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iOS vs Android: Key Differences in Designing Native iOS and Android Apps



android apps

iOS and Android account for around 95% of the global mobile app market, with Android having a majority of the share. With such a massive market, opportunities for boosting brands and businesses are endless.

It is one reason why startups and enterprises are keen on investing in native mobile app development. Additionally, apps are a way to increase user engagement with your brand and tackle customer service issues swiftly and deftly.

Native Android and iOS apps, however, differ in more than just their market share and user base. From the programming language to the user interface, the native APIs, and more, all are significant factors that contribute to the differences between the two platforms.

If you’re developing a native app for iOS and Android, then here are some variances you should know:

App Icons

One of the fundamental differences you can spot between an iOS and Android native app is its icon. Icons are the distinct identity of a brand or application that differentiates it from other similar apps in the market.

In iOS app development, designers create icons in square shapes that are later rounded off at the corners. Apple encourages the use of flattened images to ensure clarity and transparency in the icon design. In a nutshell, since all icons have a similar shape, the square is the canvas for all designers.

On the other hand, Android app development allows a little more flexibility in icon design. Android recommends Material Guidelines for icons, but most designers do not follow them strictly. Developers can use paper shadows, an array of colors, and a transparent background, meaning Android app icons can take on any shape or form that fits the area.

App Navigation

Navigation is the primary difference in designing native apps for Android and iOS. From the buttons to the in-app navigation, various factors exist that separate the two platforms. Let’s dig deeper to understand how it affects app development:

·         In-App Navigation Pattern

With the differences in device configuration, the UI of iOS and Android apps differ significantly in the way users navigate within an app.

Android apps feature an in-app navigation bar with a back button and refresh button. It allows a flawless user experience as the users can switch from one screen to the next with ease.

In iOS app development, however, a native app does not have in-built navigation. Instead, it has a screen-specific button at the top. Additionally, the only way to go back is to swipe the screen to the right. Keeping these technicalities in mind is essential for affordable web and app developers to provide a smooth user experience for the users.

·         Home Button

The home button is another significant feature that differentiates the iOS and Android app design. Where the Android device has three buttons for convenience of users, iPhones only offer one button for global navigation.

The separate buttons enable users to switch screens or back out of an app anytime, without depending on the in-app button. iOS users, on the other hand, need an in-app button to go back, or they’ll be stuck on one screen.

Therefore, when designing the app UI for iOS, in particular, designers need to integrate proper navigation features within the app.

·         Navigation Bar/ In-App Tab

The navigation bar is another navigation element that differs in Android and iOS apps. However, it is one factor that deals more with the position of the menu bar than the navigation.

In native Android apps, the menu tab is on the left side of the screen hidden in a drawer feature that users can access via a button on the top. The drawer holds all the options of an application that a user would need.

Contrarily, iOS apps feature navigation bars at the bottom of the screen in an app, rarely at the top, but never as a side drawer. Additionally, all the tabs are always visible on the open app screen.

Button Designs

The buttons within an app also differ for iOS and Android apps. The Material Design Guidelines offers two options for Android apps, flat and raised. Additionally, the font is capitalized in Android, but title case in iOS. Android buttons also have a shadow effect that gives them depth, a feature that is absent in iOS app buttons.

One example of button design is the vastly different CTA button in all Android apps and iOS apps:

·         Call-to-Action Button

The action button represents the primary purpose of an application, like composing an email or posting updates on social apps. In iOS and Android, the CTA button is also a significant difference between Android and iOS apps.

While both platforms feature an action button, the position and design differ for iOS and Android apps. iOS apps are integrated with a more central CTA button in the middle of the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen or at the top-right corner if the navigation bar is on the top.

Contrarily, the Android apps have an analogous design for action buttons – floating action buttons on the right-bottom corner of the app.

Which Platform is the Best for You?

Apart from the variances in design, other factors also play a role in the development of iOS and Android apps. From the cost of the platform to the language the developers use, all elements contribute to their differences.

The screen resolution, the individual features of an app, its visual and style elements, are significant factors, and each characteristic contributes to the user experience. Therefore, it is essential that development agencies, like Applify Labs, consider all design elements and their effectiveness when designing native apps.

