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How Leaders and Managers Can Reduce Stress in the Workplace




Stress causes US businesses to suffer losses of $300 billion annually.

It is not any surprise that workplace stress is a leading cause of emotional and physical health issues.

A healthy employee, fit in mind and body, is a better employee, which translates to a more profitable outcome in every way.

The reasons are usual and have existed for decades.

  • Performance and anxiety about targets
  • Long commutes
  • The boredom that comes with underemployment of skills
  • Harassment and bullying
  • Downsizing and fear of layoffs
  • Lack of promotion
  • Lack of rapport with colleagues
  • Real or perceived lack of recognition coupled with low pay

However, very little is usually done to accept that there is indeed a problem and that the issue of workplace stress has to be addressed.

An entrepreneur has the responsibility of mitigating the causes of workplace stress as far as possible. It is not an easy task, but it is not impossible either.

What is primarily needed is a change in mindset and to view the business as not only a profit-generating entity but one that cares for the wellness of its employees and the society at large also. Of course, this view goes entirely against the top and bottom line-driven business model that has come to exist.

But entrepreneurs can bring massive disruption and change the system as no one else in modern society can.

So what can you as an entrepreneur do to lessen the stress your employees feel? We take a look.

Make wellness a priority –

Physical activity leads to the release of endorphins. Endorphins are feel-good neurotransmitters that cause the well-known “runner’s high.”

As little as 10 minutes of physical activity can have beneficial effects.

How to make your employees get more physical activity?

  1. Encourage them to go on a walk or jog at lunchtime. If possible, sponsor their gym memberships.
  2. Buy them fitness trackers and have them upload the data. Those employees who walk 10000 steps a day can be given gifts to recognize their effort. A power bank or portable smoothie blender with an inspirational motto printed by a customized label design partner such iCustomLabel as is perfect. You can create a personalized label or stickers with some text for your employees.
  3. Remove sugary snacks from the office and substitute it with fresh fruits and oatmeal bars.
  4. Encourage your employees to limit their intake of caffeine to no more than 2-3 times daily.
  5. Have a yoga and meditation teacher train those who want to learn once weekly at the office. Meditation is a proven stress-buster, but there is an initial skepticism that is hard to overcome.

Have flexible working hours –

This might seem to be more challenging to implement, but with the enormous advances in technology, there is no reason why employees cannot, at times, work from home.

Cisco Webex and GoToMeeting have been around for well over a decade.

Google Duo and Facetime provide perfect multi-party video calling.

Most of the work that employees do is done on cloud-based software like Zoho, Google Docs, and Office 365.

Also, it is a good idea to have a “no-meeting” day. With everyone always collaborating through email, Skype, WhatsApp, the traditional meeting has become slightly irrelevant.

Worrying about getting through the remaining workload by the end of the day while a colleague rambles on about some arcane point adds to stress.

Show your gratefulness –

There are a couple of ways to do it – with your checkbook and your demeanor.

As the boss, your behavior and bearing are of far more important than you think. Are you stressed? Is it showing? Then have no doubt that your employees are stressed too. After all, their existence from rent to savings is linked to you.

To reduce their stress, you have to work at reducing your stress. Yes, there have been famed entrepreneurs who were incredibly boorish. We are talking of Jobs and his famed temper.

But that was accompanied by his brilliance and charisma, which to no small degree, drove Apple to become a household name.

Be kind to your employees. Be grateful to them.

Kind words and celebratory plaques work up to a point, but it is essential to have a transparent monetary reward system in place.

The difficulty is not so much in awarding a pecuniary benefit but making the process transparent beyond all doubt. That, someone, received a bonus, and others did not should never lead to rancor and more stress!

One of the ways to approach this is to make broad performance metrics available le to all employees once every six months.

Provide counseling –

Too many companies provide psychotherapy for more motivation and productivity and not for stress.

However, recent advancements in Cognitive Behavior Therapy have shown that it is possible to relieve stress at the workplace through dialogue.

Originally designed to help suicidal people cope, it has now evolved into a technique of teaching non-judgemental acceptance and observation of the world around us.

Needless to say, being able to accept the flow is one of the best ways to cope with the constant change at startups.

Focus on teams –

An easy way to lower stress is to put the blame on a team (if such guilt has to be allotted) rather than upon an individual.

For centuries this is how armies have coped. Success and failure are shared from a platoon to a division. That is how soldiers have been able to survive unimaginable stress – shared blame and shame.

You could also do the same and ensure that no one individual ever gets to be blamed.


Workplace stress is real. Those who are sitting in the corner office often forget what it is like to be down in the trenches.

Empathy can play a significant role in alleviating stress. You have to be creative about how you tailor and adapt the advice above into your organization.






It is true. Women have brought a revolution and are looked at differently in today’s world. There was a time when none of this was thought possible. Being a woman was considered to be a curse. They were not given rights, not allowed to work, beaten, and broken by society.

However, hope grows from even where the seems to be none, and in the midst of such crisis, the world was blessed with numerous powerful, headstrong, and passionate women that spoke for the entire woman majority. Their efforts, struggles, and ceaseless working in their respective fields have enabled women all over the world to break free, find their own ground, and stand tall and strong on their feet.

