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7 Mistakes To Avoid While Renovating Your Living Room



Living Room Remodeling

A living room has many functions to fulfill in your home. It’s the place where we engage our guests. It’s where we play games and socialize. It’s the room where we unwind and spend quality time with our beloved ones. Some living rooms are used for eating, homework or watching television.

However, like many homeowners commit mistakes while selling a house, they make mistakes when it comes to revamping a living room. Some opt for unnecessary massive changes. Some are not aware of the expenses. Some choose the wrong contractors.

That being said, if you manage the renovation smoothly, it can be a great investment you make in your home. So before opting for a remodeling, go through this list of top living room renovation mistakes you should avoid.

Going for the Lowest Estimate:

When you opt for professional help, one of the first things you need to do is get estimates from a handful of remodeling contractors. Once you get the quote, it can be tempting to choose the lowest one to save some money. But that low cost is less likely to give you quality work. A contractor may be cutting corners or utilizing low-quality materials.

Always look for the common numbers on all estimates. If there’s a number that keeps occurring, this likely the real cost. If you feel caught between the two same options, choose the one whom you feel most comfortable with.

Doing Remodeling on Your Own (without experience):

Many of us might think to do it on their own to save money, thanks to the renovation shows on TV and DIY blogs on the Internet. But renovation is a complicated task, requiring skills and experience. You might end up with a stained floor if you paint the walls inappropriately. You might damage the walls in order to install some shelves over there. The guesswork can put you in trouble and mess. Therefore, it is better if you leave remodeling jobs to professionals.

Throwing Out Your Old Furniture:

What to do with this old furniture? This thing bothers us when it comes to deciding upon the living room furniture. It’s okay if you can afford new furniture. Otherwise, you can revamp your living room furniture rather than tossing them into the trash. You can give them a whole new look with some nice upholstery. Moreover, paint can give them a fresh lease of life.

Sacrificing Your Vision:

Let’s admit it. Sometimes we take a backseat and let others decide for our home renovation. A designer might not agree with your way of remodeling. Then there is a store employee who comes up with their own idea. Or your friend criticizes your choice of colors. Although some of these ideas might be right, don’t let them steer you towards something that’s not what your heart is set on.

Also, you shouldn’t let the frustration caused by the project delays to accept undesired changes.

Not Using a Designer:

You can source design ideas from the issues of Interior Design, Dwell and Architectural Digest. However, a magazine-idea can’t replace professional help. Interior design for your living room goes beyond what rug would look great with what sofa. It’s all about building a functional and attractive space that can fit your lifestyle.

What is the optimal design solution if your living room is always packed with people? Is it possible to achieve a chick living room with limited resources? How to create a spacious room with low ceilings?

A professional designer also helps you fixing or downplaying the unattractive elements of your room and accentuating its attractive features.

Not Reserving Money for Unexpected Costs:

A renovation might be looking simple and under your budget on the paper. However, you should be ready for unexpected costs. Maybe the contractor digs through the walls just to find damaged electrical wires. Or there might be termite damage behind the TV cabinet. What about those structural water damages that are hidden until you tear into your walls and floor?

The older the property, the complicated the job and the more walls or ceiling you’ll be digging through, the greater the risk of ending up with hidden problems that can ambush your renovation budget.

Therefore, set aside at 10-15% more than the estimate you have got from your contractor. If you can’t afford to put some money into a reserve, see if you can get the work done with less expensive materials.

Not Having the Plan:

Make sure to have a thorough, written plan from your contractor before you start work. The plan should include everything, from project summary, architect’s plan, designer’s plan, deadline and details like tile and paint. This plan will keep you on the top as well as help you avoid unexpected service charges later.

So these are some living room remodeling mistakes you should avoid. What do you think? Drop your opinion to the comment box given below.

Author Bio: Jennifer is an editor and author at nyrentownsell – A leading real estate company in New York.

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5 Essentials For A Perfect Guest Bedroom



Guest Bedroom

Do you have guests arriving? Well, it’s time to spruce things up and ensure you have all the essential guest room items to offer a comfortable stay. Though it makes sense to invest a bit more in transforming your own bedroom into a sleep sanctuary, it doesn’t mean you should neglect the space where your guests are going to stay for a night. 