Author Bio

Haziqa Ishtiaq is a Digital Content Producer at Applify Labs, a software development agency headquartered in Florida, U.S.A. She has a passion for writing and has expertise on Blockchain, AI, marketing strategies, and more.


Is Microfluidic Technology the ‘Next BIG Thing’ in the Circuit Realm?



Microfluidic Technology

In the last two decades, there has been a rapid increase in the number of publications that focus on lab-on-a-chip systems. Researches from the Morin group lead by Prof. Stephen Morin, an Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry, University of Nebraska leveraged from these systems in the realization of curvilinear printed circuit boards that have the potential to be the future of technology based on their numerous applications.

There is no doubt that advanced manufacturing techniques have enabled economical, large-scale and efficient manufacturing of different components including electrical circuit boards which are essential elements of modern-day consumer products. From simple toys to intricate systems, these electronic components have application in almost all industries. If the processor is considered as the brain of a device, then undoubtedly, circuits are the nerves that effect the overall function. And why not? They help power majority of the systems and give them direction. However, traditional component circuitry can only be used on a planar surface, and they are produced using top-down lithography. It’s only a matter of time when these components will no longer be used in devices for applications that require components to be non-flat or be flexible.

In a recent paper titled “Soft microreactors for the deposition of conductive metallic traces on planar, embossed, and curved surfaces” published in Advanced Functional Materials, Morin group at the University of Nebraska, demonstrated the seamless integration of microfluidics to produce circuits on non-planar objects and further attached various electronic components to these circuits. Leveraging the microfluidic technology with better standards of fabrication processes and facilities, the results showed promise of commercial standardization and up scalability to produce curvilinear printed circuit boards.

For those of you who are not familiar with the term “microfluidic device”, it is a configuration of components made from microscale fluid-like microchannels, chambers that allow easy flow of fluids and valves that are individually addressable. You might be wondering; this sounds a bit familiar, and you are correct. The description is fairly similar to an electric circuit where the only difference is the medium—in an electric circuit, there is a flow of electricity.

In a microfluidic device, the rate of fluid flow can be controlled, the direction of flow can be changed, chemical reactions can take place using a mixture of fluids, particles can be separated, etc. All this can happen in a single microfluidic device. Many experts consider microfluidic devices as using the model analogous to the electric circuit. With that out of the way, it is imperative to look at the research as mentioned above and how it benefits the future of electronics. The in-depth research was carried out by a highly qualified team of experts led by Prof. Stephen Morin, and included Dr. Abhiteja Konda, Prof. Christos Argyropoulos and others at the University of Nebraska, and was in part funded by the National Science Foundation (Grant No. 1555356) and the Nebraska Research Initiative.

These researchers have pulled off something unthinkable by developing a simpler and cost-effective method for depositing circuits on surfaces that are textured, stretchable and curved. The idea behind this technology is to free circuitry from the limitation of being rigid and flat on the circuit board. “If you can remove the need for dedicated substrates to house electronic circuits by coating support elements with those circuits, then you can save material and mass”, says Prof. Stephen Morin.

Unlike animals whose flexibility allows them to evolve through time taking different shapes, size and structure, the present-day circuit boards are rigid, flat and boxy devices. Morin and his team devised a technique called microfluidic-directed electroless copper deposition (μ-DECD)—a technique that can “paint” copper traces onto textured, non-planar, curved surfaces. This technology can transform nearly any kind of surface into a de facto circuit board with enhanced structural integrity and has the potential to revolutionize the electronics industry by saving the engineer valuable space and weight and expand the use of these structures into unprecedented domains.

According to Dr. Abhiteja Konda, currently a post-doc at the Argonne National Laboratory, and the lead author of this paper, “For the first time, we demonstrated the use of soft, microfluidic devices in the deposition of metallic traces. Our approach is unique in using simple process tools for the fabrication of circuits on non-planar, arbitrary surfaces.” Based on his experience, the technique is relatively simple, and would be able to offer better accessibility and affordability compared to the existing alternatives that use laser-based tools.

