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5 Biggest Inventions for Daily Life



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Technology and development go hand in hand. We are living in the 21st century and it is unarguably the most advanced period of human civilization. Hundred years ago things which seemed to be unimaginable, because of technology are possible today. Humans have successfully landed on the Moon and Mars, and their ambitions have not died. The humans are now investing their time and money on more such projects. Also, because of the medical science, the life expectancy of a human has been increased.

Indeed, many significant inventions have changed human lives forever. But there are many inventions on which we are dependent on our daily lives and can’t expect to live without them now. Have you ever wondered about this? Check the list below.


Paper is one of the most important inventions of humans. Paper was invented sometime around the 2nd century BCE in China. The primary reason to invent the paper was to record something important and to convey messages. Today paper is used for several reasons. Be in the form of newspaper, to write something, reading books, wiping hands or as toilet paper, it has become a very part of our lives.

Vacuum Cleaner

Nobody loves an untidy environment. One of the best ways to clean up the mess is brooming. But brooming couldn’t solve all the problems. So, there was a requirement of something better than a broom. This gave Ives W. Mcgaffy motivation to invent the first manually powered cleaner that was based on principles of vacuum in 1868. That machine was quite light-weight and compact. Gradually developments took place in vacuum cleaners and today we have the finest vacuum cleaners. Although the best vacuum cleaners are a bit pricey the Dysan Black Friday Sale is perhaps a better option to grab the best deals for you.

Safety Razor

Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Zac Efron, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, one thing is common among everyone is that they have truly justified how to sport a clean shave look. But to look exceptionally stunning in clean shave look all of the above-mentioned names require a safety razor. Before the invention of the safety razor, people used to shave with a single blade razor that was very difficult to use and most of the time would cut the skin. Thanks to Jean Jaques Perret who invented the first safety razor and made the lives of men easy and convenient. Later, in 1901 King Camp Gillette an American invented the first safety razor with removable blades and rest is the history.


Another very significant invention made in contemporary times is the zipper. It is one of the most useful inventions by humans but the irony is that we don’t realize its importance. The initial use of zippers could be found in the clothes. It was used as a replacement for traditional hooks and buttons. The need for an easy method to tie the open spaces of clothes with a zipper was because the traditional buttons or hooks consumed a lot of time and their operation was also very difficult. The zipper reduced the time to close the same amount of area by almost 2 times. Moreover, the zipper had a very negligible chance to get opened on its own, unlike the buttons or hooks. And today we not only use the zipper for our clothes but our bags and covering clothes for different products as well.


Technology has two sides, good and bad. This is perhaps one of those inventions that have made the human lives easier but at the same time tried to degrade the condition of humans like a parasite. But it is an invention and is used in our daily lives that is why it deserved a place on this list. We use plastic daily in one or the other form. Plastic has become a part of our lives.  


Technology’s primary motive was to serve human needs and to make human life easier and convenient as it was before the inventions. The technological developments that took place in the past 2 centuries have transformed human lives forever. Today, in the most complex geopolitical environment of human history, technology plays a very significant role in the soft power of any nation. Those who have access to technology are considered to be more powerful. This is precise because the development is directly proportional to the technology.

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