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Pedophile Mom With Pipe With 9-Yr-old Girl with Cops Arrest HER



Pedophile Mom With Pipe With 9-Yr-old Girl with Cops Arrest HER
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Pennsylvania’s mother Shantika Briley was charged on Wednesday for reportedly pipeing a man after she caught her 9 year-old daughter sexually assaulting him.

The 35-year-old mom from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, said that she caught the 39-year-old, “Liken the lips of her daughter and try to kiss her.” Briley replied by grabbering a pipe and knocking the man until Briley hot ran out of the front door.

NYPost report: Police said Briley went ballistic and struck him in his face and head with a metal pipe. Briley disputed this claim, but the newspaper said it only used its fist to attack the man.

The victim, who was assaulted, left Briley’s house and went home — with Briley in close proceedings, said police.

Briley and the guy in his home were found by the responding police to bleed before they were taken to hospital for his injuries. The man lost sight on the way, said the police.

In connection with Briley’s allegations, charges were not filed against the man, but detectives investigate its allegations. Briley told the newspaper that the person who was not identified was expected to be prosecuted.

A message from the Bethlehem police for comment was not returned immediately early Monday.

Briley — accused of heavy attack, mere assault and harassment — was released after the $25,000 bond was placed in custody. The newspaper reported that she had yet to hire an attorney.

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