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Pencil-Neck: Case Against President Trump, “The Ballot box is impossible to decide”



Pencil-Neck: Case Against President Trump, "The ballot box is impossible to decide"
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Prosecution chief Adam Schiff warned President Trump’s alleged misconduct not only by the impeachment led by the Democrats but by the vote box.

The Chairman of the House of Justice made the remarks at its opening statement on Wednesday.

“If President Trump’s misuse of his office and resistance by Congress is not remedied by his indictment in the Senate and expulsion, the balance of power in the branches of government will constantly change,” the Congressman said.

The democrat from California baselessly accused POTUS of trying “to use the presidency powers in an election to cheat.” “For this very reason, misconduct of the president can not be decided by the ballot box, because we can’t be sure of a fair victory in the election,” Schiff said.

“The president showed that he believed he was above the law and that he disregarded constraint,” he added.

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