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Israel has Not Been Included in Soleimani Murder & “Should not be Dragged into it” Netanyahu says



Benjamin Netanyahu
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Israeli P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly removed Israel from the assassination of Soleimani and warned his cabinet not to get too involved with the murder of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani in an effort to prevent Tel Aviv from becoming aroused by the worsening conflict between the U.S. President, Donald Trump’s firm ally.

“The assassination of Soleimani is not an Israeli event, but an American event,” he told his cabinet on Monday. We have not been involved and should not be drawn into it, “Channel 13 states.

RT reports: He urged ministers not to talk in the press about Thursday’s targeted assassination, but to not give the impression that Israel played a role therein. RT reports:

The Mossad directors and military intelligence told the ministers that the possibility of a retaliatory attack would be small because, “Israel remained far from the incident” and that on Tuesday after the national mourning period for Soleimani Iran was about to prepare its reciprocal move from the same sources.

Netanyahu’s sudden hesitation is particularly notable because, for much of his political career, he supported a US-Iran war. For over 20 years, he insisted, even when Israel’s intelligence publicly argued otherwise, on the Islamic Republic’s only steps away from nuclear weapons production.

The Israeli PM was also at the forefront of the recent Iraq war and warned US Congress of the existence of “weapons of mass destruction,” including atomic bombs, by the US Congress in 2002.

Just last year, Netanyahu encouraged the United States and its Middle East allies to take up the war against Iran, emboldened by US President Donald Trump’s decision to reject the 2015 Nuclear Agreement and reinstate paralyzing sanctions against Tehran despite its compliance with the agreement.

Nevertheless, the open killing of an apparently highly popular military commander in Iran, not only in Tehran but among Hezbollah–a Lebanese Shian militia that boasts of battling Israel at an end in 2006–also caused severe retaliation.

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