Your guest room should feel homier than a hotel room. After all, it’s not just about providing accommodation to the guests; it’s more about making them feel comfortable and rested. So, stock up your guest bedroom with these five essential items and make them feel at home in a pleasant space-

Keep Extras Of Everything

No one likes to ask for the things they need, again and again. If you know that your guests are on the way, keep extra towels, pillows, and blankets in the room. Some people use separate face and body towels, so store them in a closet or roll them up and place them in a basket. Though there is no need to offer costly, ultra-premium products, don’t force the worn-out linen on your guests.

Minimal Furniture And Optimum Storage Space

Your guests don’t need a bed only. Though it is a place for them to sleep in, they are likely to do other activities like getting ready or reading there. So, think beds, bench, chairs, bedside table, or shelves. If you aren’t willing to place a master dresser there, consider providing basic amenities like a wall mirror with some storage space. 

Besides, there must be enough space for the guests to store their luggage. Utilize the space and create wardrobes to stack all the essentials and provide sufficient space to the guests. As you don’t use the guest bedroom as much, you can go for less expensive options, as far as the material is concerned.

Quality Mattress Is A Must

It’s not uncommon to dump the guest bedroom with unwanted mattresses. If you don’t use that old, worn out, uncomfortable bed, don’t force your guests to use it. Instead, invest in some good quality mattress that supports their sleep. High-quality mattresses are no longer expensive. You can browse Southern California Mattress Superstores to find a variety of mattress options, bedding accessories and provide your guests with good night sleep. They will appreciate resting on a decent mattress.

Keep Basic Toiletry Items In Place

There are fair chances that your guests will bring personal toiletry products. However, as far as the basic toiletries are concerned, no one is supposed to bring their own. Make sure to place toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion in the guest bathroom. Besides, keep a box of facial tissues in the guest bedroom, including the one with extra linen.

Don’t Forget To Place Iron And Accessories

Iron is a must-have guest bedroom essential that is often overlooked. To guests are likely to have wrinkled clothing after a long journey. They often arrive in formal wear, especially when there are holidays or special occasions. Adding iron to the arsenal of basic guest room supplies will make it easier for them to get ready. If there is limited space, grab an over-the-door or a tabletop ironing board that can sit on the floor, bed, or a low dresser.

It seems like a lot of items to get together. But, once you keep these items in place, you’ll spend less time getting your guest bedroom ready for the next time you have guests arriving. If they get plenty of comfort and sleep, they are likely to feel cheerful and appreciate their stay at your place. 

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Connecting the dot between Commercial Kitchens and Technology



Connecting the dot between Commercial Kitchens and Technology

Though the concept of cloud kitchens is on a rise due to the disruption of the traditional food business by tech food delivery service platforms in India such as Zomato, Swiggy, etc.

 Commercial kitchens haven’t still lost their sheen. They, in fact, have turned out to be lot more significant as the number of orders through food delivery service app platforms has surged incredibly in recent times. The convergence of commercial kitchen space and technology has resulted in making commercial kitchen faster and efficient in terms of executing orders.

It goes without saying that major restaurants and hotel chains still bank on commercial kitchens, though however much outdated maybe, for cooking and distributing food. What will be a major shift here is their adopting commercial food technology and automation on a wider scale. This will be a disruption of the traditional modes of cooking that have been proved to be highly ineffective and time-consuming.

While automation technology can be treated as one major disruption factor, the other will be the use of commercial kitchen equipment for a range of applications including meat-preparation, pre-preparation, cooking, food processing, quick service, baking and dish and ware washing. 

Each process would require a unique set of equipment and some processes would entail the use of one or more equipment. Still more, there’s a range of multi-purpose equipment that helps complete the intended function or task in usually half the time or even less taken by the traditional methods. Now then if you are a restaurant owner, you’ll need to complete and deliver online orders in record time so as to gain the reputation of customers online, as customers today have a sea of choices served in a platter. All it takes is a review or a star rating to either make or break the success of a restaurant in the highly competitive online space. And today as an increasing number of users take the social media route for venting out their satisfaction or frustration levels, commercial kitchens in hotels and restaurants have shifted gears towards adopting game-changing technology. 

‘No food waste’ is a growing concept that we are socially bound and committed, but do the restaurants and hotels after it? “Yes,” says Minu Pauline, the owner of Kochi-based Pappadavada restaurant. She further adds, “Adopting automation and use of hi-tech commercial cooking equipment has reduced food wastage significantly. This is because everything out here in our hotel is fully monitored and carried out as per a robust and well-planned process; the margin for error is pretty much less. Food waste is a global issue, and hotels and restaurants can take the lead by simply adopting smart technology and using the right commercial kitchen equipment”. 

