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United Kingdom’s Nuclear Submarine in a position to attack Iran if tensions give way to war



United Kingdom's Nuclear Submarine in a position to attack Iran if tensions give way to war
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A nuclear submarine with Tomahawk cruise missiles is already in a position to reach Iran if Washington-Tehran tensions give way to full-scale warfare.

Armed forces officers work to ensure that Britain if needed, is ready to back America militarily because of concerns of a war between Iran and the US.

The Sun newspaper claims that a Royal Navy nuclear submarine, armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles, is in striking Iranian position.

The Sun cites its sources of intelligence as saying that the highest ranks of the British military want to help the United States military if the Americans decide to attack Iran.

“Should things disintegrate easily, the United Kingdom will always stand side by side with the US. The hunter-killer submarines are the most advanced in the Royal Navy. The Sun cited one of its security outlets as a deadly weapon and there is one well within Iran.

According to the same source, the submarine crew only need to maneuver into a “firing pocket” in order to unleash their 1000-lb high explosive missiles with a range of 1,550 miles.

In addition, The Sun states that Special Air Service (SAS) agents and the Special Boat Service (SBS)–two key elements of the UK Special Forces Group–have been sent to Iraq to support’ rescue missions.’

The revelation of the dispatch of SAS and SBS operatives to Iraq conflicts with previous media reports on the withdrawal of British and American forces.

The Sun newspaper is still regarded as authoritative on defense issues based on its usually strong sources, lacking impeccable tabloid credentials.

The readiness of the UK for potential military action against Iran contrasts with Raab’s argument that the UK is seeking to “de-escalate” in the growing crisis.

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