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Pelosi introduces a War Powers Bill on the Military Power of Trump in Iran



Pelosi introduces a War Powers Bill on the Military Power of Trump in Iran
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will table a war power bill this week to restrict the military actions of President Trump in Iran.

In a letter sent on Sunday night to “Dear Democrat Co-worker,” Pelosi stated that the decision would set Trump a thirty-day deadline to stop hostilities unless express Congress authorities. reports: Pelosi said that she was acting because Trump ordered last Friday without consultation with the Congress the targeted killing of Iran chief Quds Force Major General Qassen Soleimani. Dear Democratic Colleague, last week, the Trump administration launched a provocative and disproportionate military air attack against high-ranking Iranian military officials. Pelosi called the assassination of the architect of an Iranian proxy war on Americaans who killed more than 600 U.S. soldier “provocative and disproportionate” This action threatened our servicemen, diplomats and others with the risk of serious tensions with Iran.

As Congressmen, our primary responsibility is to keep the Americans safe. We are therefore concerned that this action is taken by the Administration without consulting the Congress or respecting the war powers of congress imposed on it by the Constitution.

Pelosi introduces a War Powers Bill on the Military Power of Trump in Iran

This week, the House will introduce and vote a resolution by War Powers to restrict the military actions of the President in support of Iran. This bill is identical to Senator Tim Kaine’s resolution in the Senate. This affirms the long established supervisory role of Congress by mandating that, if no further acts of the Congress are taken, within 30 days the military activities of the Administration against Iran cease.

Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin will head the House Resolution. Slotkin, a former CIA and intelligence analyst specializing in Shiite militias, is a congresswoman. She has been on several tours in both Democratic and Republican administrations in the region.

I admire the solemnity with which all our Members work to uphold our duty to protect the lives and ideals of the Americans.

Thank you in this difficult time for your patriotic leadership.

The resolution of Pelosi is likely to be identical to one that Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) introduced in the Senate on Friday.

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