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Schiff Demands Congressional Investigations in Trump’s Killing Soleimani



Schiff Demands Congressional Investigations in Trump's Killing Soleimani
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House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff called for congressional hearings on the successful assassination of President Qassem Soleimani of the Iranian terror by Trump.

The Democrats are unwilling to challenge any move of President Trump to the detriment of American stability.

“The president has put us on the road to war with Iran. This requires full involvement by Congress, “Schiff told the Washington Post. reports: Schiff was among the lawmakers told about the air strike killing top Iranian military officials.

Schiff echoed Speaker Pelosi and said there is “absolutely no way” for Trump to take “disproportionate” action against a possible Iranian assault.

President Trump announced Iran over the weekend and stated that there are 52 “hit targets” if Iran strikes any U.S. or U.S. targets.

Schiff also said that the intelligence which supported Soleimani’s argument that an immediate attack was planned was small.

“I am certainly not pleased that the intelligence endorses the presumption that Soleimani’s killing will either avoid or minimize American life’s risk,” Schiff told the Post.

“I don’t think it was intelligence of the kind that would lead to a standard suggestion that Soleimani be killed,” said Schiff. “I don’t think it was Adam Schiff’s job to take that decision; if he wants to call for strikes in Iraq, he should put his name on the ballot and run for president.

President Trump had full authority to order a drone strike killing Soleimani.

On “Meet the press,” Obama’s DHS Chief Jeh Johnson said Sunday: “If you believe all our Government says of General Soleimani, it was a legitimate military objective and the Chairperson had a wide domestic legal authority, under his constitutional authority as Chief Commander, to pick up him without additional authorization by Congress. It was a legitimate military goal whether he was a terrorist or a general in a military force engaged in armed attacks against our people.

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