The μ-DECD process involved imprinting of the microscopic canals into an elastic material, which was then sealed by compressing onto various surfaces—a corrugated plane, a sphere or even a cylinder—anything that creates a reversible yet strong seal. The seal allowed the flow of solutions through the channels which were used for electroless deposition of copper. The metallic copper is deposited only in the areas exposed to the solutions as defined by the channels in the microfluidic device.

The team further demonstrated the use of these traces in producing a light-sensing circuit, and a radio frequency antenna that was used to transmit a signal and was detected using a smartphone through near-field communication.

Microfluidic Technology

Image Credit: University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Microfluidic Technology

Image Credit: University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Dr. Abhiteja Konda

Dr. Abhiteja Konda

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What AI holds in store for the Future?



Artificial Intelligence

“The world is breathing in and out with technology and human interaction these days. Artificial intelligence is a perfect example of this interface”. The technology has found a comfy spot in our day to day lives, without us even realizing it. Here’s a sneak peek into what artificial intelligence is all about and why it has gained such a humongous amount of attraction.

What is AI?

In simple words, artificial intelligence is a science of making technology human friendly.

It is a mechanism of making machines think like humans. It is like an amalgamation of human thinking with the fast-computational skills of a machine on the same table.

How does it work?

Human minds process a thing or an information, by seeing it through the eyes. The signals are then to the brain for processing it. The brain forms a clear picture and aligned that image with the linguistic conformation and calls it by the name. Now what if a machine starts doing the same.

Exactly, Artificial Intelligence is the art of making machines, processing things just like a human.

There are certain aspects to it as described below:-

  1. The study of data: The age is the age of data, The information is analyzed and processed. By observing the trend, various algorithms are designed.
  2. Deep Learning: Deep learning is the science of studying networks, unorganized data. It can be regarded as a subset of Machine Learning. It is also called deep neural learning.

III. Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing: The neural networks and natural language processing helps the artificial intelligence networks, understand and comprehend things as humans would.

  1. Machine Learning: As the name suggests itself machine learning is all about “making the machine” learn the language of humans. Every machine needs to understand the instructions, in order to give it process the information, the way it is expected to be perceived.

 Stages of Artificial Intelligence:

By understanding one’s pattern of interests and choices, the algorithms are set to be processed and give a result same as that of a human.

Stages of Artificial Intelligence are described as follows:-

Stage 1: Narrow AI: It is often called as weak AI as it handles singular/linear work

Stage 2: General AI: This is based on the fundamental idea of AI. It is thought as intelligence of machine matching which is capable of comprehending any task just like a human.

Stage 3. Super AI: This AI is the fastest, and surpasses the human intelligence. It is excellent art everything, you just have to name it.

Evolution of AI ?

Prominent polymaths speculated that the human reasons could be reduced with computational skills.

The term Artificial Intelligence is not new. It was first coined by John McCarthy in 1956. He is regarded as the father of AI. 

After a span of decades, it can now be seen that all the speculations have become a reality. In today’s time artificial intelligence can be seen everywhere.

Artificial Intelligence: Everyday

We may not see AI fully every day but in bits we can observe it. Alright so the next time you type an email, you can see the message you are intended to type next comes with a press of tab. Who can forget the face recognition feature? How about the news about the driverless car you woke up to recently? This technology has comfortably snuggled into the comforts of our homes these days.

For example, alexa is no less than a friend at a click, google assistant is helping the people easing their jobs like anything and the intelligent siri is always there for you when you’re stuck in Delima.  All these are nothing but an outcome of wonders which Artificial Intelligence can accomplish.

Barack Obama quotes,” It is sleeping into our lives in all sorts of ways that we just don’t notice. We’re getting better and better at it and we’re seeing that happen in every aspect of our lives. From medicine to transportation, how electricity is distributed. It promises to create a vastly more productive and efficient economy. And if properly harnessed, it can generate enormous prosperity for people, the opportunity for people can cure diseases that we haven’t seen before. Can make us safer because it eliminates inherent human error in a lot of work.”

Without a speck of doubt, indeed, today’s time is truly advancing towards a new age of efficiency, intelligence, and digitization with the advent of artificial intelligence.

