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5 Looks to Ace the Fashion Game with Hoodies



Classic Look Hoodie

Fashion is something that has evolved with times. The trends are always changing and revolving. Some basic daily wear of the nineteenth century can be a part of the spring collection 2020. Fashion knows no bounds and there are no hard and fast rules in it.

Trends can be surprising. One time it can promote beige and simple whites and earthy tones, another moment it can go all glittering and glistening. The best part about indulging in fashion is that nothing is ever over, you never know when shoulder pads might become a trend again. However, there are some constants, some all-time favorites that can never go out of style anywhere in the world. One of them being, the much-loved, Hoodies!

These iconic, humble masterpieces of the fashion industry are in for the long haul because they have been through eras and ages. They are here to stay as they are no new-day invention. These garments have had many forms since a whopping three-thousand years.

A hoodie has many forms which can be found everywhere. If you take a look in the printed recollections of the Ancient Greece and Rome, you can see scholars donning them. In the middle age, monks used to wear cape-like garments with hoods attached to them. By the 17th century, women, trying to stay anonymous would wear them. They are so popular that the infamous, grim reaper is also seen with a hood.

The hoodie finally in the modern day world was reincarnated as a sweatshirt with a hood with a drawstring. Some came with a pouched pocket. They were first introduced by Knickerbocker Knitting Company in the 1930s, they were mainly manufactured to keep the athletes warm. Later it was rather speedily adopted by the working-class, considering their comfort and durability. Then came the fashionable 80’s, the era of pop, hip hop, the original Walkman and the original street style urban looks. This is exactly when the youth adopted the hoodie culture and it has remained this way ever since.

The hoodie has changed the course of fashion. They are no longer just garments you wear in the winters and fall. They have evolved to be worn any time of the year. Many popular business associates and entrepreneurs are seen wearing it, defying convention and changing the monotonous office culture. Hoodie can entered and changed the way the world perceives power. The higher the authority the more casual they dress.

What makes Hoodie a perfect piece of garment? May be it’s the warmth or the protected feel of it. Mostly because of the sense of anonymity it gives. Once you have the hood on, you are in your zone. Psychologically, people might be feeling strong and confident because of it. One of the major reasons people love it is because of the feeling of oneness it gives. You can call it your group, your clan or your crew. No wonder it is a matter of a much heated debate about its origin.

Partying in tuxedos, long-sleeved shirts or collared Polos are outdated now. This is also because a hoodie is a perfect blend of casual and upbeat style. It is the new cool. But there are some things that you need to know when opting for a hoodie at a party.

  • Go for a pullover hoodie, not a zip-up one.
  • Unless it is a party with a bunch of close friends at a not-so-exclusive club, do not go for printed hoodies.
  • Be aware of the kind of party you are about to attend. Dress accordingly.

Of course this means, there is an added pressure to look the best while you are in a hoodie. One needs to look stylish and the fashion sense should be on point. Here are ways to look your best in a hoodie this New Year’s party-

The Casual Look

Never underestimate the power of an understated look. It’s a given that a hoodie will make you look different and really cool. Pair it with a denim jacket. Just pick your blue and pair it with a perfect grey hoodie and black skinny jeans and sneakers. It can never go wrong.

The Star of the Party Look

It is a New Year’s party, start your fresh year with a dapper look. The one that takes risk. Carefully color co-ordinate and pick a fabulous hoodie and pair it with an uber-cool bomber jacket. Wear denim jeans and sneakers with a hint of bling. This look has Hit written all over it.

Back to the Classics Look

You can always be what a hoodie originally represents. The early street-grunge style. Wear a baggy hoodie and jeans. Keep your hair ruffled. Think of yourself a free-style graffiti artist. Add some bling to your look. If you carry the look, add a cap. Pair it with casual white sneakers and you are good to rock the party.

Classic Look Hoodie

The Formal yet Informal Look

It is totally understandable that you are at a party and you have your seniors with you. It is a casual party but you don’t want to go overboard with your fashion sense. Play safe and go for the neutral colors. Black is perfect for both the moods. Wear a quality black branded hoodie. Pair it with an overcoat or a leather jacket, good pair of dark-colored jeans and earthy-toned ankle boots. Wear a watch. The best of both worlds is right here in this look.