And now, a woman is so much more, but above all, and most of all, a woman is an inspiration. Doctor Ruth Pfau, Mother Teresa, Michelle Obama, Jane Austen, Kate Sheppard, Emma Watson, Elaine Brown, Oprah Winfrey, and the list goes on. The history presents countless gems who are an inspiration for the women all around the world even today.

Today, a woman that encourages other women beyond limits and makes them reach their true potentials, Kristina Johnson remains distinguished due to her determination and love for picking up and building women. This 39-year-old entrepreneur, business analyst, and a health & fitness coach is inspiring women across the globe and helping them gain better control of their lives, and making them more confident, happier, healthier, and stronger than ever before.


Kristina R. Johnson was born on February 14, 1981, in Dayton, Ohio, the United States. Raised by loving parents, who were conscious of making a difference in the community, Kristina learned the value of helping people and personal growth from her parents.

During her teenage years, Kristina leaned towards reading many blogs and magazines dedicated to woman growth and beauty and felt the desire to be a part of the acting, modeling, and beauty industry. Soon, she joined the John Casablanca Modeling Acting & Modeling‎ agency located outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. She was taught and looked over by a professional staff. Kristina learned a lot and became exceptionally well at modeling, acting, and applying make up for every girly situation. Her passion grew more, and she decided to compete in beauty pageants. She entered the ‘Miss TEEN USA Pageant’ participating as MISS DAYTON, OHIO. To her surprise, she was a runner up and got the title of MISS FLORIDA.

Eventually, she decided to pursue her studies, and she took up Nursing. Her love for helping people burnt strong, and she became a certified Certified Nursing assist and Patient care assistant within the local Dayton area hospitals to give back in a caring way.

Later, Kristina turned to Psychology, Business and Japanese. As a highschooler, Kristina was one of 4 students studying Japanese as a secondary language, and this helped her in earning an internship in Okayama City, Japan.  She was an Ambassador for Wright State University, and she assisted Japanese College students with learning English for a year. Her command over the language also came in handy when she worked for several Japanese Companies in Ohio to continue sharpening her Japanese skills.

Kristina was very by their stress-free lifestyle. She applies what she learned from the very country to this day. She loved the experience she gained and enjoyed living a simple and a life full of gratitude. The experience taught her simplification techniques, skills of living abroad, improved her Japanese language, but most of all, she learned the secret to living in the moment.

Coming back to the States brought Kristina closer to studying, and she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Health Administration. She then started working as a Claim Processor, Provider Rep, Medical Coder, as well as served as a Corporate Trainer. By December 2018, Kristina had not just achieved a great working portfolio; she had also completed three master’s degrees in Business, Informatics, and Health Administration.


Kristina learned a lot from her life experiences. Through her family, her husband, Simeon, who was also her best friend,  friends, co-workers, and her experience, she not only learned to put her education to use but also learned to make a difference in their lives and truly help them. Acquiring the skills to tackle the problems she faced in her workplace and life, Kristina was convinced that her true passion was to help other women who were the victims of the same problems.

Kristina decided to launch a company with the aim of helping women discover themselves and to help them excel in their respective fields. She used her overseas internship experience, her married life, moving from one state to the other, home buying in a recession, home buying at the peep of the market, navigating through the corporate world as a woman, maintaining and keeping herself as a wife and businesswoman successfully, and most importantly, her husband’s support and ideas to create a company for all the women of the world.

Two years later, Kristina launched her company, the Visionary Mindset Academy. Kristina aims to take women on a journey of self-actualization through her academy. She seeks to educate women on topics starting from self- developing to opening and successfully running a business. She also started her own blog, with the goal to motivate, inspire, lift every woman regardless of their ages, race, or any other distinction, and be there, especially when the future seems dull. The blog is especially dedicated to sharing as much information possible for women who are unable to afford investment in themselves or business development courses and packages.

Through her company, Kristina has been able to bring a change in hundreds of women across the world. She excels at what she does, and her efforts are recognized at work, where she breaks the company’s projection goal every recon period, continuing to set the bar higher and higher.

Today, Kristina Johnson is a business analyst, business coach, and health & fitness coach, who has inspired women of all ages, helped them gain confidence in who they are. Her story narrates the idea that if a woman believes in herself, there is nothing she cannot achieve!

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How SEO Services Can Improve Search Engine Rankings?



Search Engine Rankings

You might be wondering where the organic traffic is coming to your competitor website? The only answer to your question is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Without SEO, there will be no traffic to a website, no one will find your business in the Google search, and ultimately your company will not generate any leads. The Website on the top of the search engines gets almost 33% of the total search volume. It means if you are not among the top 10 websites on the internet, you might be missing out on one-third of the potential traffic.

The reason why websites rank higher in search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo and many more is that the companies are making genuine efforts to boost their Search engine rankingsFortunately, it is still not late to know how SEO services can enhance search engine rankings. Let us take a detailed look into how it affects the SERPs.

Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine Rankings

  • SEO turn on the spotlight of the sales

The Website of a business is the perfect employee that performs multitasking efficiently and tackles innumerable prospects all at once. SEO services in India draw attention to the sales, provide the right emphasis, and focus on the marketing arsenal of a business.

  • SEO has an impact on the Buying Cycle

SEO increases sales without increasing the marketing cost of the business, thereby giving a boost in the profit growth exponentially. SEO also improves the ROI due to its highest number of conversions at a small incremental price. SEO also plays a vital role in the research or buying cycle of the customer. It is just like a magnet attracting potential customers to your Website through relevant keywords ranked higher in the search engines. SEO knows all ways about where your customers can be and offer feasible solutions that will direct them towards your business.

  • SEO is not Costly

SEO is not at all costly, and it is just an investment. SEO helps you to reach the growth targets and financial goals in half the time when compared with other forms of online marketing. It is an investment with the highest return.

  • SEO enhances the inbound traffic

It takes huge time and money to generate leads through cold calling methods and ultimately delivers low ROI. SEO targets the leads or customers who are actively looking for your kind of services of products, thus saving money on outbound marketing. The top SEO promotion company will increase the total number of qualified leads that will convert into sales.

  • SEO delivers Long Lasting results

SEO delivers ongoing marketing advantages and long term benefits for a business. Investing in SEO will not only improve in the search engine rankings but will also boost the online visibility of a brand.

  • The Website will be more customers friendly

SEO improves the overall customer experience on the Website of a business. Page loading time, easy navigation, mobile-friendly Website and many will all have an impact on the SERPs as well as on the number of visitors and time they are spending on the Website. SEO improves the user experience of the Website, gives boosts to the high search engine rankings, attracts more customers, and improves the conversion rates.

  • Business Credibility

Customers evaluate the credibility of the Website with the ranking in the search engines. Higher the search engine rankings, the higher will be the credibility.

  • Local SEO increases traffic, conversions, and Engagement

According to the top SEO consultantslocal search has become the most important part of the business. Local SEO targets at optimizing the digital properties so that customers can find your business easily and quickly.

  • SEO discover new Opportunities

High-quality SEO strategies always leverage and discover new opportunities for the brands to shine. The better the Website is ranked in the search engines, and the more prospects will arise that will help in thriving the business.


Implementation of high quality and strong SEO on the Website of a brand is always beneficial to the marketing efforts and the search engine rankings. It is a new age marketing procedure to make your Website be seen in the digital world.

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Building a career requires one to be consistent, determined, and focused. While establishing a stable professional life, many people overlook essential parts of their life, such as spending time with family or doing something they love. It is due to this reason; one’s life becomes boring and dull, which ultimately makes a person second guess their professional choices. It makes them doubtful about whether it was the right decision or not.

Building a career does require one to stay focused and determined, but it does not demand a person to give up on every aspect of their life. People need to understand that maintaining a balance between their career and personal life is critical for their mind’s health. The way people spend their lives after work determines how well they can channelize stress and stay mentally healthy and happy. When it comes to maintaining a balance between one’s career and life-out-of-work, there is one man that is taking the lead – Gianni Mendes Toniutti, a professional US lawyer.

The life of this Brazilian-born immigration lawyer is the epitome of the perfect balance between profession and personal life. While working for clients, he serves as a serious professional, but when he is out of office, he is an entirely different personality. In addition to being a law professional and co-founder of one of America’s top law firms, TLRT, Gianni is a prominent influencer on Instagram.

From Italy to the United States – Stepping into the World of Law

Gianni Mendes Toniutti was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and was raised in Bologna, Italy. He was a passionate individual since the beginning and hoped to establish a successful career in law. He was equally passionate about playing guitar and always dreamt of performing in front of big audiences. The young Gianni completed his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Bologna, Italy, in the year 2002. To continue his education in law, he decided to move to the United States. In the year 2003, Gianni left Italy and went to Miami, Florida, to complete his master of laws at the University of Miami.

When he moved to the United States, he planned to return to his country once he completed his master’s. The liveliness of the country and the elite lifestyle forced Gianni to change his mind and stay in the country. He passed his bar exam in 2005 and began applying at law firms all over the U.S. Gianni sent his resume to over a hundred law firms, and he only got rejection replies. It did not break his courage, and he kept trying until one day he received a call from a prestigious litigation law firm in California. The firm got his resume online, and they found him to be the perfect fit as they were looking for an Italian American lawyer. Within a week, he successfully filled the position in Los Angeles to work on a temporary project, and it marked the start of his law career. According to Gianni, his experience at this first job was amazing and the ‘best days’ of his life.

Setting up a Well-Reputed Law Firm

Gianni, along with his Italian partners, now best friends, co-founded in 2009 TLRT, an Italian-American law firm, which contains the initials of all the founding partners. It is an acronym for Tosolini, Lamura, Rasile, and Toniutti. He serves today as the head of the firm’s immigration department and represents from business investors to individuals in the entertainment, including models, actors, singers, painters, and athletes. By his colleagues and clients, he is often referred to as the ‘guru’ of immigration.

The TLRT partnership proved immensely beneficial. Starting as a boutique law firm, TLRT is now one of the most respected Italian American law firms on the east coast. The firm operates in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Rome, and Milan.