Scope of Artificial Intelligence:

So what we see today is just the beginning of it. Artificial Intelligence has to make many strides in the world today.

In almost every industry, from banking, financing to the health care sector, AI is contributing its share by really easing out tedious processes at a click of a button. Not only that, but its efficiency and accuracy also ensure a secure future of this business today. The scope of AI is endless.

The data is a valued asset in today’s time like never before in the history of humankind. It is these nodules of data, which are working at the cellular level of artificial intelligence which has brought everything into reality.

So here is a review on the career options in Artificial intelligence and machine learning: –

    1. Artificial Intelligence Engineer,
    2. Data scientist,

III. Developer,

  1. Machine Learning Engineer,
  2. Business Intelligence Developer,
  3. Researcher, and so on

So the scope of Artificial Intelligence is as vast as the sky, the only one thing that it demands is a truly passionate and seeking mind to create value through this.

From Bill Gates, Warren Buffet to Elon Musk, everyone shares a great view towards artificial intelligence and on how it will make processes efficient and accurate at the same time.

The 21st century is truly witnessing a time where the virtues of technology are touching the zenith like never before in the history of the planet so far.

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How to dothe wnload videos on the android devices



The Protracted Review on Mobile App Development: The Native and Hybrid Apps

Every owner of the smartphone wants to enjoy some of the content in the form of videos on their android devices so that their time can be passed. Watching videos and enjoying the content is considered to be the best time pass activity for all the people. There is much software available for the people to upload and download the videos but vidmate is considered to be the best among them. This is the easiest to use and due to this reason, it is highly preferred among all the people. One can very easily download the videos using this from any of the sources. The interface of the app is also too good and the app also takes very little space on the android device.

 Using this, one can download the videos in any of the formats as per their own needs and wants. The users find it very easy to download the content using this and they feel no issue to download the videos. Even one can select the speed of the downloads using this app and it can be used on both the mobile as well as computers. The app is best among all the other apps in terms of ease of using it and in terms of the speed of the downloads.

 There are many benefits of using this app and some of them have been mentioned as follows:

 Number one: One can set this as the default player: one can also set this app as the default player and downloader of videos. Using this and setting it as default will depend upon the needs and wants of the users.

 Number two: One can have the feature of live TV streaming: users can also enjoy the feature of the live TV streaming using this application and one can now watch the favorite shows from anywhere and at any time.

 Number three: The app has a great speed: the app is considered the best in comparison to all the other apps in terms of speed and ease of use. The basic requirement to avail of this benefit is that one must have a good internet connection and facilities.

 Number four: Provides various quality formats: one can use this app and then download the videos in various available quality formats which range from low-quality formats to high-quality formats. All this again depends upon the needs and requirements of the users.

 Number five: The app provides the best interface: the app helps to satisfy the users by providing the best quality interface which is very easy to understand from the viewpoint of new users. The whole system and process is user-friendly and one can learn the process to download the videos very easily.

 Number six: provides a high level of safety: there is full safety to the devices of the users from viruses and malware so that the company can gain the trust of the consumers. There is no issue to the devices and the content from the risky websites. Even the app provides a feature of scanning the things before installing them which is a great benefit to the users.

 One can download this amazing app using the UC mini browser so that one can avail all such benefits from it.

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Construction Art that Speaks to the World – BUILD IT By Design




Buckminster Fuller, a famous American architect, once said, “When I’m working on a problem, I never think about beauty. But when I’ve finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it’s wrong.”

The right design will always end up in a beautiful form that impresses the world with its grandeur. If the result does not amaze the world, it is certainly a failed architectural design. But with every great design, you need a construction firm that’s capable to bring it to life and it can amaze the world with its out-of-this-world build-out, or it can bore the world, and soon become a lifeless mixture of concrete and cement.

When talking about construction, an Ontario-based company, BUILD IT by Design, is taking the Canadian construction sector by a storm. They are helping world-class brands build iconic destinations that match their mission & vision. Their projects are stealing the spotlight and are creating a hype in the construction industry, especially in the restaurant construction sector.

