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What to know about different kinds of visas for Italy?



Are you planning to go to Italy in near future? Well, if you think that would be a cake walk then you are right. But again, you have to make it easy for you by acquainting yourself with all the documents, procedures and needed requirements. Once you fulfil them all, you can make the most of everything. You can easily get your Italy visa if you know what exactly you want out of your visit in this region of the world.

Well, before you get into the nitty-gritty of visa requirements for Italy, it is good to know what diverse categories of visas are available and which one you must ideally be applying for. Apart from a list of generic documents, every visa kind needs the applicant to submit a couple of specific documents that may not be needed if they are applying for a diverse category of visa.

Tourist visa

This is probably one of the most famous Italian visas people apply for. it is the visa that is meant for the ones looking to visit Italy for less than ninety days for leisure or tourism factors. As per visa requirements for Italy, the following documents are needed to be submitted mainly for a tourist visa application to the embassy:

  • Invitation letter along with the address and phone number from family member or sponsor – in case applicable

  • Bank statement from the last six months

  • Then passport copies

Business visa

This is the visa that is for the ones who are planning to visit Italy for temporary work-related reasons. However, do keep in mind that this does not give the applicant to take up fresh employment in Italy or any other Schengen nation. The documents needed for applying for a business visa can be like:

  • Invitation letter from the Italian business or company you will be visiting and their address coupled with your travel dates

  • A letter from your employer mentioning or allowing your business travel

  • Bank statement from the last six months

  • Remember that the invitation letter should also mention how the expenses of the applicant are going to be covered during the travel. It has to be made clear whether it will be sponsored by the employer or that of the local Italian company.

Visa for cultural activities, sports or that of film crew

This is a special kind of visa that is given to applicants who wish to travel to Italy to take part in cultural or sporting events. Apart from this, this visa even grants permission to film crew to do shooting of a film in Italy. Documents needed to be submitted to satisfy Italy visa requirements for this category are like:

  • Invitation letter from the concerned authorities having details of the nature of events or activities. The letter must also specify the purpose of visit and how expenses will be covered

  • List of names of all travelling team members

  • Travel itinerary

  • Length of stay


So, whether Italy tourist visa or any other kind of visa, you can get it if you go as per the procedure.

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11 Easy Techniques to Go Travel Green In 2020




Be kind to the earth as you travel around it – in 2020. We have no excuse as there are countless apps and websites to help us, as well as the good old fashioned tips that have been around forever.

Here are a few tips to remember; apps to download and websites to visit before, during, and even after your trip to ensure it’s as environmentally friendly as possible. Some of these things are pretty obvious, but it’s important to have a reminder because even though you might do a lot of these things at home, we can sometimes abandon the rules we live by while on holiday.

Before you go, bear in mind…

Where you’re staying

You don’t have to stay in a big hotel to have a great holiday. They are certainly not the greenest places to stay – for example, The Green Hotels and Responsible Tourism Initiative have claimed that:

“A hotel emits an average of 20.6 kg of carbon dioxide per night and produces more than one kilogram of waste per guest per day.”

Try an alternative like an eco-lodge, which is usually water-efficient, and solar-powered among many other things that make it one of the great successes of the whole eco-holidaying movement. You can use websites such as to see a list of recommended and reviewed eco-friendly places to stay.

The homestay or hotel you choose for staying, make sure it is Green Sealed. Also, ensure that your hotel is near public transport facilities or walking distance from places you want to visit so you won’t be tempted to order taxis or rent cars.

Your mode of transport

If you can avoid air travel – do so.

According to the Environmental Transport Association, the amount of carbon footprint any return flight from London to NYC generates is higher than an entire year’s allowance needed to keep the environment safe.

Train travel is becoming increasingly popular, especially for people who want to reduce their carbon footprint. Using companies like InterRail or Loco2 can make booking trains for journeys across Europe fast, easy, and cheaper.

