blue seats. Whether it was COVID concerns or the insane traffic around the stadium, there were more blue seatbacks Sunday (3,897 no-shows) than one might expect for a Broncos team intent on closing out an unbeaten September on a sunny Mile High afternoon.

Up: Larry Legend. Just like every birthday deserves its own weekend, so does a jersey retirement ceremony. Kudos to the Broncos for giving Rockies legend Larry Walker one more chance to take a bow on the big screen in between the first and second quarters. Well deserved.

Down: Failure to launch. Two things are true: 1.) The Broncos secondary was quite good Sunday. 2.) The Jets passing game was just plain bad. Between the drops and errant throws from rookie QB Zach Wilson, it’s clear New York’s aerial ineptitude didn’t leave with the departures of Sam Darnold and Adam Gase.

Up: Sutton strong. Some of the most impressive plays are the ones that go unnoticed, like receiver Courtland Sutton standing after taking an absolute shot on a five-yard reception on Denver’s first scoring drive. Bobble that, and an interception follows.

Down: Mosley lays hammer. What does it sounds like when 71,985 groan all at once? Play back Jets linebacker C.J. Mosley’s first-quarter broadside of Melvin Gordon at the goal line, and you’ll hear it. Of course, Gordon got him back in the second quarter, shedding Mosley’s tackle attempt for a 1-yard TD.

Up: Beck’s back. Inactive the first two games, it didn’t take long for tight end Andrew Beck to show off his value with an exquisite pulling block that helped break Javonte Williams for a 14-yard burst on a sweep left in the first half.

Down: J-E-T-S bad, bad, bad. Don’t ever change, Jets. If anything, you’re always good for a chuckle — like the 56-yard Matt Ammendola field goal in the second quarter that wasn’t … because of a delay-of-game flag. Instead? Yet another punt.

Up: Screen Killer. They call outside linebacker Malik Reed the “Dream Killer” for how he snuffs out quarterbacks’ dreams (which he did once with a sack Sunday). We’ll call him the Screen Killer for what he did blowing up a Jets screen pass at the Broncos’ 33 in the second quarter.

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Giants sweep Rockies for second time at Coors Field



Giants sweep Rockies for second time at Coors Field

If the San Francisco Giants take care of their remaining business and go on to win the National League West, they can credit their domination of the Rockies.

At Coors Field.

The Giants beat the Rockies 6-2 on Sunday afternoon at Coors to complete their second sweep in LoDo this season. No other team swept the Rockies at home this season.

The Rockies, by the way, struck out 16 times, one short of the franchise record for a home game.

The Giants won the game with a four-run ninth, taking advantage of another erratic performance from right-hander Daniel Bard. He issued a leadoff walk to Steven Duggar, struck out pinch-hitter Buster Posey and then gave up another walk to Wilmer Flores. That set the table for Tommy La Stella’s go-ahead RBI single to right.

Bard struck out Kris Bryant for the second out, but manager Bud Black lifted Bard and brought in Tyler Kinley to face the left-hand-hitting Brandon Crawford. He promptly hit Kinley’s second pitching into the left-field bleachers for a three-run homer.

Colorado had tied the game, 2-2, in the seventh. With Giants starter Kevin Gausman finally out of the game, C.J. Cron hit a one-out single off Jose Alverez, advanced to second on an error by first baseman Wilmer Flores and moved to third on a balk called against Zack Littell.

Pinch-hitter Elias Diaz lashed a grounder to second baseman Donovan Solano, who threw home to get Cron. Cron was originally ruled out on a tag by catcher Curt Casali, but the call was overturned upon review.

Rockies starter Antonio Senzatela couldn’t match Gausman, but he gave his team a chance to win. The right-hander is not flashy nor dominating — just effective. He struck out just two Giants over his six innings, and he gave up eight hits. But when he departed the game, the Giants held a slim 2-1 lead.

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Broncos crush Jets in home opener, 26-0, to improve to 3-0 for first time in five years



WATCH: Broncos’ Melvin Gordon’s touchdown run against Jets

The cupcakes are taken care of, and the Broncos are ready for the main course.