“Making a statement” Look

You can either make a statement by dressing yourself well or quite literally make a statement. There is something better than a hoodie. A hoodie with words! Speak your mind with custom-made hoodies with words or dialogues written all over it. If you like bling, there are words sewed with sequins.

The world of fashion has so much to offer. Have fun with your look.

Author Bio

Michelle is the Editor & Author at Hoodie Lab. She loves to write about the latest trends & tips of the fashion industry.


How We Can Get the Celebrity Watches



Celebrity Watches

Many celebrities wear watches just like the rest of us. Some of them are modest, some are more expensive. But since most celebrities get to wear expensive watches for free, rather than being the icon of a particular watch company, most celebrities are seen wearing watches at events, TV shows or other events that even ordinary people dream of. Both celebrities and ordinary people like to wear watches that make us feel and look great. It doesn’t matter if they are made of gold or ceramic material as long as they look good on our wrists and as long as we like them. If you want to invest in a watch but just don’t know what to choose, then you should take a look at what celebrities wear. Maybe you get a little inspiration from there. 

Almost all Hollywood celebrities can boast themselves with stunning watches and jewelry. However, not all of us can afford to spend a fortune on such timepieces. There are so many choices; all you have to do is make the right choice for yourself. The Patek Philippe Celebrity Watches is considered the leading best celebrity watch we have so visit here to get.

Hollywood style watches

Pieces of time have their own peculiarities and fame, assuming that the Collection Watch is a major competitor. These watches can now be easily obtained from any popular department store these days. The watch is priced at around $ 100. There are many variations in style and design, and they are also available at online retail stores. There are attractive discounts and sales available from time to time and one can easily find a great deal. 

Best collection of watches 

All of these websites offer different categories of gas collection watches, and men, as well as women, can get their favorite watches at very affordable prices. Variations in materials used for watch bands are also available in metal and leather. One of the major advantages of the watch is because it is so popular and popular that it is readily available to any jewelry store and spare parts in the area, as well as the necessary supplies. Here are the best collection of bill gates watches.

GAS collection watches

Due to its relative brand value and modern styling, many celebrities have turned their attention to the Gas Collection Watch. They are capable of finding the appropriate watches that really reflect their unique style and personality. The person wearing the watch is considered to be fashion-conscious and in touch with the latest trends. More than 25 years have passed since these watches have made their presence, and new styles have also been introduced to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Watches represent the style

Plus, you have to make sure that the watch represents you when you choose it. Make sure the color is good; the display is large enough, and so on. There are many types of watches on the market so you have to choose between mechanical watches, ceramic watches or even the so-called toy watches. Choosing a watch isn’t easy, but once you make up your mind, you’ll find exactly what you are looking for. So, take a lot of some of the top brand collections and you will definitely get it.

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Stunning Vintage Fashion Trends That You Need To Try Right Now!



vintage fashion

Okay, two words: Vintage and Fashion! If this doesn’t get you all excited for the winter season ahead, then we don’t know what will. Gone are the days when vintage fashion was considered outdated and shabby. Now, all thanks to the fashion-gurus and err, The Kardashians may be, we have an endless array of vintage wardrobe designs for our everyday fashion needs.

If you don’t have much know-how about vintage fashion trends, then worry no further because if you keep reading this piece, by the end of this, you will have a pretty solid grasp of vintage fashion trends that you can incorporate into your everyday style. So without further ado, let’s begin:

1.     Fanny packs

Oh my god! Did we just say fanny packs? You bet, we did! Back when Fanny packs were introduced, if there was anyone to whom they were important, they were the athletes. However now, people from the fashion realm are also beginning to loosen up to this particular fashion trend. Fanny packs were considered hideous, but now they are considered as a ‘bold’ fashion statement. Just wear it along your waist or across your body, and look fabulous in no time!