If you do use air travel, then try and make sure your flight is a direct one. You can calculate your flight’s emissions by going to, which also allows you to purchase carbon offsets, which ‘are quantified and sold in metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).

Pre-book your airport parking service as I do at parking at SFO. That saves me fuel and avoid unnecessary emissions.

Greening your home

Turn the switches of all your gadgets off along with the heating, and cancel any paper or magazine deliveries.

Pack light

The heavier your luggage, the more fuel the plane uses. It will also make you a happier traveler if you have less to lug around – especially according to George Clooney.

Minimize your use of the plane bathroom

Go to the bathroom just before you board the plane at the airport – avoid using the facilities on the plane as the fuel it takes for a single flush can run a car for six miles!

Be smart about food & drink

Accept as little as you can while onboard – don’t be too tempted to take all they have to offer with their plastic cups and wrappers – especially if you’re only on the plane for a few hours.

When you get there (if you’ve decided on a hotel stay), do the same things you would do at home to be eco-friendly.

Staying green

Don’t stop at knowing your hotel has a Green Seal, ask about the hotel’s recycling policy and participate in their environmental policy – you can ask to reuse sheets/towels which would save heaps of water – only if you deem it hygienic of course.

Be conservative with toiletries

Many of the hotel’s toiletries will be covered in plastic wrapping, so don’t use them unnecessarily. Either make sure you have brought your own or if you do use them, take them with you because the hotel might not dispose of them greenly if they’re left behind.

When leaving the room

Turn off lights when you leave your hotel room – close the drapes if you know your room is going to get hot from the sun (you’re only going to turn on the AC when you get back).

Get around the green way

Encourage cycling or walk to the places. It’s habitually much more pleasing than joining the locals on long crowded buses or trains. The Moovit app can guide you on how to reach any destination with the help of public transport.

When we go on short rides, electric bikes are more cost-friendly as well as environment savvy mode of transport.

If charges using green solar power, these bikes become purely eco-friendly. The best part is – not emitting fuming exhausts.

Ensure that when you eat and shop, you are buying local products as much as possible – less fuel would have been used to transport the goods to the store. It also helps to support local businesses to keep the economy thriving. Remember, though some souvenirs may be illegal to import like those made from animal skins, horns or shells. Over 800 species of plants and animals are completely banned from international trade, and there are strict controls on the sale of a further 30,000.

Find Eco-friendly things to do

Use the app TripSketch Green Traveler which provides information on eco-friendly activities and experiences in over 80 cities. So you can go sight-seeing while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint. You could always take a hot-air balloon ride rather than take another plane to a neighboring city.

Places that have been noted to have some of the best hot-air balloon experiences include Melbourne, California, and Tanzania.

And after your trip, once your journey of a lifetime is over…Provide feedback.

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8 Things That You Need to Avoid at the Airport




Traveling is for sure fun, but certain things can be quite annoying. For example, standing in a long queue or waiting for the immigration officers to stamp the passport is not an easy task. You need help. Fortunately, these days, there are so many companies that are providing meet and greet services. You should select the best company.

It would be best if you planned on using Bangkok Airport fast track services when you are planning to go to Thailand via its capital city. You will avoid long queues and check out of the airport much faster.

When you are traveling abroad and are using airports, you should avoid certain things. Many people are not aware of the things that they should prevent doing. Here are some insights for your reference:

Control Your Sleep: Get enough rest before you travel to the airport. You do not want to doze off at the terminal gate. If you are lucky enough, you might get a wake-up call from one of the ground staff.

But, if you are sleeping elsewhere in the airport, you might not get any help apart from the announcement. Hence, it would be best if you indulged in an activity that will keep you awake until you get inside the flight.

Do Drink Spirits: You are indeed going on a holiday, but that does not warrant you take any alcohol when you are getting inside the airplane. Any drinks that intoxicate you may not allow you to be in the best behavior. Hence, this is one aspect that you should take care of when you are traveling.

You do not want to end up in confusion when you are at the airport. But, this is one thing that might happen to you if you drink any strong drinks before taking a flight.