Building a Personal Brand

Gianni had always been the owner of a vibrant personality. While on one hand, he wanted to become a successful lawyer, he did not think of giving up on his love for music and entertainment. Gianni is an influencer on Instagram today with more than 70,000 followers. He is working tirelessly to create a personal brand, and his profile is full of his photos in a Zen pose. The social media influencer is spreading motivation through his posts.

In the year 2017, he got an opportunity to enhance his digital footprint. He uploaded a video on his account that seemed like a fake commercial in a Zara store. The video was two minutes long, which featured Gianni entering the Zara store and pretending to be a human mannequin. The video featuring the not-so-serious Italian lawyer was able to acquire more than 260,000 views on Instagram and over 30,000 views on YouTube. It was a social experiment that helped Gianni become a viral phenomenon.

Gianni Mendes Toniutti is living his life in a perfect balance. While he does not let his love for entertainment and music intervene with his profession, his profession does not intervene in his personal life. He is a man with a lively personality who has the skills to be a serious-professional while seamlessly managing his personal affairs. He is not only the co-founder of a respected law firm but also a major social media influencer. Gianni serves as an example for people who believe laying the grounds for a stable career requires them to give up on other important things in life. Gianni did not gain success overnight; he applied in more than a hundred law firms until he landed on his first job. It did not force him to give up, and he kept trying. His life is filled with innumerable lessons for people who give up on their dreams and on things they love when building a career for themselves.

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Use classified ads to advertise your product on the internet



Google Adsense and Web Traffic Growth Bootcamp

In the 21st century, people are thinking of different ways of growing themselves. They are evolving new ways to advertise their products to make their product more popular. People advertise themselves in newspapers, banners, and many other places as well. But there is a newer way of advertising any product, which is advertising online. Advertising on the internet has become very popular because of its benefits over any other way of advertising. Online advertisements are better because they reach a larger number of people and along with this, they have many other benefits as well. Many different websites are providing a platform to advertise online and one such website is which houses UAE car classifiedsproperty classifieds, job classifieds and many more.

These classifieds are very helpful for the people who are finding a particular product which can be anything from motor vehicles, property available for rent or sale, jobs, and other classifieds related to the mobile phones, books, electronic appliances, entertainment, vacation packages, and many more. One can find high-end brands on this website because of the vast variety of products available. This website can be said to be the best website available for the classifieds because along with the variety of products, it is completely free. One can post their ads without paying anything. If you are still not sure about posting your ad on the, then here are some benefits of posting ads on these kind of websites:

  • Save your time and money: If you are looking for other means of advertising, then it is just going to consume your money and time. All other ways of advertising are paid, and they are slower than advertising on the internet. This classified website is free which means you can save your money and time.
  • Reach more and more people simultaneously: classified ads show up on the internet which reaches many people at a time. in today’s world, everyone has access to the internet, and everyone looks up for anything on the internet first. This means a classified ad on the reaches a large number of people.
  • Contact the advertisers: most of the websites allow the potential buyer to contact the seller for better information about the product. This allows the buyer to negotiate and bargain for even better prices.
  • Post an urgent ad: there are two types of ads available on the the first one is in which you can post a normal ad that will reach a limited audience, but it is free. The other one is called an urgent ad which reaches many people in a short amount of time. This type of ad is paid but the price is very reasonable for the advantages.

These UAE car classifieds are very helpful for both the seller and buyer providing a mutual benefit. If you are also looking for a platform that can provide you a place to sell or buy any product, then is amazing. It can give you access to many places in UAE which is very helpful to get access for buyers and sellers everywhere.

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Investing in People is the Reason for this VC’s Success (Amit Raizada of SBV)



Invoicing Impairments - Why Templates Are Ideal For A Quick & Easy Solution

Nothing about the venture capital industry is easy. Between the long hours, the pervasive risks, and the feeling of not knowing whether a certain venture will yield a return, life as the head of a VC firm is often a combination of calculations and stress. At times when I’m overloaded, I find it helpful to pause and reflect on the reasons that I chose to become an investor – and to think critically about the common principles behind every one of my ventures. 

I encourage all aspiring investors to do the same. Without having a clearly defined set of principles, it’s easy to get lost as a venture capitalist. When you’re approached with hundreds of potential investments each year, how do you decide which to fund and which to discard? How do you know whether a venture will fit well within your portfolio or act as a headache-inducing outlier? Sure, statistics, data charts, and graphs answer a great many of these sorts of questions, but there’s no substitute for a concise set of values when faced with these decisions. 

Here is the essence of the investment philosophy that underlines the success I’ve had as founder and CEO of Spectrum Business Ventures

I always invest in people. 

I pursue investment opportunities that enrich consumers’ lives and change the world for the better. Before engaging in a venture, I find it helpful to think about the fundamentals: What do people really need or want in life? And how does the product or firm in question help them attain it? 

Through this strategy, I’ve financed ventures that develop groundbreaking cancer treatments and revolutionize sinus-care procedures. I’ve even helped companies that launch satellites into orbit and contribute to NASA missions. 