BUILD IT By Design – Bringing brands to life

Whether it’s a high-end restaurant or a brick-and-mortar retail store, the aesthetics will always play a pivotal role in attracting customers and generating revenues. BUILD IT by Design came into existence in 2008 and was founded under the partnership of Simon Shahin and Alburt Lefebvre. These young entrepreneurs, who are also best friends, are revolutionizing the restaurant construction sector. The friendship that began while operating a small company from the back of a pickup truck has come to a point where they are running Canada’s most experienced commercial construction firm. Since 2008, BUILD IT by Design has completed over 600 projects, setting itself far above the competition.

The company is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario.  In late 2019 BUILD, IT was able to successfully launch its new Alberta office to help expand the company’s reach across Canada.  BUILD IT has a team of 70 of the industry’s top personnel. This creative team helps BUILD IT turn their client’s dreams into a reality. The BUILD IT by Design team works to bring forward the brand’s concept, in its truest form, using the most out-of-the-box construction ideas. The focus of the company was primarily constructing restaurant spaces, but it has since then stepped into building retail, commercial and medical spaces.

Today, the company has made its mark on Canada with its creative and unique projects. It is developing projects with an aim to expand into new markets. The company is working on projects in all sectors, including retail, commercial, and healthcare, with its core focus on restaurants. Some of their notable clientele in Canada include Chick-fil-A, Jollibee, The Second City, Chipotle, Blaze Pizza, A&W, Henry’s and many more.

Restaurant Spaces – Giving Diner’s More than Just a Meal

The name that stands out in the field of restaurant construction in Canada is to BUILD IT by Design. It is due to the company’s recognized success and expanding skillset that makes it the most reliable choice for turning an aspiring restaurant owner’s dream into a brick-and-mortar existence. The company focuses on creating a top-notch ambiance for the diners. According to Simon Shahin, “today’s diners want to drool over more than just the meal. They expect a restaurant’s decor to be appetizing as well.” The generation of today is always in search of Instagram-able moments and creating an Instagram-worthy restaurant. Some notable recent projects include;

  • Chick-fil-A

One of the most exciting restaurant projects that BUILD IT has recently worked on was Chick-Fil-A. It is one the largest fast-food restaurant in America. The company’s very first Chick-Fil-A outlet in Canada is located at Yonge & Bloor, Toronto. This was one of the most anticipated restaurants of 2019 and has been a highlight in the neighborhood ever since. 

  • Madrina

Known for its Spanish tapas and located in the heart of the historic Distillery District in Toronto, Madrina is filled with warm vibrant, warm colors, and stylish décor giving you the perfect setting for sharing meals and bringing out a fun yet classy vibe.


Jollibee was founded by Tony Tan and his family with its humble beginnings as an Ice Cream Parlor which later grew into an emerging global brand. Today, Jollibee is a bustling network of over 1,000 restaurants worldwide and expanded into Canada in 2018

  • Basil Box

In 2015 Basil box was born in a small space at Square One shopping center offering Southeast Asian cuisine that is authentic and fresh. Today Basil box doubled its restaurant square footage and has more than 15 Locations Canada wide, BUILD IT has been proud to have built all locations across Ontario.

Some other projects that the company has in its portfolio include Aloette, Lov, Thirty-Six Knots, Medici, Harbour Eats, and Mira to name a few. Each of these projects features unique elements that make them stand out among all their competitors.

Elevating the portfolio

Up until 2016, the company’s primary focus was on the construction of restaurant spaces. Since then, the CEO, Simon Shahin, believes that the company is ready to take on diverse projects.

The winner of the Top Choice Commercial Construction Company of 2020, BUILD IT by Design, is setting a standard for all its competitors. Operating with core values, including trust, talent, and transparency, the company has become one of the leading commercial construction company in Canada. It is now spreading its roots into other markets and has become a top choice for restaurant construction needs. Not only does the company excel at turning its client’s dreams into reality, but it also appreciates and acknowledges the hard work and effort put in by their team. Some of the team members at BUILD IT has been working with Simon and Alburt since day one. BUILD IT has been successful in establishing itself as the one of the best commercial construction companies in Canada with its vision, experience, and dynamic construction ideas.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook video converter



Facebook is developing a cryptocurrency for WhatsApp money

Facebook Video Converter is an extension for Chrome and Firefox that enables one to create videos from a source such as YouTube or any other video sharing site. The advantages of Facebook Video Converter are well known to people who make videos. But before we talk about the advantages, let us first consider what the disadvantages are.