Do Not Skip Lines: It is tempting to skip the queue and go to the counter. But, if you do this thing, it can irritate people who are standing in the line ahead of you. You do not want them to scold or embarrass you.

If you are in urgency, it is wise to request people who are standing in front of you. Now, this is the best way to get ahead of the queue. Plan to book Bangkok airport fast track services if you do not want to stand in the long line.

Meet and greet services help you to skip queues and get your work done in a jiffy. You can go out of the airport in a matter of a few minutes when you pick this option.

Do Not Wait at the Gate: Some people hang out at the gate, waiting for the announcement of their flight. It would be best if you planned on sitting in the chairs near the gate and do your work if there is any until they make an announcement.

You should relax. If you have access to the lounge, that’s wonderful. It would be best if you planned on spending some time in the lounge until the airlines open the gates for the passengers.

Do Not Lose Your Temper: Do not lose your temper if the flight gets delayed or if the air hostess is taking time to serve you stuff. Somethings are not in the control of the ground staff or air hostess. Try to adjust unless someone is disrespecting you.

If the staff of the airlines is irritating you, you should plan on escalating the issue to their superiors. Never show your anger on anyone. Seek out a solution to almost any problem that you are facing strategically.

Avoid Playing Videos Loudly: You should avoid playing videos loudly on your phone or laptop. It is wise to carry your headphones with you. Connect it to the laptop or mobile phone when you watch any videos or listen to music.

If you do this thing, it will not cause any disturbance to people sitting beside you. Use your headphones even if you want to make calls to your friends or relatives.

Avoid Being Sarcastic: Yes, traveling is not that fun. But, it would be best if you planned on avoiding jokes that can hurt people or being sarcastic to them. Always be gentle and kind to people who are trying to help you. This way, people will try to provide all the necessary help that you require.

Do Not Leave Your Bags Unattended: Never leave your bags unattended. Security personnel and other passengers might panic when they see unattended bags. Hence, it would help if you plan on carrying the bags wherever you go. This way, you do not have to end up searching for the bag everywhere.

These are some things that you should plan on avoiding when you go to or when you are at the airport.

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5 Dynamite San Diego Destinations for Spring & Summer



Photo Courtesy of San Diego Mission Bay Resort

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably started your Spring Break and even summer vacation planning to ensure availability for the desired away dates. It’s certainly never too soon to get yourself booked somewhere spectacular. No matter the occasion, reason or season, you’d do well to head over to San Diego—a region known for some of the most revered vacation options in the United States. It didn’t earn the moniker “America’s Finest City” for nothing!

If you find yourself in this enviable locale—or want to—and like to be where the action is, you’d definitely do well to schedule a trip to Harrah’s Resort Southern California.

Deemed the best resort in Funner, California, located in North San Diego County, Harrah’s Resort SoCal is an award-winning destination recognized as a top resort by Condé Nast Traveler and more.

The property’s two looming towers boast nearly 1,100 luxurious guest rooms and suites, including 22 wellness-inspired rooms complete with yoga mats, Vitamin C infused showers and built-in sound systems.

Every corner of this 86,000 square-foot adult playground leaves plenty of room for escaping ordinary life. Not the least of which is the Spa at Harrah’s—an 11,000 square-foot getaway featuring a full-service salon, barbershop, salt baths and more.

Then, be sure to soak up the sun at ‘Dive’—an adults-only pool paradise including SoCal’s first swim-up bar, a 400-foot lazy river, 23 cabanas and eight hot tubs.

The 59,000 square-foot gaming floor is also tons of fun, boasting 1,700 slot machines and 60 table games. The casino holds weekly poker and blackjack tournaments, while their monthly promotions offer thousands in cash and prizes.

And for you foodies out there, culinary creativity abounds at Harrah’s at no less than eight restaurants.

Heading south you’ll find Hard Rock Hotel San Diego, an iconic property impeccably located at entrance to the city’s acclaimed Gaslamp Quarter district.