Food hygiene is another issue that most restaurants and hotel chains need to grapple with. Today’s customers are more health-conscious than ever before. That is to say that Generation Y or millennial is becoming choosier in their approach towards showing loyalty to a particular hotel or restaurant brand than the previous generation or Gen X. And food hygiene and contamination can have its own say in the decision-making process. This can even turn out to be a major say as it is health-related leaving out little chances for errors. Today, most commercial kitchens come with quality high-grade Stainless Steel (or SS) material that is tested for hygiene and contamination. It is also the most preferred material for manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment and any other material would only be a ‘Hobson’s choice’. Not surprisingly, investing in a commercial kitchen is humungous and restaurants today don’t bat an eyelid when it comes to investing in SS-grade commercial kitchen machines. It pays rich dividends at the end of the day by preserving the health of their customers. Also, customers are willing to pay for anything that is health-related, and there is no tangible resistance coming into the way.

Next, comes the efficiency of the commercial kitchen space in general—and this is the biggest factor that restaurants and hotels look upon technology as their savior. Yet, the decision to deploy technology and use of the right commercial kitchen equipment is not always a cakewalk. This is because poor planning, foresight, and under-investment can affect the decision-making process. It isn’t always that restaurant owner searches for ways to bring new-fangled, intelligent approaches to the table. But those restaurants that have taken this route have ‘won’ the game already, standing tall in terms of economy, efficiency, and performance. 

Also, the experience of the professional chef and staff in a commercial kitchen counts a lot, and there is little doubt that offering them a positive experience through practical, custom-built technology goes a long way in creating meaningful experiences for customers over the long haul.                                                                                               

To conclude it is apt to say that it is the order of the day that commercial kitchen should adopt novel technologies and the right equipment for day-to-day processes to come up thumps.

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All You Need to Know About the Air Purifiers



All You Need to Know About the Air Purifiers

An air purifier is a device or an equipment that purifies the surrounding air. There are some frequently asked questions about air purifiers. For example, how do they work? Also, if they purify? These questions have a much simpler answer. Air purifiers purify the air by simply trapping the harmful contaminations present in the air. Common contaminations are dust, mold, mites, spores, chemicals, odors and airborne toxins. However, the trapping mechanism depends on the technology used by an air purifier and how much adaptability a device has in terms of trapping. Your indoor air quality has many more pollutants than outside and since we spent most of our time indoors. The exposure of air quality puts you in potential health and safety risks for several ailments. Using an air purifier in your home or office creates a healthy and clean air for you. This way you can have cleaner air to breathe. Best air purifiers use sophisticated technologies to perform at their optimum level. Let us go into more details about how they work and what features they possess.

Once you have a better understanding then you can purchase a quality air purifier for your home.

Following are some important features of the air purifiers:

  1. Function- How Do They Work?

The mechanism of an air purifier consists of filters or multiple filters with fans that suck harmful air and circulates it. As the air moves through the filters, dust and contaminations remain trapped and clean air then released in the living space. Air filters usually made of paper, fiber, fiberglass, or mesh and require a constant replacement to work on optimum point and maintain efficiency.

The idea means that with the cost of a whole air purifier system, you need to consider operating costs and filter costs. This indicates that along with operating costs of running a filter constantly, you need to take filter replacement in focus also. To garner the benefits of healthy and clean air, this is a small investment to make.

  1. Performance- How Do They Perform?

The most common filters in the market have the usual design that filters dust and other small bacteria and particles. However, they do not capture gases or volatile organic compounds, as it requires an absorbent like activated carbon filters. The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA warns that to receive an optimum level of functionality, the filters need replacements every three months, at least. While many air purifiers generally filter our dust and pollen, they are not very good at removing gases. These harmful gases like VOC and radon can emerge from paint or adhesives and circulate in the air without being visible. A basic air purifier may also not filter allergens in the flooring or furniture. The location, installation, flow rate and the operating time all vary the effectiveness of the purifier.

Similarly, the air-conditioning also affects the operation of any purifier. Normal air filters easily filter out pollen, spores or dry dust. And advanced filters like humidifiers or dehumidifiers help in capturing other contaminations like molds. Activated carbon filters help in capturing smoke and other pollutants in the air that makes a cleaner breathing space for you.

