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Essentials You Need For a Scuba Adventure

Scuba diving is an aquatic leisure activity that requires the diver to jump and go deep into the water. Scuba diving gear includes the different types of coveralls available in several thicknesses: waterproof (neoprene or tri-laminate, etc.), semi-waterproof, wet. For more thermal insulation, the di

Essentials You Need For a Scuba Adventure
Essentials You Need For a Scuba Adventure

Scuba diving is an aquatic leisure activity that requires the diver to jump and go deep into the water.

Scuba diving gear includes the different types of coveralls available in several thicknesses: waterproof (neoprene or tri-laminate, etc.), semi-waterproof, wet. For more thermal insulation, the diver is equipped with slippers, gloves and a hood.
In scuba diving, the equipment is more specific and requires a diver to rely on the advice of a specialized dealer for the choice of products.

For the basic equipment, we find the fins which allow the diver to move underwater, to maintain himself on the surface but also to balance himself in the water, the mask which allows seeing underwater and having better visibility and the snorkel to breathe on the surface. The diving suit or shorty (for hot waters) which have a thermal protection role and which allow a diver to stay a longer time underwater without feeling cold.
To breathe underwater, the diver has a bottle or a diving block (element provided by diving clubs, keep one if you do not have one), the equipment providing the air breathed in from a regulator, a piece made up of a first stage attached to the bottle and a second stage placed in the mouth (for breathing). The diving regulator will transform the pressurized air from the cylinder into the air at ambient pressure, ready to be breathed by the diver.

The stabilization vest or stab allows you to stabilize, go up or go down into the water or also to maintain yourself on the surface. If visibility is reduced in water, the dive light or headlight quickly becomes an essential element.

You will need a:

Diving suit

This is a one-piece suit and is made from 3mm neoprene and Ultra-span material for more elasticity. Everything has been thought of to ensure the suit is waterproof thanks to the smooth neoprene collar and the back closure with an Aqua-stop under-closure strip.

Water shoes

They are suitable for both men and women and prevent your feet from cuts due to rocks or shells while keeping them warm if the water is cool. Very stretchy and without closure, these water shoes slip on with ease and ensure optimal comfort.

Adjustable Pro Light fins

Light and resistant, these diving fins have a great reactivity as well as a very good yield in terms of thrust for a reduced physical effort. The perfect balance between the materials used (polypropylene and flexible elastomer) makes this pair of fins a technical and modern accessory, ideal for novice divers as for professionals as well.

Mask & snorkel

This is an adjustable mask with a single-window and fits perfectly on the head. Very waterproof, it envelops the face and prevents any infiltration of air and water. The double flexible silicone strap stays in place, ensuring that the mask is held securely around the head. The tube, solid and rigid, has a hook to hang it on the mask.

Full face mask 180 °

Taste an incomparable diving experience with this full face mask offering a 180 ° view of the seabed. You can even film thanks to its GoPro support. No need to clutter up with a snorkel and pinch your nose under a mask: comfortable, this innovative accessory fits perfectly on the face. The integrated snorkel has a valve that prevents water from entering while the porthole is designed anti-fog.

Onboard Wi-Fi sport camera

Go on an adventure with this waterproof onboard sports camera and immortalize all your underwater discoveries.

A dive computer

Robust and versatile, this dive computer is easy to use thanks to its 3 buttons and its simplified menu. It adapts to all diving situations because it has 3 modes: air decompression, nitrox, and depth gauge mode.

A logbook

So as not to forget anything about your dives, remember to record your adventures in this small transportable logbook. Its fleece blanket protects the sheets filled with your precious diving memories. Practical and functional, this product comes with a pen while the zipper prevents water or sand splashes.

Scuba diving instruments and accessories

In the essential instruments and accessories for a good practice of scuba diving, we find the watch or the computer which allows the diver to measure the different parameters of his scuba diving like depth, duration of immersion and the landing times to be respected (safety element). The diver can be equipped with a pressure gauge, an instrument that is attached to the first stage of the regulator and allowing an indication of the pressure remaining in the block. To orient yourself underwater, you must equip yourself with a diving compass. The diver must also have GPS which is a mandatory safety device to signal their presence underwater. The diving ballast allows the diver to have good buoyancy in order to facilitate his underwater immersion. It is an essential accessory for transporting and storing your own diving equipment.

There are waterproof diving bags for any type of equipment and others more specific to a type of accessories such as palm bags, bags for diving regulators or computer bags. For more “technical” dives, on wrecks or in caves you should opt for more specific equipment such as face masks or communicators, side mounts vests, wings, harnesses, and recyclers.

Equipment and accessories for experienced divers are different and in most cases requiring special training. It is also possible to immortalize an outing at sea using underwater cameras to capture sea life or even underwater cameras of the Go pro-type, for example.

Diving is not just for professionals. You can very well test this water sport as an amateur, provided you equip yourself properly and know the right moves. Before you get started, get used to snorkeling and make sure to manage your possible stress and apprehension of the seabed. When underwater, be economical in your movements to avoid getting tired too quickly and losing oxygen.

Once apnea has no secrets for you, think about choosing the right accessories to dive in comfortably and safely. From the wetsuit to the fins, through the mask and the snorkel, we have selected for you all the diving items you need. Thus equipped, you will have the pleasure of making small trips to the sea and exploring shallow areas to familiarize yourself with the incredible underwater life. Go and enjoy the oceans with these essentials.


You need to make your dive memorable as you cover the vast oceans and swim with the beautiful sea life. This essential scuba diving equipment will win your heart and make your diving worth it.