The luxe hotel features 420 guestrooms and suites, including 17 celebrity-favored Rock Star Suites.  On-site amenities include two award-winning bars—one of which a chic rooftop pool bar featuring expansive city views; and the world-famous Nobu Japanese restaurant for a truly unforgettable fine dining experience.

Guests can also take advantage of complimentary amenities, including Fender guitars to play in your room during your stay, Crosley record players to add the perfect soundtrack to your San Diego experience and Electra beach cruisers to coast down the Embarcadero and experience the city’s nearly perfect weather.

Additionally, the property’s award-winning ‘Sunburn’ pool party takes place ever Saturday from late March through September with epic parties happening on all major holiday weekends.

Hard Rock Hotel is located just steps from Petco Park, and just a short ride away from the city’s best attractions.

America’s Finest City is also home to the recently re-imagined San Diego Mission Bay Resort, a Noble House Hotels & Resort property.

Located on the picturesque waterfront of Mission Bay Park, the lavish 357-room, year-round lifestyle destination resort is another ideal basecamp for guests seeking to explore the city’s vibrant culture, nearby attractions and to experience San Diego’s idyllic, breezy beach lifestyle.

Having just recently completed a renovation, guests can relax in their brand new rooms and suites that have been updated with plenty of modern, welcoming touches. You can opt for a spacious traditional room in their tower or upgrade to a villa with expansive views of the gardens or the glistening bay.

With romantic palms and perfect sandy beaches, this bayside hotel retreat features an amazing spa and fitness center, beach fire pits for making s’mores and state-of-the-art event space.

Foodies will delight throughout their visit to San Diego Mission Bay Resort. With three waterfront dining options to choose from, fresh California fare is designed to dazzle diner’s palates as they sip, unwind and embrace mild ocean breezes.

This property is also decidedly family friendly, as children enjoy plenty of fun activities, including a kids camp, swimming, beach games and bike rentals.

Another hugely noteworthy Noble House Hotels & Resort property is Kona Kai Resort & Spa. Nestled within the Shelter Island oasis on the southern end of San Diego, this destination offers a range of amenities and experiences unique to its beautiful waterfront location and rich history.

The property has 170 luxurious guest rooms, including 41 brand new suites featuring contemporary island-inspired decor, deep soaking tubs and oversized balconies.

The also resort boasts its very own private beach, multiple swimming pools, waterfront restaurants, an award-winning spa, a 500-slip marina, and the renowned private Kona Kai Club.

You can sip and savor at the Paloma pool and bar, Kona Kai’s new and exclusive pool area for adults only, allowing guests to enjoy poolside craft cocktails and California coastal cuisine while overlooking some of the region’s most breathtaking sunsets.

Springtime is a wonderful time of year to book a stay at Kona Kai, as they have an array of special offers. This includes an exciting “Whale Watching” package.

Also on the getaways front in San Diego in terms of fun experiences—and something that’s also highly giftable—is Sandbox VR, with locations throughout California.

Sandbox VR is an immersive social experience offering unique combinations of motion capture and virtual reality technologies, allowing you to become anyone and go anywhere. Groups can see their friends and interact with each other just as they normally would. Guests transform into virtual avatars of themselves and enter experiences that are mapped over the physical world.

So there you go, some great travel ideas to utterly ensure those San Diego-oriented vacations ahead are truly memorable.


As the Executive Editor and Producer of “The Luxe List,” Merilee Kern, MBA is an internationally-regarded brand analyst, strategist and futurist. A

***Some or all of the accommodations(s), experience(s) and/or service(s) detailed above may have been provided or arranged at no cost to accommodate this review, but all opinions expressed are entirely those of Merilee Kern and have not been influenced in any way.***

Photo Courtesy of San Diego Mission Bay Resort

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A Guide to Shipping Personal Belongings in Your Car



Can you pack personal items in your vehicle during car shipping? It is one of the most asked questions by people who are in the middle of their shifting-to-new-place venture. It does make sense as when you are already shipping your car, then why not add some personal items in the backseat to save some money?