I invested in critical warehouse space in the vicinity of major airports to facilitate same-day online purchases deliveries. And I’ve always sought to create unparalleled entertainment experiences, which I believe is just as essential to the human condition. I have introduced innovative models to retail and hospitality, investing in cutting-edge restaurants like Tocaya, Bounce, and Catch LA that diverge from conventional restaurant wisdom in favor of pioneering new experiences.  

But when I say I invest in people, I don’t just invest in the consumer – I also seek to invest in the people developing the product. In examining investment opportunities, I never consider failure a disqualifier – instead, I see it as a prerequisite. While I engage innovators with proven track records of success, I believe that true innovation is a process and that the best strategic partners are those who have experienced—and learned from—past failures. 

I invest in the products, services, and opportunities that change the course of consumption. 

I’ve always been an avid observer of business trends, and I closely watch the behavior of Gen Z and Millennials as indicators for future markets. I use their preferences to craft long-term investment strategies that pursue the products and experiences that will dominate the market in the coming decades. 

This principle has played a significant role in many of my investments. Tocaya is perhaps one of the best examples of this. Serving fast-casual food with a plethora of vegan and low-calorie options, Tocaya plays directly into the preferences of the health-conscious younger generations.  

This strategy also spurred my investments in esports. After watching my teenage sons become fascinated with online gaming, I began to wonder whether there’d be a viable market for this new fixation. After doing some research, I invested in an esports franchise and eventually helped build out the esports market as a whole. When I first invested in esports, this nascent industry was often ridiculed by pundits. Now, esports has its own section on ESPN’s website.

I’m focused on the consumer of the future – and I’m often willing to accept short-run losses to seize a foothold in the industries that will define the economy of the 2030s, 2040s, and 2050s. 

I take risks in pursuit of bold ideas 

My firm, Spectrum Business Ventures, stands by its long-standing motto, “We see the world differently”. When evaluating investment opportunities, I encourage my team to look past conventional wisdom. Some of my most successful investments have come from this approach.  

One key way to do this is to look for the peripheral investment opportunities that a major new industry may create. Take gift certificates, for example, which created a boom as they transitioned from paper to plastic. Rather than invest in the gift card industry itself, I invested in a company that provided myriad services to the businesses that wished to issue gift cards. I found a market ripe for innovation and financial-return within a wider market. 

My decision to purchase warehouse space follows similar logic. Online shopping now reigns supreme, but rather than found my own online venue and try to compete with the likes of Amazon, I decided to look to the periphery. No online supplier like Amazon (and especially smaller players) could get by without warehouse space, allowing my firm to take advantage of a market within a market. 

My investment philosophies are by no means universal. These principles have guided me through nearly two decades in the venture capital industry and into many of my most profitable investments, but the whole point of having an investment philosophy is to have guidelines that work for you. 

I encourage aspiring investors to reflect on the principles they hope that their portfolio will mirror. To do this, you’ll need to consider a few questions: 

In what kind of industries do you wish to invest? What products or services do you think people need? How do you wish to seek out new opportunities? How do you hope to choose between those opportunities once you find them? 

Formulating answers to these questions is integral to one’s development as a venture capitalist. 

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How is Projection Mapping important for Corporate Events in Dallas?



How is Projection Mapping important for Corporate Events in Dallas?

Your next big corporate event will look incomplete with only streamers and standees. How about you turn the walls into a live canvas?

Thanks to technology, this is very much possible. Projection mapping is the up and coming wave that is revolutionizing the way people arrange events. The technology uses projected images and videos to turn any surface into dynamic art.

Projection mapping is set to change the nature of corporate events. Seventy-four percent of Americans prefer to pay for experiences over products. These projections immerse the audience and grasp their attention. Dallas-Fort Worth and its vicinity are some of the most happening places in the United States. If your business is situated in this region, you have so many tricks up your sleeves for your next event.

Projection mapping vs. regular projectors

We have seen projectors in offices and cinemas. They shoot a beam of light to a surface and magnify media. These projections are defined by size and area on which the light falls. In our brain, there is a set area dedicated to these projections. Otherwise, the setup will not work.

Projection mapping takes this to the next step. By using more than one projector, the surface area of display becomes limitless. So, if the photo of the forest looks cut-out on a projector, projection mapping can create a panoramic view of the woods in the entire room. It is gorgeous and remarkable.

Works on any surface

The beautiful thing about projection mapping is that it does not require a flat surface. Unlike a projector that needs a flat wall or ceiling, projected images and videos glide smoothly over any surface.

How is Projection Mapping important for Corporate Events in Dallas?

How is Projection Mapping important for Corporate Events in Dallas?                                                                              Photo: source

You can focus on the content for projection, rather than cutting out specific spaces. It can turn your venue into a live arena. Be it the Statue of Liberty or the tower of Pisa; projection mapping can cover anything.

Looks impressive without 3D glasses

Projection mapping is more than a mere display of media on a surface. You can project 3D videos and images with this technology, and the audience does not need to wear 3D glasses! Think beyond PowerPoint decks; you can animate your branding and make it look 3D.