Facebook Video Converter offers an option to convert online Facebook videos to MP4 and sometimes rename the video title. However, it is always advised to stick to the original title and description of the video that you have downloaded. Do not rely on these video title generators to make your video a catchy one. This is because the title generator usually replaces all capital letters in your title with lower case ones.

Mostly on Facebook, you will be limited to 30 seconds in your video, this is very common in WhatsApp status by the way. This limit might seem like it is very little, but you should realize that you need to use those 30 seconds as much as possible. This limit might seem like a minor disadvantage. However, this feature can be really useful if you are a business person who wants to post a review of products in front of a target market.

Facebook video converter does not work with videos that were produced using Flash Player. When a video is produced with Flash Player, it is unlikely to be functional in some online converters. The most popular versions of Flash Player do not support video streaming. As a result, you cannot upload a video to Facebook that uses Flash Player.

Flash Players cannot automatically play videos. The play button has to be pressed by the user in order to start playing the video. This is one good advantage of using a Facebook downloader or converter to save the video in a format that can be played automatically when uploaded to Facebook.

Some extensions of Facebook video converters are not compatible with Google Chrome. Google Chrome already uses WebRTC to enable voice and video calling. There is no point in using the converter with the default WebRTC platform that Google Chrome is using hence there is a conflict somewhere in the browser.

These are just some of the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook video converter. However, those who have used any Facebook converter claim that it can definitely deliver what it promises.

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Dallas Best Managed IT Support Services for Small & Medium Business



Managed IT Services dallas

Past researchers have confirmed that 89% of companies are planning to shift or have already shifted to a digital-first approach. Moreover, most of these businesses have been from healthcare, education, finance, and manufacturing industries. They have been outsourcing their IT functions to Managed Service Providers to stay in touch with the latest technologies that help them in optimizing their key competencies. Ighty Support LLC is the most trusted and the Best Dallas IT Support Company in the market. We provide Managed IT Services to small and medium-scale businesses that enable them to increase their operating efficiencies and boost the revenue generation process. Our client-specific solutions help them make smart choices for their business’ dynamic growth.

Types of Small Businesses that need Managed IT Support in Dallas

No matter what industry you own a business in, you would depend on technology to run your business smoothly. IT Support Services simplifies these functions and gives you more opportunities to expand and improve the quality of your business’ operations. The most prominent enterprises in Dallas are from sectors like hospitality, education, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing. Ighty Support, the Best IT Support Company in Dallas, offers managed services to small businesses in all the above sectors and many more.

  1. Hospitality sector businesses require Managed IT Services for safe and quick online booking transactions, Wi-Fi connectivity, fast business transactions, record keeping, and more. We help them create an interruption-free network, which allows them to give an enhanced experience to their customers.
  2. As the best-Managed Service Provider, we assist healthcare businesses like hospitals and clinics who heavily rely on technology for their clinical functions and equipment, managerial operations like maintaining records safely.
  3. We provide IT Support Services in Dallas to educational institutions that need technology for teaching in smart classrooms and online classes, efficient communication with parents, and maintaining records of students.
  4. Insurance companies entail Managed IT Services for effortless management and to keep their information protected from the risks of cyberattacks. At Ighty Support, we create a secure IT framework for their operations.
  5. Our quality services allow manufacturing companies to focus on the strategic functions of their business. We make sure their manufacturing processes controlled by IT Support Services are working without any disruptions.

Managed Services by Ighty Support

Managed IT Support Services

Dallas Best Managed IT Support Services for Small & Medium Business

Best IT Support Company is capable of providing all types of Managed IT services. At Ighty Support, we offer our clients a wide range of services, which includes:

  • Firewall setup
  • Wired and wireless network setups
  • Network Attached Storage devices
  • Wireless Access Points devices
  • HIPAA compliant networks
  • Cloud backups
  • Data recovery
  • Hardware support
  • Software support
  • Phone system installation

How does Ighty Support help small businesses?