You will be happy to know that many companies don’t even charge extra for transporting a few items, but this doesn’t mean packing your car to the brink. You must be aware of the transporters’ rules and regulations, what’s ideal and allowed based on the method of transportation.

Unless you are a car shipping expert, possibilities are you don’t realize the pitfalls of shipping personal belongings in your car can be. While some companies allow carrying a few lightweight items, some don’t allow carrying a single one. Let’s have everything uncovered when packing your vehicle to the brim with items:

Risk of Theft

It rarely happens that an auto transport carrier takes a straight route from point A to point B while shipping your vehicle. They load and unload many other cars and have multiple stops and overnight stays in the long-distance transports. All this creates the probability of theft of the valuables. 

The threat is not very common, but real. A vehicle packed with house goods makes a very obvious target. However, packing belongings below the window level makes them less visible and thus reduce the chances of theft.


A car standing on top of a trailer is not necessarily a smooth ride. It goes through various environmental factors, so if items in your vehicle are not intact, they can shift too and cause damage to your car. Even if your car is fully insured, you don’t want to cause harm to anything intentionally. 

Even if the company allows you to do so, pack items at your own risk. While packing your belongings inside your car, make sure the driver’s seat is entirely clear to easily ship a car and on and off the vehicle from the truck.

Weight Limits

You must contact the car shipping company and ask the transporters about weight limits per vehicle. Whether it’s an open trailer or an enclosed trailer, each vehicle has a certain weight restriction. Crossing that weight limit means you can damage your car and also have to pay much more in fees.

Obviously, some car shipping companies have specific price quotes depending on vehicle sizes. For hatchbacks, you can save money, but for SUVs, you have to pay more. As a rule, transporting companies go as far as telling you to clear your personal belongings from inside the vehicle. On the other side, some companies allow a couple of extra cargoes that weigh 40-80 lbs, which you might have to pay for.

Don’t Put Fragile Items in Your Car

Items in the trunk being shipped might get defected. As far as the carrier’s concern, the trunk is empty, even when it’s not, and therefore they are not obliged to insure items. There is no doubt that your car is fully insured during the entire shipping process, and any damage to your vehicle is covered under the carrier’s insurance. But items in your car won’t be. If they break, it will be on you to fix them or replace them. This is the reason you should avoid putting fragile stuff in your car.


Shipping personal belongings in your vehicle is a thrifty idea, and the risk involved in this is not something to be ignored. If you want to do it anyway, be aware of the policies your transportation company adheres to!

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Essentials You Need For a Scuba Adventure



Essentials You Need For a Scuba Adventure

Scuba diving is an aquatic leisure activity that requires the diver to jump and go deep into the water.

Scuba diving gear includes the different types of coveralls available in several thicknesses: waterproof (neoprene or tri-laminate, etc.), semi-waterproof, wet. For more thermal insulation, the diver is equipped with slippers, gloves and a hood.
In scuba diving, the equipment is more specific and requires a diver to rely on the advice of a specialized dealer for the choice of products.

For the basic equipment, we find the fins which allow the diver to move underwater, to maintain himself on the surface but also to balance himself in the water, the mask which allows seeing underwater and having better visibility and the snorkel to breathe on the surface. The diving suit or shorty (for hot waters) which have a thermal protection role and which allow a diver to stay a longer time underwater without feeling cold.
To breathe underwater, the diver has a bottle or a diving block (element provided by diving clubs, keep one if you do not have one), the equipment providing the air breathed in from a regulator, a piece made up of a first stage attached to the bottle and a second stage placed in the mouth (for breathing). The diving regulator will transform the pressurized air from the cylinder into the air at ambient pressure, ready to be breathed by the diver.

The stabilization vest or stab allows you to stabilize, go up or go down into the water or also to maintain yourself on the surface. If visibility is reduced in water, the dive light or headlight quickly becomes an essential element.

