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Hillary Clinton Defends Years Long Harvey Weinstein Association



Hillary Clinton Defends Years Long Harvey Weinstein Association
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Hillary Clinton refuses to be accused of receiving the money from one of her best-known donors–disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein–as she calms that she did not know anything about his alleged sexual misconduct.

Weinstein, who will stand trial on the charges of rape and rape, has long been a leading contributor to the Democratic Party and is reported to have raised Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign for over $1.4 million.

While Clinton claims she did not know the charges against Weinstein, some say she was well educated.

Comments from RT: “How could we know?”Former state secretary and loss presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said in an interview Tuesday to the Hollywood reporter when he was asked to rape the film producer Harvey Weinstein.

In 2017, the creator ‘ Pulp Fiction’ was’ touted’ when the New York Times published a story outlining Weinstein’s various claims over the years of sexual harassment. Prominent actresses such as Uma Thurman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rose McGowan, and others put forth Weinstein allegations that either exploit or threaten them.

Clinton claimed that she didn’t cash the checks if she knew anything about the man’s alleged acts.

“And, of course, it would have affected our behavior if we all knew what we know now,” she said. She also pointed out that Weinstein gave donations to other prominent Democrats such as Barack Obama.

For several factors, Clinton’s words ring hollow. Although she can claim she did not know the accusations against Weinstein, several people have said that employees around Clinton and her presidential campaign in 2016 were in fact made aware.

The New York Times told’ Girls ‘ actress and author, Lena Dunham, that she warned Clinton against any fundraising.

“I only want you to tell you Harvey is a rapist and this will come out,” Dunham reminded the campaign staff.
“I think it’s really a bad idea for him to host and be interested in fundraising because Hollywood is an open secret of him having sexual harassment issues.” Journalist Tina Brown also said she warned about the initiative.

“I heard that since Harvey left Talk in 2002 her sleepiness with women had escalated and that she was unwise to associate herself with him so closely,” she said to the Times.

Those threats were just some of Weinstein’s bad mouth before the Times exposed him. Several actors openly mocked Hollywood’s stillness on his relations with celebrities and refused to work with him, including Vincent Gallo, as well as others, including Seth MacFarlane.

Ronan Farrow, the man behind Weinstein’s initial presentation, already said that Nick Merrill, the Clinton publicist, tried to persuade him not to run his Weinstein article.

In his book ‘ Catch and Kill,’ Farrow claimed that in the summer of 2017 Merill informed him that the expose of Weinstein was “concernful to us.” At the time the Times story about Weinstein came down, the producer worked on a film about Clinton.

Nevertheless, Clinton leaves Weinstein and claims to be ignored— not a great strategy for someone who looks like a leader of any kind.

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