Denver dominated the New York Jets, 26-0, on Sunday in its home opener at Empower Field, moving to 3-0 for the first time since 2016. It marked three double-digit wins to open 2021, following road wins over the Giants and Jaguars, who, like the Jets, are also winless.

The Broncos were in control from start to finish in front of a rocking crowd of 71,985, with the offense controlling the football while the defense limited New York to just over 100 yards. Judging by their play Sunday, the Broncos appear ready for the schedule to stiffen up, starting with a home game against Baltimore next week.

However, the victory didn’t come without a cost, as three Broncos starters were knocked out of the game due to injury. Wideout KJ Hamler (knee) exited in the second quarter, and offensive lineman Graham Glasgow (knee) and Dalton Risner (foot) left in the third.

Rookie Javonte Williams got Denver on the board first with his first NFL touchdown to make it 7-0 late in the first quarter. Williams’ one-yard scoring rush concluded an 11-play, 75-yard drive that featured a key third down conversion on Hamler’s 22-yard reception.

The Broncos dominated time of possession in the opening quarter (11:11 to 3:49) and limited frazzled rookie quarterback Zach Wilson and the Jets to six yards and one first down.

A Brandon McManus 45-yard field goal made it 10-0 early in the second quarter as the Denver defense continued to dominate. Later in the period the Broncos’ Von Miller sacked Wilson for an eight-yard loss on third down. It marked Miller’s fourth sack of the year, and the 54th quarterback he’s sacked in his career.

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Andy Reid leaves Arrowhead in ambulance ‘as a precaution’ after Chiefs loss to Chargers



Andy Reid leaves Arrowhead in ambulance ‘as a precaution’ after Chiefs loss to Chargers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – There is concern among Chiefs players and fans for head coach Andy Reid after he left Arrowhead in an ambulance following Sunday’s loss to the Chargers.

He did not feel well leaving the field and special teams coordinator Dave Toub stepped in to handle the post game news conference, according to the organization.

“I just think he was feeling a little ill at the end,” Toub said. “I think he’s fine, everything’s gonna be fine.”

“After the game, coach Reid is feeling ill and we’re checking him out right now as a precaution. Everything right now looks fine, but he’s getting checked out,” Ted Crews, Chiefs Executive Vice President of Communications for the Chiefs, said following the game.

The Chiefs did not release any additional details about Reid’s condition.

James Palmer of the NFL Network reported Reid left the stadium in an ambulance.

Palmer also reported players were not aware of Reid’s condition, something Patrick Mahomes and Clyde Edwards-Helaire confirmed when they addressed the team’s loss after the game.

“He came in and talked to us and yeah, he seemed fine. That’s all I really know,” Patrick Mahomes said during the postgame interview. “He seemed fine on the sideline as well.”

“Y’all are telling me some news that I just got,” Clyde Edwards-Helaire said when reporters asked him if he was aware of Reid’s illness.

Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu tweeted his prayers to Reid about an hour after Reid left in the ambulance.

Reid did take time to talk to the team after the loss and before he sought medical treatment, according to coach Toub.

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WATCH: Broncos’ Justin Simmons picks off Jets rookie quarterback Zach Wilson



WATCH: Broncos’ Justin Simmons picks off Jets rookie quarterback Zach Wilson

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Sweet 16 – Goldschmidt, Bader homer in Cardinals’ comeback victory



Sweet 16 – Goldschmidt, Bader homer in Cardinals’ comeback victory

CHICAGO – Paul Goldschmidt and Harrison Bader each homered as the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Chicago Cubs for the club’s 16th consecutive win.

The Cardinals hold the second Wild Card spot in the National League.

The team is putting playoff tickets for potential National League Division Series games this Tuesday at noon. Tickets for the potential NLDS game will start as low as $20. You can get the tickets at and via phone at 314-345-9000. All individual tickets will be digitally delivered exclusively via the MLB Ballpark app.

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