You will need a:

Diving suit

This is a one-piece suit and is made from 3mm neoprene and Ultra-span material for more elasticity. Everything has been thought of to ensure the suit is waterproof thanks to the smooth neoprene collar and the back closure with an Aqua-stop under-closure strip.

Water shoes

They are suitable for both men and women and prevent your feet from cuts due to rocks or shells while keeping them warm if the water is cool. Very stretchy and without closure, these water shoes slip on with ease and ensure optimal comfort.

Adjustable Pro Light fins

Light and resistant, these diving fins have a great reactivity as well as a very good yield in terms of thrust for a reduced physical effort. The perfect balance between the materials used (polypropylene and flexible elastomer) makes this pair of fins a technical and modern accessory, ideal for novice divers as for professionals as well.

Mask & snorkel

This is an adjustable mask with a single-window and fits perfectly on the head. Very waterproof, it envelops the face and prevents any infiltration of air and water. The double flexible silicone strap stays in place, ensuring that the mask is held securely around the head. The tube, solid and rigid, has a hook to hang it on the mask.

Full face mask 180 °

Taste an incomparable diving experience with this full face mask offering a 180 ° view of the seabed. You can even film thanks to its GoPro support. No need to clutter up with a snorkel and pinch your nose under a mask: comfortable, this innovative accessory fits perfectly on the face. The integrated snorkel has a valve that prevents water from entering while the porthole is designed anti-fog.

Onboard Wi-Fi sport camera

Go on an adventure with this waterproof onboard sports camera and immortalize all your underwater discoveries.

A dive computer

Robust and versatile, this dive computer is easy to use thanks to its 3 buttons and its simplified menu. It adapts to all diving situations because it has 3 modes: air decompression, nitrox, and depth gauge mode.

A logbook

So as not to forget anything about your dives, remember to record your adventures in this small transportable logbook. Its fleece blanket protects the sheets filled with your precious diving memories. Practical and functional, this product comes with a pen while the zipper prevents water or sand splashes.

Scuba diving instruments and accessories

In the essential instruments and accessories for a good practice of scuba diving, we find the watch or the computer which allows the diver to measure the different parameters of his scuba diving like depth, duration of immersion and the landing times to be respected (safety element). The diver can be equipped with a pressure gauge, an instrument that is attached to the first stage of the regulator and allowing an indication of the pressure remaining in the block. To orient yourself underwater, you must equip yourself with a diving compass. The diver must also have GPS which is a mandatory safety device to signal their presence underwater. The diving ballast allows the diver to have good buoyancy in order to facilitate his underwater immersion. It is an essential accessory for transporting and storing your own diving equipment.

There are waterproof diving bags for any type of equipment and others more specific to a type of accessories such as palm bags, bags for diving regulators or computer bags. For more “technical” dives, on wrecks or in caves you should opt for more specific equipment such as face masks or communicators, side mounts vests, wings, harnesses, and recyclers.

Equipment and accessories for experienced divers are different and in most cases requiring special training. It is also possible to immortalize an outing at sea using underwater cameras to capture sea life or even underwater cameras of the Go pro-type, for example.

Diving is not just for professionals. You can very well test this water sport as an amateur, provided you equip yourself properly and know the right moves. Before you get started, get used to snorkeling and make sure to manage your possible stress and apprehension of the seabed. When underwater, be economical in your movements to avoid getting tired too quickly and losing oxygen.

Once apnea has no secrets for you, think about choosing the right accessories to dive in comfortably and safely. From the wetsuit to the fins, through the mask and the snorkel, we have selected for you all the diving items you need. Thus equipped, you will have the pleasure of making small trips to the sea and exploring shallow areas to familiarize yourself with the incredible underwater life. Go and enjoy the oceans with these essentials.


You need to make your dive memorable as you cover the vast oceans and swim with the beautiful sea life. This essential scuba diving equipment will win your heart and make your diving worth it.

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