2.     Oversized Blazers

Nothing can bring back the old John Travolta vibe better than some oversized blazers! Although, this style was an 80’s essential, but turns out 2019 has warmed up to it just the same. You can pair your skinny jeans with a buttoned-down oversized blazer and rock this minimally iconic fashion trend at work. Plus, if you are looking for newer options to flaunt oversized blazers, then put that high-speed internet connection of yours to a proper use. You will be surprised at how many options you can find over there!

3.     Mom Jeans

Although, the term started off as a mere SNL joke, but who knew it would end up becoming this iconic? Now, jeans with a high waistband and baggy fit are known as mom jeans. The good thing about this trend is how versatile it is. You can pair it with a loose jacket or a fitted t-shirt, either way, you are going to set a pretty awesome fashion statement and that’s for sure.

4.     Hair Scrunchies

If you like tying your hair into ponytails or hair buns, then good news! Scrunchies are back and we all can die in peace now! With the aesthetically gnarly look and feel of this hair tie, you can create a funky and vintage fashion look. You can tie your hair into a half hair bun, or you can make a high ponytail. Anything you do, one thing is for sure that we will dig it!

5.     Hair clips

If you like keeping your wardrobe minimal all while rocking a nice and funky hairdo, then hair clips are here and they’re not going anywhere! Either make a nice braid or leave your hair untied with hairclips anointed on your hair, and you will certainly pull off both an elegant and funky look at the same time.

6.     Stripes!

If there is one fashion trend that we are here for, then that has got to be ‘striped’ everything! Whether it is a striped jumper or pants, one thing is for sure, nothing speaks ‘chic’ more than a striped outfit. Doesn’t matter if you like your stripes vertical or horizontal, your fashion statements are going to be packed with an oomph, that’s for sure.

7.     Puffy Sleeves

If there is one trend that has gotten us particularly excited, then that is definitely the one with puffy sleeves. Wear them during any season of the year, either formally or occasionally, nothing speaks volume of trendiness, than this. You can pair your puffy sleeved top with a frilly skirt or with a pair of skinny jeans. Not to mention, you can even raise your puffy-sleeved game by throwing a nice hat on top.

8.     Everything Neon!

This trend might make you cringe, but as long as it’s out there, we’re going to appreciate it, period! Neon colored clothes have been in the spotlight for a pretty noticeable period and if paired thoughtfully, they can actually look really good instead of turning out to be a total disaster. Ideally, we’d suggest you go for a neon sweatsuit or a fitted t-shirt with loosely fitting baggy jeans. Just keep one thing in mind while playing with a Neon wardrobe and that is you can’t afford to make mistakes.

So Which One is Our Pick?

When it comes to playing with different trendy outfits, all you must remember is that ‘sky is the limit.’ All the trendy vintage outfits that we have mentioned above are just a little teaser. The rest is up to you. You can pair two of the above-mentioned trends together, or you can play with them however you like, the possibilities are just endless.


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A Guide to Choosing Your First Designer Bag



Courtesy of Zumer Sport

Whether you’ve been saving up for several years or money is no object, finding your first designer bag can be a daunting experience, especially if you don’t know where to look or what to consider beforehand. There are so many emotions that are wrapped up in money and how it is used, so taking the leap and buying a bag that suits your personality and style should never be taken lightly. 

Whether you want a designer bag to take with you to work or you’re wanting something fancy to go with your outfit for a date night, here are a few factors to consider before splashing out on your first designer bag.

Set Your Budget

Even if you have your heart set on a particular designer bag, that doesn’t mean you have the funds to afford it. With so many different brands on the market to pick from, it can be hard to know where to start, so to ensure you’re confident with your purchase, you will need to set a budget from the get-go, which will mean you are spending within your means. The last thing you want to do is find yourself in tons of debt or unable to pay the rent at the end of the month. When splashing out on a luxury item like a designer bag, you will want to have peace of mind that you can afford it.

