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January Senate Time to hand over prosecution records or face dismissal Pelosi



January Senate Time to hand over prosecution records or face dismissal Pelosi
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Senator Josh Hawley announced Friday that he would introduce a bill for rejecting their efforts to remove President Donald Trump if Democrats did not submit their bogus articles of dismissal to the US Senate.

Nancy Pelosi has indeed been notified.

Three days she had to answer, but she did nothing.

Senator Hawley, the former Missouri Attorney General, warned that if democrats do not act, President Trump will be cleared completely and his prosecution circus will be exposed as a complete disgrace.

It shows Dems ‘ show for what it is: a false indictment, a constitutional violation that is founded on no facts. If Dems will not go to trial, fake articles must be discarded and @realDonaldTrump completely cleared — reports on Josh Hawley (@HawleyMO) 2 January 2020: Monday Hawley made a promise and made a resolution to dismiss the’ false accusation’ against President Trump.

The resolution gives Speaker Pelosi 25 days to reply to the Charges or to the dismissal.

This means Pelosi has to send the papers before Sunday, 25 January.

Today, the Republican senators thanked Senator Hawley for supporting the action, thanks @SenRickscott,@SenatorBraun, @MarshaBlackburn, @SenTedCruz, @SteveDaines, @SenJohnBarrasso,@SenTomCotton, @SenJoniErnst, @JimInhofe, @sendavidperdue for joining Pelosi to hold accountable and protect the constitution and the end of the blockade–Josh Hawley(@HawleyMO) Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) has today tabled a bill changing the Rules of the Senate to require a motion to withdraw the articles of the prosecution for lack of prosecution. The original co-sponsors of the proposed Hawley Ruleare Senators Rick Scott (R-Fla.), Mike Braun (R-Ind.), Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), Ted Cruz(R-Texas), Steve Daines (R-Mont.), John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) and David Perdue (R-Ga.) and Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.)

Senator Hawley said, “Speaker Pelosi began this false investigation, alleging that President Trump is now an immediate ‘ political threat.’ But after a bipartisan vote against articles in the House and against the party games of the Democrats, Pelosi changed his story. Now she wants to prevent, maybe forever, a Senate jury. Nevertheless, the Constitution confers the sole authority on the Senate to file articles of indictment, not on the House. When Speaker Pelosi is fearful, the papers should be dismissed for failure to prosecute and Congress will return to the people. “Sen. Rick Scott, said:” Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer ridicule our government. Since he came down the escalator four years ago, Democrats wanted to prosecute Donald Trump. I hate Trump. We hate Trump. But Chairman Schiff did a great job showing the Americans that the President didn’t do anything wrong, and that it was just an effort to reverse the 2016 elections. If Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to submit articles to the Senate, we should discard the articles of the Senate’s prosecute and get back to work on all the things that aren’t done, such as securing the border, crossing No Budget, No Pay and cutting the costs of prescribed medicines. It’s up or shut down in the real world, so I’m introducing a mandate that forces Speaker Pelosi to issue articles of conviction within 25 days. Senator Blackburn said, “After three years of finding a reason to sue this president, Democrats in the House seem not to find time to ship over” If Pelosi feels his argument is not good enough to succeed within that timeline, Senate should be allowed to drop this lawsuit so we can get back to real problems such as reducing the price of prescription drugs and passing USMCA. The indictment should be reserved for high crimes and crimes–actions which require the immediate removal of the president when detected. If the House Democrats are so sure in their results, it should not be easy to send them back by 25 days. “Senator Cruz said,” The Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats have made mockery of our Constitution and exploited the judiciary for political gain since the start of the trial process. Now, the position of the Senate is compromised by trying to dictate the terms of the Senate’s court. Under our Constitution, the Senate has the sole power to try the prosecution. Senator Daines said, “It’s time to make up or shut up and stand up to Nancy Pelosi. Senator Daines said,’ This is the time to get back to Nancy Pelosi. House Democrats were obsessed with the prosecution of President Trump before he even took office. They first raced through a compromised phase and now have cold feet. Sufficient with the political games. Senator Barrasso said, “Democrats have been consumed with the impeachment of President Trump from day one.” It’s time to get back to work for Montana and the Americans. You know they have no credible case against the president. Speaker Pelosi is unable to determine how the Senate works. If she refused to send the Senate impeachment papers, the Senate may reject them. “Senator Cotton said,” The Democrats accept that they knocked in their party impeachment by failing to deliver the documents. Senator Ernst said, “Iowans are fed up with this policy exercise which makes us slow down from important things like the passing of the USMCA, a trade deal which will create more than 175,000 jobs throughout the country. Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats have since day one tried to prosecute President Trump, and now she is stalling. Why? Why? And she realizes that she made an error. Iowans aren’t going to put this up. Speaker Pelosi and her team must send us the articles to return to the business of the people. Senator Perdue said, “The Democrat impeachment process in the U.S. This resolution offers a very important time frame to allow us to do this.” House of Representatives was just a partisan show trial. Now President Pelosi and Leader Schumer are trying to play the same political matches in the United States. House. Senate. President Trump deserves his day before the Court, and the Senate is fully prepared for a fair trial. But if the House refuses to send the papers, the Senate should be able to reject them and find genuine alternatives to the American people. “Senator Inhofe said,” Republicans continue to show that the articles on the case relate exclusively to legislation. Apparently, President Trump has done nothing wrong–there has been no power misuse or legislative interference. But now President Pelosi and the top Democrats want to delay a complete, perhaps even indefinite, Senate court. I would like to clear the name of President Trump once and for all after this ludicrous and unnecessary trial process concludes and get back to working on matters of real concern to families in Oklahoma. “History The Senate has introduced a set of 26 rules governing all procedures, known as the’ Rules of Procedure and Practice in the Senate at trials.’ Historically, with the vote to prosecute, the House delivered articles of the Senate for action almost simultaneously. For example, the articles were sent to the Senate the same day they were accepted during the Clinton trial. Therefore, there is no procedure in the new Senate rules to resolve the unprecedented effort by Speaker Pelosi to postpone a jury by keeping the articles once the President has been charged.

The gambit of Speaker Pelosi raises serious constitutional questions. Section 3 of Article 1 grants the Senate sole authority to prosecute cases of impeachment. Furthermore, if the President fails to send its articles after the President is convicted, it may prohibit the Senate, possibly forever, from exercising its constitutional prerogative.

The Resolution of Senator Hawley will change the rules on impeachment of the Senate to keep the Constitution from being violated and secure the sole power of the Senate to bring the defendant to justice. The resolution would require the Senate to revoke any prosecutions articles that the House of Representatives postponed transmitting for 25 calendar days or more due to lack of prosecution. In compliance with the new rule, every Senator would be entitled to be refused after the time limit has expired. The entire Senate would vote on any motion to dismiss.

Title: Amending the Rules of Procedure and Practice in the Senate when sitting on trials of charges.

Resolved, Rule I of the Rules of Procedure and Practice in the Senate is amended to read as follows at court proceedings: “I. Whereas the Senate receives notice from the House of Representatives that managers are appointed to impeach any person by themselves and to transport articles of impeachment before the Senate, the Secretary of the Senate shall inform the House of Representatives immediately that the Senate is ready to receive m.

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