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Greta Thunberg Wants to Mark her Name and Her Movement for Resistance



Greta Thunberg
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Swedish climate campaigner Greta Thunberg said she has licensed her own name and environmental protest movement as markers to discourage importers or advertisers from “misuse” them.

She said disciplinary action would be taken against people or companies trying to use their identity or campaigns that do not adhere to their beliefs.

RT reports: Thunberg announced that on Wednesday they were moving in an Instagram post urging her more than 500,000 followers to be “extremely suspicious” if someone pretends to be her contacts because so many impersonates and frauds tried to use her name to “communicate with people of high profile, politicians, media, artists, etc.”

Future Fridays is a global movement that has been founded by me. It belongs to everyone concerned, especially young people. It can not –and must not –be used for industrial or human purposes.

A new foundation registered by her parents, although it is not yet operating, is of course “strictly non-profit and there are no philanthropic desires,” she says.
She then contradicted herself, explaining that the Fund’s mission is “to support ecological sustainability, environment, and social resilience as well as mental health.” Thunberg, 17, has been named TIME magazine’s individual of the year in 2019 and gained international attention. “That’s just something that’s required to handle money in a totally transparent way (book sales, grants, prize money, etc.).” A recent documentary, though, indicated that the rapid rise to fame of Ingmar Rentshog, a relative of her father, may have been less spontaneous and more carefully written by climate protester.

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