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Ukraine Whistleblower Discussed How to Take Trump down



Ukraine Whistleblower Discussed How to Take Trump down
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According to a new report, the “whistleblower” Adam Schiff–which contributed to the impeachment of President Trump–reportedly overheard the talk of how Donald Trump would be “taken down” in 2017.

One source said that they heard the “whistleblower” talk about different ways to take Trump out of office after his policies. reports: RealClearInvestigations reported Wednesday that sources dominated the CIA analyst and the alleged whistleblower, who spoke to Obama Holdover Sean Misko about how to oust Trump from office and allegedly offered “guidance” to the alleged whistleblower in the context of the Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff (CA).

The paper states that there is “strong evidence” of the whistleblowers, although the man mentioned in the article was not officially named as such.

“Sources told RealClearInvestigations that Sean Misko was referring to the employee[ the suspected whistleblower]. The Obama administration holdovers served on foreign policy and national security issues in the Trump White House, “RealClearInvestigations announced on Wednesday. “Both expressed anger at Trump’s new” America First “foreign policy, a sea change, from President Obama’s diplomatic strategy,” a White House colleague who reportedly overheard the conversation told RealClearInquisitations. “They even spoke about trying to get rid of Trump, days after he sworn in.

“They didn’t just want to subvert his agenda,” added the source. The suspected whistleblower said, and Misko “did not like” Trump’s “policies,” adding, “They had a personal vendetta against him on Day One.” The outlet emphasized that the apparent debate over the dismissal of Trump before the Ukrainian call “undermined the tale that the impeachment arose out of’ spontaneously’

The two Obama Holdovers had a discussion during a staff-wide NSC meeting held by the then National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn. “Thousands of NSC workers attended the’ All Hands ‘ conference in the new administration for about two weeks,” the study said.

“They spoke about how they would oust Trump from office. No joke, “said a former colleague.

A military officer detailed: “After Flynn’s[ staff’s] briefing on what America’s new foreign policy means,[ the suspected whistleblower] turned to Misko and said,” we have to take him out. “And he responded,” yeah, we have to do everything we are capable to take the president out.” Both were caused by the ideology of Trump and Flynn. This was the first’ all hands'[ personnel meeting] they saw the national security team of Trump. They were huffing and puffing during the briefing every time Flynn said something that they don’t like “America First,” the source added, adding that the suspected informant told Misko that they “can’t let Trump follow that foreign policy.” “They haven’t been yelling, but they don’t seem to feel the need to hide it.”

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