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Pathologist Says Epstein Autopsy Pictures on ‘ 60 Minutes ‘ Which Suggest Murder



Pathologist Says Epstein Autopsy Pictures on ' 60 Minutes ' Which Suggest Murder
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Recent autopsy photos by CBS News “60 Minutes” of Jeffrey Epstein on Sunday reveal that the dead billionaire, according to a pathologist retained by Epstein’s relatives, was likely murdered.

The pathologist Michael Baden who was hired by the family of Epstein to investigate death of a child sex trafficker gave multiple photographs to “60 minutes.” Baden indicated that despite the official opinion of the medical examiner that he suffered from a suicide, Epstein could have been killed.

CBS News’ “60 Minutes” aired photos of Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy Sunday. reports: Epstein’s photos on the metal frame following his death, ligature close-ups around his neck and pictures inside the prison cell where the apparent suicide happened.

CBS News’ “60 Minutes” aired photographs of Sunday autopsy of Jeffrey Epstein.

The ligation markings do not suit the nooses in the prison cell, said Baden when interviewing Sharyn Alfonsi on the Sunday episode. He did not say that Epstein’s death was not suicide, adding that he had more research to do.

“There is a lot more to be discovered in forensic evidence, like analysis, than in the murder… the suicide hanging,” said Baden.

WATCH (WARNING GRAPHIC): d] Baden rejected the idea of simply acknowledging evidence of Epstein’s death because he was added to the company. The pathologist found out that Epstein’s death may have not been a suicide because of the “unusual breakage” that he saw in the neck of the two financiers.


“I never saw three such fractures in a suicide hanging,” says Baden.

The office of the medical examiners in New York City has disputed Baden’s theory, reported “60 minutes.” The office said that it “strongly” stands behind suicide finding, noting that the fractures can be found in suicides as well as in homicides.

A handwritten note, allegedly from Epstein, recovered in the prison cell where he died, was published also by “60 Minutes.” The notice says, “One guard held me for one hour in a closed shower stand. Noel, the officer, gave me food that was burned. Giant bugs are running around my side. No game!! No pleasure!!”Epstein was arrested in July for child sex trafficking and waited for trial when he died of a seeming suicide in Manhattan prison. Many have speculated that death was not a suicide and studies are reportedly underway on those close to Epstein.

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