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‘ Straight Up Communist Censorship ‘: Virginia Dems Push Bill to Free Speech Criminalization



' Straight Up Communist Censorship ': Virginia Dems Push Bill to Free Speech Criminalization
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Not only are the Virginia Democrats trying to dismantle the second amendment to the US Constitution, they are now trying to do away with the first amendment.

Even though on Monday, Virginia’s huge and strong gun rights rally failed to slow down its bid for dictatorship.

Then, they hit the trigger and pass a bill through the legislature to criminalize ways of opposition from Governor Ralph Northam and other state officials.

Delegate Jeffrey M. Bourne introduced House Bill 1627 last week. The law provides that, if the person who is a victim is a governor, Governor-elect, Lieutenant-Governor-elect, Attorney General or Attorney General-elect, a Member or an employee of the General Assembly, a judge of the Supreme Court of Virginia or a judge of the Court of Appeal of Virginia, there are some criminal offenses concerning threats and harassment in the City of Richmond.

“If any person who uses a computer or computer network to coercion, intimidate or harass any person, is guilty of a Class 1 malpractice, or is to use obscene, vulgar, profane, lazy or unlawful language or to make any suggestion or proposal of an obscene nature, or to threaten any illegal or immoral act.

The law would essentially also establish an Elite Ruling Class with additional legal rights in comparison to other residents.

This law states that it is applicable specifically to: “the Governor, governor-elect, governor-elect, lieutenant-governor-elect, the procurator-general or procurator-elect of the General Assembly, a member or staff, the judge of the Court of Appeal of Virginia or a judge of the Court of Appeals of Virginia.”

Tina Freitas, the wife of Republican Delegate Nick Freitas, in a Facebook post on Tuesday night, called attention to that tyrannical act.

“Wow, they’re after the 1A now! To protect yourself from criticism, Dems is trying to create special rules exclusively for the elite ruling class.”Fridas has written.

“What is abuse considered? Will Governor Infanticide / KKK Hood attempt to prevent accountability? Should we no longer demand justice for LG Fairfax’s suspected viol victims? This is communist censorship straight up!”She added.” She added.

The gun rights rally on Monday in the least did not dissuade Virginia Democrats. Just one day later, they passed red flag legislation through the legislature and then quashed Republicans’ pro-gun bills.

Philip Van Cleave, President of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, said that “The Governor and the leaders of the Democrats have war on law-abiding citizens and gun owners and today their votes confirm that we are going there.”

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