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Michael Moore sends a personal message to the leader of Iran: ‘ You have the right ‘ to commit ‘ Violence to the United States ‘



Michael Moore sends a personal message to the leader of Iran: ' You have the right ' to commit ' Violence to the United States '
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Grovelling left-wing traitor Michael Moore sent a personal message to the supreme Iranian leader, admitting that he sympathizes with the Islamic Republic, and seeking permission from the Ayatollah for him and “millions of Americans.”

Moore said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s highest leader, has the right to “respond to aggression” against the United States in a drone strike which killed Chief of Terror, General Qasem Soleimani, but did not ask the Iranian documentary filmmaker to take that route.

Last week at Baghdad International Airport in Iraq, Soleimani and at least three other militiamen were killed in an American drone strike. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, responded by pledging “hard retaliation,” raising fears about the two countries ‘ war.

Report from Breitbart: Moore told his audience and the Iranian people in an “Emergency Podcast” that he did not favor theocratic regimes but sympathized with Iran for the way the United States has treated them.

“I want you, the leadership of the Iranian country, to ask you not to respond to the United States with violence, as much as you have the right and as you like,” said Moore.

The 65-year-old filmmaker proceeded to advise the Iranian government not to take Trump’s hands aggressively, but to wait until Congress or the American people oust Trump by a trial or referendum.

“I urge you to do what Martin Luther King and Gandhi have said, and to respond with non-violence takes the most courage,” he said. “I ask you to leave it to me, and send me every ten months, and I and millions of Americans will remove Trump from the White House.” I just sent an appeal for the Iranian Ayatollah, not to react with violence of any kind, to our murder of the top general, but to encourage me and millions of Americans to resolve this peacefully.

Apple: https:/ / yQ7JTAHqw8 Spotify: https:/ / a9vUxmWc50— Michael Moore (@MMFlint) January 5,2020 Moore claims that he filmed the podcast episode and sent it to the Iranian leader in the direct social media.

“I have just sent the Iranian Ayatollah a personal appeal asking him not to respond with violence of any kind to our assassination of its top general, but rather to let me and millions of Americans peacefully fix that,” Moore wrote in Instagram.

“I have recorded a message on my show,’ RUMBLE,’ and DM has sent him that can be heard free on all podcast platforms such as Itunes or Spotify. We must avoid war, any war. Then. Now. Later he shared his post with his next Account, describing it as an “personal appeal” by him and the millions of Americans who are not trying to enter into confrontation with Iran.

“I just sent an appeal to the Iranian Ayatollah asking him not to reply with any violence to our assassination of his top General, but to allow me and millions of Americans to settle this peacefully,” Moore wrote.

Moore, who is a fierce supporter of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, appears to have rekindled trust in Trump’s retirement in November. Only last month he predicted that Trump was tobe re-elected for similar reasons as he predicted his 2016 win.

“The thing is, he will— if the vote were today, I think, he would win the election states he would need, because I’ll tell you, he’s not gone down an inch of his level of support, living out here,” he told Democracy Now during an interview.

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