You can set a precedent of Projection mapping in Dallas events before anyone else uses the idea. For inspiration, you can see how NBA utilized projection mapping to make the court ‘collapse’. It is as close to reality as it can be, without wearing 3D aid.

 Easy in logistics

LED panels to look nice, but they are huge and hard to transport. Event organizers know how tough it is to bear responsibility for these bad boys. If you have to put up an event in a short time, the job only gets harder.

Then there are plug and play issues. If the setup is not sitting well at one location, it has to be moved to another location until the installation makes sense. Sometimes this leads to an additional cost.

With projection mapping, you have to map out the entire space and decide what plays where. If you have to change the display, change the direction of your projector, and the job is done.

Highlights your content

Your corporate event will shine brighter if your content is top-notch. Consider the size and quality of images you want to project when mapping. A professional can guide you better because you need some practical experience before pulling off this technology at an event.

The look, feel, and tone of your event will guide the projection mapping strategy. A professional will advise you whether you need video mapping or pixel mapping. It is better to gain experience under these pros about cost estimates, area planning, and stage requirements.

Makes a great first impression

‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever.’ There is a part of us humans that get ensnared by beauty. You have the best chance to mesmerize your attendees by creating a live art display.

Industry tycoons have seen it all when it comes to LED and other displays. Projection mapping is a new entrant in this field, and you have the chance to introduce that WOW factor to them.

Just like a great party host gets a flurry of compliments, your business will receive praise and some new leads as well. The more creative you go with your projections, the better it will look in a space.

Last word

There is inspiration available on YouTube and elsewhere on the internet to map your next event. Think of engaging items like puzzles or logo animations that attract attention. Pretty much anything can be projected, so it is your call to make it look pleasing to the eye.

You will see amazing results if you work closely with professionals and technicians on a great brief. Talk to the organizer about your exact requirements and discuss everything in detail. Some people also perform a few rehearsals to make sure everything works at the right time. Keep experimenting and learning!

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Things to keep in Mind while Hiring a Customs Brokerage



Things to keep in mind while hiring a customs brokerage

A customer broker works on the behalf of the importers and exporters and helps them with dealing with the logistics and legalities which are involved with the process of exporting and importing goods. Importing from across the border seems like a lucrative option if you can purchase some goods at a cheaper price which are not available within your country. This is why people who are in the business of imports and exports wonder about having their products cleared at the border and who would be in charge of the customs formalities at every international border that your products cross.

A customs brokerage firm can help you to get rid of the stress involved and have the peace of mind that you always wanted. However, there are several things to keep in mind while hiring a customs brokerage firm to take care of your products.

  1. Look for experience

Just because someone has the license, does not mean he is an expert in properly dealing with your goods. The sad reality is that not all brokers are experienced enough with providing the necessary skills to provide their service to certain industries while simultaneously dealing with those countries which have a hostile attitude towards yours. Experienced brokers are generally prepared to face these situations and can save you both time and money which you could have lost if you went to a novice.

  1. Research on your own

Although word of mouth is useful when you are looking for someone to deal with your goods but it will be foolish on your part to solely rely on the recommendations you hear from others. Often the reality of the matter is entirely different from what you hear and it will cost you heavy if something happens to your goods while they are on the transit.

The smart thing would be to shop around for names and create a list based on your preference for the list of competitive firms that you would like to consider. You can then visit these brokers and rank them accordingly so that you have a clear idea of what to expect when you would hand them over your goods.

  1. Only look for licensed brokers

While looking for brokers, the first thing that you should do is to look for the license. Although it seems like common sense many people overlook it for having their goods delivered cheaply and then pay the price when something goes wrong.

Unfortunately, they cannot do something about it as the law would not have the jurisdiction to punish such brokers hence you will likely be the only one who will suffer. By producing a license you can trust the custom broker as he will be a professional and you can sue for damages if anything happens to your goods.

  1. Find a broker who has an efficient team

One of the reasons that clients do not trust some of the big firms is because they also offer other services that make the clients question the priorities of the firms. Many reputable companies who offer such services have proved that they can grow in the industry and create a wider range of services for their clients.

As you can never be sure and it is best to practice caution, you should choose the firm that has a dedicated and efficient team with the expertise that you can trust.

  1. Choose one that compliments your business

One of the options you can utilize is choosing a brokerage firm that offers the services which cater to the needs of your business. Large companies usually approach firms that offer a variety of services that can provide efficient services and are in line with the needs of the company.

Small and medium scale businesses can look to brokers of the same scale as they do not need a variety of services and will look for specialized brokers who can complete their job at a fast rate which is exactly what your business requires.

  1. Ask relevant questions

You do not need to shy away from asking questions about stuff that you are not aware of. A customs broker who is sincere about working with you will always be open when discussing the details with you and will respond to your queries. It is important to take a step back when deciding which broker to choose and get in touch with every broker within your shortlist and ask relevant questions regarding customs clearance which will help in your decision making.

To conclude, the first thing you should understand about custom brokers is that they are professionals who are there to help you with importing and exporting goods as they are familiar with the different rules and regulations. You should always go for a broker that is in line with the needs of your business and is in the trade for some time so that he knows how best to handle a situation when it looks tough to deal with.

