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Trump Announces New Sanctions on Iran Unless the Nation’s Behavior Changes



US President Donald Trump(C) speaks about the situation with Iran in the Grand Foyer of the White House in Washington, DC, January 8, 2020. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP) (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)
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President Donald Trump said Wednesday that Iran seems to have been’ standing down,’ and that in Iran’s missile strike no Americans or Iraqis were injured at two U.S. military bases.

Speaking at the White House, Trump appeared determined to deescalate the crisis by not repressing the strikes militarily. Instead, he said the US would put in place new economic sanctions immediately “unless Iran changed its conduct” following America’s most brazen and direct assault since 1979, when the U.S. embassy was taken over in Tehran. The attack took place days after Trump authorized the targeted killing of Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the leader of Iran’s elite Quds Force. He added that Americans should be “very grateful and happy” with the result.

He reiterated his position that “Iran will never get a nuclear weapon” in order to re-emplace the nuclear deal in 2015, from which Trump retired in the U.S. He also announced that he would request that NATO “be much more involved in the Middle East process.”

Missile were launched from Iran on Tuesday hit the Ayn Al-Asad Air Base and other areas in and around Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard assumed responsibility for the attack and said it was a reprisal act of the death of Commander Quds Force Major General Qassem Soleiman who was murdered in a U.S. drone strike last week.

Trump wrote on Twitter following a missile strike, that on Tuesday evening an appraisal of casualties and damage was carried out but that it was “so far, so good!” He added that America had the “most powerful and well-equipped army of the world.” Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Javad Zarif said on Twitter that the missile strike was a proportionate measure of “self defense” under Art The article requires members to protect themselves if an armed attack takes place before appropriate steps are taken by the Security Council to preserve international peace and security.

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