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How Car Air Purifier Protect Us from Car Indoor Pollution?



Car Air Purifier
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Pollution seems to be omnipresent whether you are indoors or outdoors. In fact, the indoor pollution level is often more than that of outdoor and it holds true for your car too. Whether you drive an ultra-sophisticated, technologically superior car or a small hatchback, they run on the same roads and are prone to the same kind of pollution. The only respite that you can get from this pollution is by installing a car air purifier.

What Is a Car Air Purifier?

A car air purifier is a compact and lightweight appliance that can be placed anywhere in the car. The recommended place is, however, between the front and the rear seats. To make it work, you have to connect it to a 12V car charger socket. It keeps working relentlessly to bring down the pollution levels inside the car.

How Does a Car Air Purifier Work?

Any good car air purifier uses a 3-stage filtration process to purify the indoor air. These are:

  • Pre-Filter: This is the first line of defence of the car air purifier. It is designed to get rid of all the visible particles that could be floating in the indoor air like hair, pet dander, large dust particles, etc.
  • Activated Carbon Filter: Unpleasant odour is also generally present in a car. This could be of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), cigarette smoke etc. This odour gets neutralized by the activated carbon filter. This filter also takes care of some toxic gases and fine particles present in the indoor air.
  • HEPA Filters: This is the last and most efficient filter present in a car air purifier. It can remove nearly 99% of all pollutants present in the air. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters. This filter has the potential to remove all the PM 2.5 and Suspended Particulate Matter that is present in the air. The fine mesh of this filter can trap all the pollutants of 0.3 microns or higher making the air clean.

Do You Need a Car Air Purifier?

Considering the rate at which pollution is increasing and impacting, the car air purifier has become a necessary appliance. Data suggests that you are not safe in-car cabins and the pollution level here is nearly five times more than outdoors. Installing an air purifier will ensure that when you travel in your car you can breathe in safe and clean air. This is your best bet to safeguard yourself from pollution to some extent.

Most people in metro cities spend a major part of their time traveling in a car driving through the busy traffic. Investing in a good quality car air purifier will ensure that you will breathe in safe and clean air for a major part of your day.

This technological wonder is the “need of the hour”, especially if you are living in metros or large cities. The air quality in these places is turning from bad to worse. Your only respite right now is investing in a car air purifier and safeguarding the health of your loved ones.

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