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Pompeo: Obama Made A ‘Mess’ In Iran – Trump Is ‘Cleaning It Up’



Pompeo: Obama Made A ‘Mess’ In Iran – Trump Is ‘Cleaning It Up’
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According to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Obama and his lawless government have been soft and created a’ dump,’ and President Trump cleans it.

On Sunday’s broadcast of “This week” by ABC, Pompeo stated that “the administration of Trump has all the authority to do what we have done to date. Partial transcript as follows: STEPHANOPOULOS: There is also the question whether any further action against Iran is necessary with congressional authorisation. There is also a question. That was discussed yesterday by former Vice-President Biden. Let’s listen. Let’s listen.

JOE BIDEN, FORMER VICE-PRESIDENT: I’ll make it clear that President Trump has no authority to bring us into a war with Iran, period. (BEGIN VIDEOCLIP). Further action against Iran requires the approval of the Congress.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Will the President come to Congress before taking further military action against Iran? (END VIDEOCLIP)

POMPEO: Man, it’s really a matter of hearing the Vice-President of the previous government condemn Iran’s stance. We have their mess to clean up, George. We shall do everything possible under the law to allow us to comply with all the corresponding constitutional provisions regarding our duties in the legislative branch.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Does this mean that you are looking for new permits or not?

POMPEO: We’ve got all the power to do what we’ve done so far. We shall continue to do things properly, legally and constitutionally. We were adamant about that, George. George. There is no reason to expect us to do anything else in the future.


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