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How will Artificial Intelligence Impact the Future of B2B Market Business?



Artificial Intelligence

In the last few years, Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising the aspect of human lives and has become a significant aspect of human lives. AI is delivering, cutting down costs and enhancing several businesses using AI tools. In today’ s techno world, there is no doubt artificial intelligence is not going to slow down in the near future. 

AI can be used to great benefit for B2B Business, empowering industries to reduce costs. By automating processes and generating revenue and enhancing the customer experience, It also leads to economic growth by encouraging new markets and by improving existing markets with the help of Artificial intelligence solutions.

According to a survey conducted by Brightedge, 25.69% of respondents believed that after consumer personalisation, AI would impact businesses in a huge way. It doesn’t come as a surprise, since from home appliances to children’s toys, AI has already successfully made its way in our day to day lives.

Major Sector of Artificial Intelligence

Here are significant sectors where Business Intelligence impacts Business Industries. With the help of BI solutions, developers deliver a wide range of information to authorized users to managed data with future intelligence services. Let’s have a quick glimpse of these sectors.

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Finance
  3. Health care 
  4. Telecommunication
  5. Transportation
  6. Media and Journalism 
  7. Education 

Uppermost Trends: How Artificial Intelligence Impacted the Business World

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the business in enormous ways, be it managing their data, or reducing their turnaround time. Certain functions are likely to enhance the overall objective of the organisation. 

The B2B market is significantly impacted by artificial intelligence. Leading companies actively notice these businesses as artificial intelligence is crafting a smarter campaign. As long as the technology expands, numerous digital processes are leveraging the power of AI.

  • Better Handling of Data

The B2B industry has grown tremendously, which results in the scale of operation is massive and complex. For optimum utilisation of resources, companies are using traditional methods, which are not that quick. Using artificial intelligence in the business outputs, somewhere helps the business to move a little bit stronger and more compatible using the latest AI technology.


  • A Return on Investment

If we are talking about the business, they have already started expanding the AI automate that enhances their regular daily processes. Using Artificial Intelligence business is effectively optimising the advancement process that delivers high-level quality which results in overall business improvements. AI developers are providing the best AI solutions for commercial, which are aggressively used by the significant business.


  •  Boost E-commerce Accuracy

Artificial Intelligence is widening the limits in technology and knowledge. Through changing their lifestyle, most of the leading companies use an innovative approach to improve their user experience. Companies may gather accurate information in a more organised way with the aid of artificial intelligence algorithms. Through improving technological progress, Artificial Intelligence is widening its innovation and information boundaries. Many significant businesses use an innovative approach to enhance their user experience by enhancing their consumer lifestyle and overall skills.


  • Tracking the Versatility

One of the essential hoops for B2B marketers is building successful strategies that can help users in analysing, gathering and other collects the customer data. These accuracy and precision are providing users with precise detail. This AI simplifies the analysis process and also helps users to update the real data in real-time. AI is useful for business to track the record and maintain transparency in business. These changes are impacting significant areas as AI takes dynamic statistics, which improves score and personalisation.


  • Improves Marketing Channels

AI is somewhere the best choice for business as it becomes the choice for marketing channels. Now with the help of AI tools, companies can choose the best marketing channel for their respective industry. AI keeps a track on the past performance and also gathers information from multiple data sources. This is the best way to reach out to detailed information.

The artificial intelligence (AI) industry is growing at a rapid pace, with an expected value approaching $60 billion in 2025. Additionally, Gartner predicts that AI will be in almost every software product by 2020. 

Major Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in B2B

  • Predict Potential Customer
  • Identify particular Trends and Customer
  • Improve Lead Generation
  • Smart Decision Making 
  • Increased Efficiency

Final Thoughts

AI has changed in nearly every area of business; these businesses are impacting the future of the industry. Many leading companies and their marketing leaders have conducted AI experiments and are already witnessing ground-breaking results. In B2B sales and marketing, artificial intelligence changed the whole perspective, how people interact with products, data and services.

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How to React When Your Star Employees Resign




“I Quit” two simple words can make a big change in the lives of many people. Talking about the professional world, these words can create a drastic effect on the company, and when it is coming from someone people look at as their mentor or are the star performers on which company relays for its most of the work, it’s jaw-dropping news that’s hard for your employees to digest.

It is very obvious that when it’s your top employees resigning, the news will be spread among the employees like fire, everyone’s eyes on how would you react to this resignation and what would be the final outcome.

In order to keep everything at the normal pace and to see if none of your other employees gets affected by this news, it’s important you keep a check on your response towards the situation and handle it with care. 

Confused how? Read further to get into details…

  • Don’t burst-out, allow them to talk freely

Resignation from a very loyal and talented employee might give you a shock of life, but don’t be very quick to show your reaction as this might create a negative impact on your employee’s mind. Take your time to process and digest your employee’s decision to leave.

Ask them why they think they can’t continue to work with them more, listen to the reasons they give and try to understand their concerns. This could help you know where you lacked or what kind of issue be the cause of the loss of a loyal employee. 

