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How the AI can improve its e-Commerce on Magento



AI can improve its e-Commerce on Magento
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The AI ​​can improve e-Commerce on Magento and now this concept is very clear to all those who work in the online commerce sector. First of all, we must start with the concept that artificial intelligence will increasingly become a real turning point for the Magento platform over time. For this reason, therefore, it can be deduced that in the future the Artificial Intelligence will have a great influence on the evolution of e-commerce.

All this will, in fact, be the result of a natural process of evolution that will lead the AI ​​to enter more and more into our daily life. In fact, its entry has already done so and among the practical examples there are also the first devices that are present in our homes as virtual assistants: Google, Amazon Alexa and Siri of smartphones up to Smart Home and Smart Cars devices.

Magento e-Commerce: why it is important

The AI proves to be of great help for e-Commerce companies, above all to understand the behavioral models of end-users. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, in fact, it is possible to analyze the available data completely through the appropriate software. For this reason, therefore, it can be argued that the IA is able to provide significant solutions to reach users’ goals without human intervention.

In addition, Magento also plays a very important role in the evolution of the eCommerce industry thanks to AI. In fact, thanks to the presence of some Artificial Intelligence tools – the most used are Alexa, Cortana, and Watson – a great opportunity is beginning to open up that will revolutionize the world of e-Commerce stores.

The data is clear. Today 19% of 1 million e-commerce stores, which support Alexa, are made on Magento. With similar results, Magento proves to be fundamental for all developers who want to create online purchasing solutions through Artificial Intelligence. In fact, Magento users already have at their disposal a series of tools and extensions based on AI, capable of making the shopping experience more personal and even more advanced for users.

Magento e-Commerce with AI: what changes?

When we talk about the way in which AI is transforming e-commerce into Magento, we cannot fail to refer to the consumer’s experience. The first aspect to be emphasized is that concerning assistance during a purchase, able to send the right messages to the right users at the right time. In fact, it can be argued that it would be almost impossible for a human being to be able to manage many customers at the same time and give advice to them knowing their purchasing preferences as well.

All this, therefore, represents a great step forward made by technology. Artificial intelligence programs with machine learning and cognitive calculation are based on self-learning algorithms for the deconstruction of Big Data from millions of customers and the creation of targeted user experiences. For this reason, the results achieved are excellent.

Magento e-Commerce: how the product search changes?

The functionality linked to the search for a product is among the most important features of an e-commerce store. When a customer lands on a specific eCommerce website, he must be able to move easily and quickly through the online store to look for a specific product. In this regard, in fact, Magento offers a series of research extensions with excellent performance, but the effectiveness of research based on AI is practically unbeatable.

Researches carried out with AI is able to immediately identify the research context without. This feature uses the NLP (Natural Language Process) feature to calculate words and generate more relevant search results.

Magento e-Commerce: the anti-fraud system

Over the years, eCommerce has helped create a revolutionary development in the retail industry. Despite all the technological innovations that have followed, the new lines of business lead companies to consider new risk factors, such as fraud that can occur through remote channels, desktop, mobile, etc.

Today, therefore, it is even more difficult to prevent this type of fraud than that which occurs in person. For this reason, industry experts work continuously to improve safety standards. Only Artificial Intelligence can be able to better face these problems that in classic situations instead require a great expenditure of time and money.

Magento e-Commerce: how customer service changes?

Thanks to the ability linked to automatic learning, the bots equipped with IA allow eCommerce to offer a 24-hour customer support service. This way you get a very cheap customer service that can solve problems more quickly than the human brain.

Considering all these advantages, then we understand why all the giants of e-commerce such as eBay, Amazon or Alibaba have resorted to Artificial Intelligence. Experts believe this is the right time to start adopting AI technology to their eCommerce business. This ensures that you are always ahead of the competition. Over the last few years, the investments of startups that deal with AI have increased a lot. Get in touch with us today to request a free quote on our artificial intelligence services for your e-commerce.

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