  1. Purifiers According to Specific Needs

  • Allergies

In case you have allergies, you need to go for an air purifier designed for relieving allergies. Choose a purifier that has multiple filters like HEPA purifiers that remove indoor allergens.

  • Asthma

If you have chemical pollutants or doors trigger asthma or the symptoms. It would help if you considered purchasing a filter that has capabilities of trapping gases and odors or asthma air purifier. These purifiers contain added odor and chemical removal aspects along with HEPA to remove allergens.

  • Smoke

Smoke air purifiers can remove fireplace sooth, ash, and smoke. Smoke can cause respiratory conditions and unpleasant odors indoors so such purifiers prove advantageous here.

  • Chemical Sensitivities

If you have chemical sensitivities, then you should consider a model that has multiple chemical sensitivities. These devices contain an even more advanced version of chemical and odor filtration. Often manufactured with materials that do not allow the gas to pass through and aggravate your symptoms.

  • Pets

Pets usually shed hair that creates micro dander in the air and cause respiratory problems. Normal models of air purifiers can easily remove these dander and hair to give you clean air.

  1. Types of Air Purifiers

  • Ozone Generators

These purifiers are very effective in trapping strong odors. It is usually used by hotels to trap smoke odors. The downside is that the room, which has such installation, remains unused for almost 24 hours. Ozone generators release a high level of ozone that is a respiratory irritant.

  • HEPA Air Purifiers

The HEPA purifiers can trap 99% of airborne contaminations that may measure up to 0.3 microns. The technology used in HEPA purifiers prevents bacteria trapped to multiply and spread in the filter. Purchases need to remain aware as retailers claim a true HEPA filter but instead sell a HEPA-blend filter.

  • Ultraviolet Light Air Purifiers

These purifiers use the radiations from UV rays to eliminate particles like dust and bacteria. Those particles that pass through these purifiers get trapped and killed instantly. Unlike the typical filter, that only collects the passing particles. The purpose of the UV mechanism is to alter the DNA of the microorganism to destroy it or prevent replication completely.

  • Electrostatic Purifiers

These purifiers use electrostatic plates that charge incoming particles with a negative electric charge to collect them. These purifiers have high maintenance due to the presence of plates that may overrun with particles. However, this purification choice has mostly disappeared from home use due to the presence of ozone as a by-product.

  • Activate Carbon Purifiers

A porous form of carbon called activated carbon has an increased surface area due to excessive heating. The surface area of normally activated carbon measures up to 500m2. While an activated carbon filter may not trap dust and pollen effectively, it can trap odors and harmful gases present indoors.


Having clean air to breathe is a blessing. With the introduction of air purifiers, now we have a choice to make our surrounding air clean. This will not only help us in leading a healthy life but it will also prevent us from getting sick frequently. However, just like having pollutants outside, our indoors also have their version of pollutants present. These contaminations remain airborne and cause respiratory issues with the household. To protect you and your family from the harmful effects of indoor pollution, an air purifier is the best option. With numerous benefits mentioned above, you can now decide which type of air purifier will be best for you to purchase for your home. No matter which device or model you purchase, your end goal remains the same. That is to provide clean air for yourself and the ones you love. Therefore, buy the purifier according to your need and budget.

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5 Ways To Bring Charm To Your Home’s Exterior



home exterior

The exterior of a house is something like a personality – it has to be unique and charming in order to stand out from the crowd. The crowd in this context are other houses and the uniqueness is achieved by changing some exterior bits. In case you feel like the exterior can be revived a bit to return to its former charm and glory, take a look at our next suggestions.

Redo the entrance

The point of entry to your house should be almost perfect because anyone who enters the house will notice even the smallest detail. You want to make it as elegant as possible so first, focus your attention to the pathway. If there are any cracks and weed coming out of it, you should fill any hole and do some weed control. If you are in the mood for the renovation project, you can replace it with stones and create a stone pathway to your front door.

Then, repaint the door to make it look new and fresh. Pay attention to the symmetry too as it will also make your entrance pop. Put a flowery plan on each side of the door and also hang a lantern above the door.

Give a splash of color

If you’ve been thinking of a creative project lately, now’s the time to give your exterior a new splash of color. You can do this on your own or hire some help for those inaccessible parts. Either way, by giving your exterior a facelift, it will feel like you bought a new house.

