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Last year 19,000 children recorded as sexual exploitation victims in the grooming crisis of the United Kingdom



Last year 19,000 children recorded as sexual exploitation victims in the grooming crisis of the United Kingdom
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  • According to official figures, at least 19,000 children have been sexually treated in England last year.
  • The data released by the Education Department triggered a’ epidemic’ alert. It is likely that campaigners who accuse the government of not tackling child sexual exploitation will be far more likely given the promises they have made after high profile cases.

MSN reports: More than 18 700 underage children were identified in 2018-19 by local authorities, up from 3 3,300 five years previously. MSN reports:

The figures show that caremakers “hold one of the largest types of child abuse in the world” Sarah Champion, the Labor MP for Rotherham, said.

“Too often, the government has indicated that it will’ learn lessons’ but 19,000 children are still at risk of sexual harvest,” the Independent said.

“The government has not tackled this issue in particular. Sajid Javid vowed to study the features of grooming gangs in 2018, noting that high-profile incidents involved’ a high proportion of Pakistani men’ and that’ cultural reasons’ would be at stake.

The Independent reports that the internal review of police and other organisations data has begun by the Home Office and will guide policy formulation and prevention strategies.

The conclusions, however, can not be released, and the Queen’s Speech, which laid down the legislative agenda of Boris Johnson, did not include a mention of public review.

The Department of Child Education Statistics for Social Welfare indicates that, from 2013, the first time treatment was reported as an evaluation factor, a number of known cases increased dramatically to a total of 20,000 in 2017-18.

Several gang investigations and prosecutions are in progress throughout the world, including in Huddersfield, where several offenders have been arrested in a series of connected trials.

The National Crime Agency has reported more than 190 offenders in Rotherham, where revelations of the violence of an estimated 1,500 people sparked a national scandal in 2012.

Sammy Woodhouse, a survivor of Rotherham who helped expose the case, has said that she still receives stories of ongoing abuse in parts of the country.

“You hear this string of bulls***,’ learned lessons,’ but they have learned nothing,” she told The Independent.

“I also hear a lot of things the authorities don’t do as they should. I often do not hear anything positive, and for all the reasons–if police are not going to report, people think that they are not adequately heard or helped or that information is not shared. “Ms Woodhouse, who was raped by rapist Arshid Hussain at age fourteen, said she was not surprised at the amount of child sexual exploitation currently reported by local councils.

“I think the most scary thing is that all the people they don’t care about happen to,” she said. “The rest won’t report and they’re going under the radar.

“I said for years that when it comes to abuse and exploitation, this country is in epidemic. Officials say that it’s regulated, but not.

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