Define the Purpose

Once you’ve worked out a budget, you will need to have a think about the purpose of the bag and how it can benefit you in day to day life. Getting good use out of your designer bag is important, as there’s no point splurging out on something that’s going to collect dust in your closet. Whether you want a bag to take with you to work or you’re off on vacation, there are several questions that you should ask yourself before making your final decision. 

There are more difficult questions that you will need to face too, such as how much care you take of your bags, and whether you plan to take your bag with you through all the elements. Durability should be at the top of your priority list, especially as you will be investing in a designer bag that’s built to last. Having a bag that fits into your lifestyle perfectly and is functional will mean you’ve made the right decision.

Size and Silhouette

If you have decided that you will use your designer bag for work purposes, the cost per wear will give you less anxiety. You may have had to save up for the bag for a number of years, so it’s only natural that you will want to get good use out of it. When finding a bag that fits into a more corporate environment, you will want to select a bag that has structure, as well as a bit of room to store your day-to-day essentials. If your bag will be used for special events, you will still want to pick a bag that comfortably accommodates all your essentials. While a small designer bag may look cute and go well with an outfit, if it’s unable to fit everything you want in it, the chances are it’s not right for you.

Color, Texture, and Material of Your Bag

After establishing how and where you will be using your bag, it’s time to have a think about the nitty-gritty side of things. The color, texture, and material of the bag are all huge factors to think about before making your purchase. For example, if you’re after a smooth leather designer bag, while they look sophisticated and beautiful, they can show up scratches more easily, whereas textured leathers are known to last longer, meaning they can be perfect for travel or work.

When it comes to finding the right color designer bag, you will want to select one that goes with many of your outfits. While a bag may look eye-catching and striking on the shelf, if you’re unable to team it well with your clothing, you may find it best to stick with neutral colors. Black is likely to be your best bet, however, gray and navy can be just as complementary. If you do want a pop of color, you may be able to get away with a vibrant red.

Finding Your Bag

Now you have an idea of some of the things to look out for when picking a designer bag, the last step is to do your research into the different brands available. To start, you should hit the internet and visit sites like SSENSE that sell a range of designer brands. If you’re after saint Laurent bags, for example, you can check out their wide selection. SSENSE also sells a variety of clothing, accessories, and shoes.

We all want to look and feel good with a designer bag on our shoulder, so it’s important that you’re confident with your final choice. As long as you take all the factors listed into consideration, you are bound to find a bag that suits your personality and lifestyle.

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7 Personalised Gifts that Every Couple Should Consider on Special Days



personalised gifts

Gifts are meant to express your love towards your beloved person. Nothing can be more precious than a gift filled with emotions. Indeed, personalised gifts are the best options in this regard. They are quite impressive and apparent way of expressing all those things that you literally can’t express in words. Certainly, they give words to your feelings. Personalised gifts online are creative and outstanding. 

Nowadays, these gifts are easily accessible via an online platform. You can easily get them delivered at your home. The prices also remain affordable, along with quality materials. All you have to do is to explore the perfect commodity from a wide array of products. Choose the perfect one and surprise your partner. Couple sets fill a sensation of completion inside you and your partner, enhancing and strengthening the bond of unconditional true love.

Let’s know about some significant personalised couple sets and make your anniversary memorable by gifting them to your soulmate:

