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Trump is ‘ Like Hitler and Mexicans are new Jews ‘ Linda Ronstadt:



Trump is ' Like Hitler and Mexicans are new Jews ' Linda Ronstadt:
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Linda Ronstadt’s music icon criticized President Trump Monday, comparing him with Adolf Hitler in a shocking interview with Anderson Cooper of CNN and claiming that the Mexicans were the “new Jews.”

During his interview, the Trump-hated Grammy-winner said that just before Nazism took hold there were “big comparisons” between the U.S. and Germany.

“Once Hitler got to power, several opportunities were there to stop him and they didn’t talk about it,” warned Ms. Ronstadt.

“And the industrial complex felt that once they had him in office, they could control him so, of course, he could not manage. And as he was founded he established his own supporters, and, as you know, he stacked courts and did what he had to do to reinforce his control. “ reports: Mr. Cooper opposed people being” surprised “to listen to such an intense contrast.

“You won’t be surprised if you read the story,” Ms. Ranstadt responded. “It’s the same, exactly. Find a common enemy to hate everybody. I was positive that the day that he revealed Trump would be elected, and I said it would be the way Hitler would be and the Mexicans were the new Jews. Mother Ronstadt, who retired in 2011 after having been diagnosed with supranuclear paralysis, a rare brain disease, said also how her incapacity to sing affected her relationship to more conservative members of the family.

“It’s a burden on my families because some of my relatives in Tucson are Republicans and we’re singing together instead of worrying about that. We would have a great time, “Yahoo reported, she said. “Now I have to be vigilant, as this administration has taken so much away of us, I’m not going to let him take away my family relationships. My dad, the Republican sections were quite moral Republicans. In our present White House, we don’t have that.

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