The Pantone color of 2020 is a beautiful shade called Classic Blue. It might be an inspiration to add a few blue details to your exterior. Before you decide to repaint the exterior, make sure you clean it first. Then, prep it thoroughly, remove any mold and fix any cracks that might have happened. Not only will this make the exterior look more beautiful, but it will also be the unique opportunity to fix any damage.

Create a picture-perfect roof

The roof is not something you have to change often. But, if the roof is in the bad shape, it ruins the perfect charm of your exterior. If some damage is visible when you look up and inspect it from afar, be sure that anyone else will notice it as well.  

If you have to repair the roof, make sure you do replace the existing one with a durable replacement. For example, slate roofing is a perfect choice for those who wish to achieve both beauty and durability. This is a common choice in Australia because it is one of the longest-lasting roofing materials. Quality slate roofing in Sydney and other areas is the most common choice for residential rooftops. So, inspect the current state of your roof and make the choice accordingly.

Plants are extra charming

Landscaping can only increase the beauty of your home. It might even become a hobby because plants require attention so they can bloom. While a properly maintained lawn can easily become your favorite part of your living quarters. You might even decide to create an outdoor relaxation oasis among potted plants and in the shade of a tree.

But, the only way to make this happen is to pay equal attention to the landscaping. Make sure you plant various seasonal plants so you’ll always have something new blooming during the seasons. You can plant them in the soil or even have some potted plants you can easily take inside once the weather changes. Either way, a groomed lawn, blooming flowers, and various bushes only increase the curb appeal of your house.

Light it up

Outdoor light is both essential and decorative. Properly lit outdoor area reduced the chances of injury when walking around during the night. It also banishes the darkness and makes the entire area more welcoming. Additionally, if you light up space with unique and beautiful lanterns you will increase the overall beauty. Put up a hanging lantern by or above the front door. Add additional lanterns to each house corner that is facing the street. Also, add a few solar-powered lights along the walkway or among potted plants. You can also light up the unique architectural features of your house to make them stand out.

It goes without saying that the exterior of your house matters as much as the interior. It is also something that portrays your unique style so make sure to follow these tips to bring charm to your home’s exterior.

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Home Improvement

Why there is a need for Home Improvement?



custom designer homes builder Melbourne

After a while, every home needs some maintenance and some replacements. There are plenty of things that play their role to make things worn off. The same goes for the windows and doors of any house. It doesn’t matter if you have a tiny home or you live in a mansion, the windows and doors can get broken and get damaged over time. It may take 20 plus years or some more but then you will have to do some maintenance. Some people change the interior and do remodeling of their home to give it a new look, so it is very likely that houses need renovation. If you are looking to replace windows and doors of your home, then we suggest you consider Canadian Choice Windows for a satisfying service. 

Canadian weather can get very harsh in the winter and this weather, you would want the house to be warm and energy-efficient. Luckily, there are now so many options to choose the window and door material for your home according to the weather in your residential area. These new options are safe, comfortable and definitely worth your money. Now you can have impact glass windows and doors that are energy efficient and serve different purposes. So maybe it is time for the replacement windows gallery in your home.

With so much researches and technological advances, people make their houses that can survive all types of weather. Whether it is a small house or a big house, there are different standards that have to follow to secure the premises from any tough weather condition or any other dangerous situation. People just don’t want to be living in a house that is dependent on electricity, they want a space where natural light, warmth, and wind can be felt. There must be a way for cross ventilation or a kind of passive cooling system to keep the heat pressure contained in a home. All of this can be achieved by choosing the aluminum frame and glass windows from Canadian Choice Windows. This is not the only thing that this company offers as you can choose low E coating on windows, insulated glass, and vinyl glass windows. They offer you different designs as well, including French vintage style windows and doors, modern-day slide and tilt windows and doors, and framework of your choice. They have got a full range of different materials, designs, and sizes to facilitate your needs. 

The staff that you choose for replacement windows gallery, patio doors, and main doors can also guide you about what would be the suitable option for your home. This consultation guide will depend on the size, structure, and interior of your home. The staff is experienced and they can give you expert advice that which option would be favorable and suitable for your budget. The consultation would be free of cost. So, why wait for it, visit the website, make a call now and book yourself to the new installation of windows and doors in your home. 

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