  • Couple Ethnic attires: Ethnic wear or dresses have always been the authentic pieces to carry on. What could look more auspicious than a couple set of ethnic wear like Punjabi kurta and pajama (for men) and Salwar Suit (for women), etc. containing the same material and identical designs and patterns.
  • Couple caps: Different couple caps with a lovely set of words quoted like “Rockstar hubby/ Authentic Wifey” and so on.
  • Couple sweatshirts: Couple sweatshirts, hoodies, or sweaters are simply the authentic pieces to gift during this winter. With each warm hug in this lovely winter wearing the personalised sweatshirts, the degree of affection increases repeatedly.
  • Couple T-shirts: Various designer personalised T shirts with different lovely quotes or set of words is available in the market. For example- “King/Queen” couple T-shirts. King’s word is written on the men’s t-shirts, and the queen is written on women’s t-shirts. Similar format is given for different quotes like “Mr. Perfect/Mrs. Perfect”, “My love/My life,” and so on.
  • Couple denim jackets: Denim is an evergreen (never outdated) outfit. Be it jeans, jacket, Kurti (available nowadays), or whatever. Denim has a distinctive craze. And that too with beautiful quotes like “You are my everything,” “I don’t need anything else except you,” or, “He is mah smartypie/ She is mah cutiepie” and a lot more.
  • Couple party wear: Couple dress with highly embroidered and gracefully worked with precious stones and beads is something remarkable. You can choose dresses like fluffy frocks (as of Cinderella or any fairy tale character) for woman and Sherwani or royal attire (similar to the heroes of the fairy tales like Prince Charming) for man. Simply Marvelous!!
  • Couple watches: There are specific types of watches available nowadays which have musical vibes like if you are missing your husband, you can press the buzzer, and your husband will get to know. You can also add a GPS on it so that you can easily know the location of your spouse. It’s cool in terms of safety also.

According to Human psychology, we all want to seek attention, especially from the ones whom we like or love from the core of our hearts. A smart person always tries to remain best and unique in a crowd either by his/her personality or by any specific quality, etc. Literally, we love being praised or made me feel special. Gifts are those elements that make us feel our importance in someone’s life. No matter what the worth of the gift is. The associated love and affection are the vital elements that keep and restore the charm in a relationship. Thus, pick out the perfect set of personalised couple set and carry it on with honor.

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How to Buy Perfume in Canada for Women




Perfumes often times can be a women’s best friend. That is why picking the right perfume for a woman will be challenging especially if it will be given for a gift. A lot of men would buy perfume for their women because giving a perfume for a girl is a sign of affection, it  shows that you have put a lot of thought into who the recipient is and what they might like. With beautiful packaging and lovely scents perfumes signal that the recipient is worth the expense. It should have a balance of complementary scents, longevity, and one that matches the personality of your woman. So how do you know which perfume to choose for a woman?

A- Choosing the scent

1- Floral perfumes

These perfumes are for the feminine and romantic type of girls. They are the most popular group of perfumes.  They are for a quietly confident woman with casual style and the personality is relaxed who doesn’t like drama. 

2- Citrus Perfumes

This is for young and energetic women who loves the fragrance of fresh fruits. It is the sweet, romantic and aromatic fragrance that is so fresh and clean. 

3- Woody Perfumes

Woody perfumes smells rich, classy and mysterious. They are suited to a spiritual sweetheart and nature lover women as they smell warm and earthy. 

4- Oriental Perfumes

This is for exotic women who enjoy being bold. Women of this scent want to create a lasting impression – and aren’t afraid to show their sensuality. 

Go to Fragrance 365 to get a better idea of which one will suit your taste.

B- Choosing the Concentration

Different perfumes have different concentrations. Concentration refers to the strength that a fragrance has. The higher the concentration the longer the scent will last. The following are the different concentration of perfumes:

1- Parfum

It has the highest concentration. And among all kinds of perfume Parfum last the longest and has the highest price due to high concentration of fragrance.

2- Eau de Parfum

This is the next highest concentration after Parfum. It is also less expensive than Parfum and the most common type of fragrance and suitable for everyday wear.

3- Eau de Toilette

Another popular type of perfume is the Eau de Toilette. It has less concentration than Eau de parfum. It is preferable for night wear.

4- Eau de Cologne

It has the lowest concentration. It is less expensive than all of the above types of perfume. And has a high content of alcohol.

5- Eau Fraiche

It has a very low perfume oil concentration. It has low fragrance concentration and high water concentration.

Testing the perfume for your woman

It is important to choose the perfume for your woman in detail. After having knowledge of the different scents suited for her personality and knowing the different concentrations, start sniffing the perfumes you have in mind. After sniffing, try to spray it on you. Spray it to your pulse points area like your ears, wrists, or neck. Aside from spraying on you you can also spray them on blotter sheets. You can label them if you like it and take them home with you and again smell them later. And then you decide which is the best perfume for your woman. 

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