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Chinese top professor: Coronavirus could kill 50 million people all over the world



Chinese top professor: Coronavirus could kill 50 million people all over the world
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According to a professor at Oxford University, China’s deadly coronavirus could have the same death toll as Spanish flu and kill 50 million people all over the world.

On Wednesday, deaths from the virus grew to 17 with hundreds of confirmed cases, increasing concerns of widespread contagion and global pandemic.

Animal strain is believed to be the origin of the previously unknown flu-like coronavirus strain before it “jumped” over humans, when it came from an animal market in central Wuhan, with cases now reported as far as the US.

Yahoo report: The 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic is widely considered the “fatalest in history,” infecting about five hundred million people around the world, killing between twenty and fifty million.

Chinese officials have confirmed 440 cases with 17 deaths in 2019-nCoV of the new coronavirus strain.

The disease is said to have a 2 percent mortality rate, based on existing evidence. This means that one person is statistically killed in every 50 people who catch the infection.

To put it in context, around one in 1000 people who develop grip die, resulting in a 0.1 percent death rate.

Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London said: “This[ 2019-nCoV death rate] could be 2%, close to Spanish flu.”

University of Oxford Professor Peter Horby said that rates of fatality are based on “clinical data around hospital incidents.”

“15%-20% of those in hospital are severe cases,” described as ventilation required.

As a class, coronaviruses are widespread, leading to epidemics such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars).

2019-nCoV is thought to have come to humans from animals before “jumping.”

“New viruses spread faster because we don’t have immunity,” said Professor Ferguson.

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