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Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton Slams “Nobody likes him”



Hillary Clinton Slams Bernie Sanders “Nobody Likes Him”
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Hillary Clinton has sparked a response by all sides, focusing on the’ liability’ of today’s Democrat leader Bernie Sanders.

Clinton, one of America’s most disliked presidential candidates, described her former rider as unlike and ineffective.

Reporter Clinton stated in an interview with Hollywood that “Nobody wants to work with him” in the Senate.

TR reports: while Sanders and Russia, former FBI director James Comey, WikiLeaks, actress Susan Sarandon, and dozens of other organizations long blame for their electoral loss in 2016, Tuesday’s assault is on the heels of several polls placing Sanders at the forefront of the 2020 major demographics pack.

Controversially enough, Clinton said at least in the antichrist-like faction that Trump has taken on supernatural characteristics, she would not commit herself to endorsing Sanders when he was chosen to face President Donald Trump at the 2020 general election. “I won’t go there yet” she said in answer to questions about whether she’d’ vote blue no importe qui,’ after eviscerating her former Senate colleague as “career politician,” who had “gotten nothing done.” Clinton made a point of pursuing followers of the Senator of Vermont–denouncing his “online Bernie Bros.”
If she recalled the plan of her long-standing strategist David Brock in 2016 to send legions of paid’ Barrier Breakers’ to target supporters of Sanders in social media, or just hope the reader had overlooked this hideous episode, was not quite obvious. However, the Sanders campaign was never accused of paying bots to discredit the rivals of the Senator.

Clinton repeated Senator Elizabeth Warren’s far-away assertion, even while attacking the Sanders campaign as a divisive, that Sanders said a woman couldn’t be president. Warren was crying out before the recent Democratic debate that shook out the unprecedented harmony between the two candidates when she all but called him a liar to his face on national television. Clinton told the nation that she won the popular vote against Trump, a familiar line which Sanders himself used to defend against the accusation of Warren.

Social media analysts pointed out that Clinton may not want Sanders to go “likability” head-to-head. Vermont’s Democratic Socialist was ranked highest in the most recent Senate poll by Morning Consult, while Clinton itself was hated by over one-half the electorate, even as she ran against Trump.

Others pointed out that “likability” is at best abstract, and at worst meaningless, as one moves within the circles of Clinton.

“Nobody likes him,” said the politician who was on vacation at Epstein and went to Trump’s wedding, whose husband was on the floor two dozen times, Ghislane’s daughter at her wedding, and Ivanka’s friends. Being “liked” is not a virtue when you’re that strong.

— David Klion on January 21, 2020 (@DavidKlion).

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