  •  Take his feedback with a negotiation technique

Once you are done with the listening part, try to negotiate by understanding their concerns and changing the terms of the agreement.

Most of the employers try to negotiate on the salary part to get ready to continue with the firm.

But be very careful with whom you try the negotiation approach, as many employees use this as a strategy to increase their salary. Think if his reason is valid, and you really can do anything about it to retain your other employees. Finally, if you both can not get on the same page to agree on the negotiation, try to end the conversation by accepting his/her decision.

Ask them for feedback, what they think should be improved as they have had a very good time working with the company. Discuss the pain points that the employees feel and try to figure out how to overcome them.

  • Be positive in your actions

You are the leader of your organization, the way you take the negatives of the company will decide how your employees will look at the situation.

There would be a great effect on the team working with the person who is leaving the company, so if you want them not to think negatively about you or the decision, try to be positive when you communicate this news in your office.

Show them that you respect the decision and acknowledge the loss that the company has in terms of a person and his talent, appreciate him for his efforts and the years he has given for the company growth and bade a happy goodbye.

Make sure you pass a consistent message among your employees to keep the trust intact.

  • Let the transition process flow naturally

Your employee is working with your organization and the team from a very long time, there might be many dependencies on him in terms of work and responsibilities. 

Don’t overburden them in their last two weeks, make the transition process smooth and let him/her make a flow where the team and the work don’t suffer in his absence. Make the relieving documents ready before his final day at the office. Plan a celebratory farewell to make the departure a happy ending instead of an emotional, unrecognized leave.

  • Reevaluate your employee management tactics 

You have just lost a very valuable asset to your organization. Take this as a lesson, in order to make sure that the rate of this loss doesn’t increase in number, start thinking about the reasons mentioned by your employee for his decision.

Think about what can you change in your existing policies to keep your employees happy. Start focusing on employee merriment by implementing some corporate team building activities. Have a one-to-one conversation with your employees if possible once a month to know what and how they feel about their work and their workplace. This could surely help you for retaining your employees before they get burned-out to leave.

Summing Up

Changes are part of nature, but how you react to this change will increase or decrease the value of it. A resignation by your most talented employee will affect the work process of your company but if you see it just as a small bump in the road, it will not stop you from progressing. 

So always be calm and poised to face such a situation, yes the process is daunting but your reaction decides how respectfully you handle it without disturbing your company environment.

About the author: 

James Vargas is an experienced business expert, consultant, and manager at Get Everything Delivered, business consulting services. With the 1.5-decade corporate experience, he is now sharing his guidance to start-ups to grow with corporate team building activities and project delivery solutions.

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3 Benefits Of Digital Marketing Services To A Small Business



digital marketing services

You will probably agree that innovation is advancing daily. Therefore, the marketplace has come to be much more electronic than ever. With that claimed, the significance of digital marketing is raising. See, it is not a surprise to have millions otherwise thousands of consumers searching online for items they need.

Now that a great deal of consumers are acquiring products online, you will certainly require to reach out to them. The most effective means to attach your items to those investigating online is through electronic marketing. It has to do with time you make use of digital marketing in Sri Lanka to draw in or even reach prospective customers. Right here are the benefits you will certainly delight in.


Digital Marketing is the most cost-efficient approach

One of the most effective and most cost-efficient methods to market a business is electronic marketing. Standard marketing methods could be challenging for small businesses that operate a limited spending plan. Just large organisations can take care of to fund conventional approaches such as the use of ad room. Thus, you can skyrocket the direct exposure of your products through digital marketing services dealing with a cost-effective strategy. It is such an economical approach yet effective.

With digital marketing, you can target an ideal audience

It is not always easy to target a perfect audience when making use of billboards and publications to market your organisation. However, with Digital Marketing, you can reach your target audience quickly. This is attained with specific metrics that help in establishing your excellent target as well as even go the extra mile to reveal a similar audience. This way, you can reach as lots of people all over the world as possible.

Therefore digital marketing is a fail-safe tool in producing recognition of your product or services. If you utilize this method, you can attain a great deal of working on your budget plan and offered sources. So, for you to improve on targeting the best target market, make use of digital marketing

digital marketing services


This is the most quantifiable type of marketing

You would most likely more than happy if you understand your marketing tactic is working. And also for you to learn more about if your strategy is working is determining its success gradually. See, it can be a difficult task to track the success rate of a signboard ad, radio advert, and even a publication advertisement. Nonetheless, it is simple to gauge the success of digital marketing.

Therefore, you can identify which digital marketing strategy is generating outcomes and the one that is not functioning. If you obtain such details, you can concentrate on the tactic that is taking your business to greater elevations. You can even utilize the approach that you locate reliable in your future marketing campaigns. Without doubt, you really require making a significant financial investment in digital marketing.

Bottom line

In this age of the net, you ought to not struggle in your marketing projects. You only need one official and efficient marketing tactic. Digital marketing is all that you require. This is because it is cost-effective, you can target the excellent target market, as well as it is highly measurable. You can track its success. So, if you would certainly intend to sell greater than you typically do, take into consideration purchasing digital marketing.

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