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Iran Video Release Showing US President Trump’s Assassination



Iran Video Release Showing US President Trump's Assassination
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On Monday, Iran’s half-official state news outlet released a video that depicted US President Donalt Trump’s dramatic “assassination,” threatening “Hey, US, if you start war, we’ll end war.” Fars News ‘ video shows a young person who loads an assaulted rifle and shoots at the Trump, the shot in his speech announcing the assassination of Iran’s Quds Force leader.

The “assassin” watches over Soleimani and then fires a fire, causing him to be struck by Trump’s security guards. The assassin then fires again and Trump falls on the ground several times.

A title reads: “In the name of God, the beneficial, the merciful,” which makes the clip seem to be a prayer for the assassination of Trump.

Soleimani, an organizer of Iran’s international terror operations abroad, was killed on a convoy near Baghdad International Airport in a US air strike last week. The Tehran government promised revenge.

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