Trusted as the Best Managed IT Support in Dallas, Ighty Support offers exceptional Managed services and helps small businesses

Prevent Downtimes

What would you do if your business network breaks down regularly or is attacked by malware? The obvious choices are trying to fix it yourself or call a technician for assistance. which affects the overall outputs of your business operations. Our team monitors your systems 24/7 and prevents downtimes by solving the problems even before they create any disruptions in your work.

Reduce IT Investment Costs

To meet the market demands on time, companies need to continually incorporate the latest technology into their functions. With fewer funds available, it gets difficult to meet the increased costs spent on technology resources. Our IT Support team gives consultation and designs a cost-effective IT framework that keeps them updated with the current market standards.

Simplify Business Model

Simple operations can consume the excessive time of employees, which reduces their output. We help businesses simplify such functions with a well-planned and effective technology network. That gives employees the flexibility to outperform with their capabilities.

Do you need to hire an MSP for your small-scale business?

Managed IT Services are beneficial for all businesses if they hire the best Managed IT Services. However, the answer to the above question relies on the below-mentioned criteria:

  • If hiring an MSP can reduce the costs of your annual expenditures?
  • If you have many devices in your IT network and need to maintain a proper setup?
  • Are you planning to expand your business or implement the use of advanced technology in it?
  • Do you need expert help to upscale your existing systems?
  • Are you concerned about better security measures for data, transactions, and communications?

Ighty Support is there when you need Managed IT Services in the above situations. We not only provide the best solutions but also give consultation after analyzing your current IT structure and requirements.

Benefits of Working with a Managed Service Provider in 2020

Benefits of Managed IT Support

Dallas Best Managed IT Support Services for Small & Medium Business

2020, the beginning of a new decade, is a time when more and more businesses are roping in Managed Service Providers to transform their work models for improved performance. Being the Best IT Support Company in Dallas, we help businesses

  • Keep data and communications secure
  • Stay competitive in the market
  • Respond to market demands instantly
  • Fast-forward the pace of operations

Are you ready to adapt to a high-level IT network that complements your business’ IT needs? Ighty Support, the Best IT Support Services in Dallas, is always there by your side to help you plan and implement an affordable and efficient network. Contact our team and make the best use of our specialized Managed IT Services in your business growth.

Managed it services

Dallas Best Managed IT Support Services for Small & Medium Business


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Tech and Social Trends Shaping the World of Gaming



Bocial Media Best Practices for Businesses

Video games have come a long way since the early days of Nintendo 64, Atari 7800, and classic titles such as Donkey Kong and Mario Kart. Gaming has become a global culture, attracting both the young and old. According to recent statistics, well over 2.5 billion people worldwide play video games, and as a commercial industry, the gaming market generated nearly $135 billion in 2018.

What’s more, video games have become widely available and affordable to both gamers and non-gamers. Despite the many different gaming platforms available today, there are programming pioneers building tools such as the unity plugin allowing players to enjoy cross-platform games. Although large gaming companies still call the shots, tech innovations and social trends also heavily influence the direction of the gaming industry.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

VR and AR have become buzzwords in the visual entertainment scene. These two technologies are the last word in immersive visual entertainment (at least for now). VR is a simulated experience that adapts the feed according to the viewer’s orientation, movements, and actions. AR is more of an interactive experience that allows the user to interact with digital elements perceptualized in the natural world environment.  

Both technologies are still not refined enough for the mainstream market, but the game and computer developers have made remarkable strides recently towards improving the end-user devices and underlying architectures. Some developers have already released triple-A titles with impressive VR and AR features and capabilities.  

Inclusivity in Games

Over the last few years, various groups have stood up against marginalization and discrimination in efforts to promote gender, racial, and religious equality. Some social activists and game developers have realized that video games are a great way to reach vast audiences. It’s not uncommon nowadays to find subtle or outright themes for social justice, embracing diversity, and even environmental sustainability in every-day video games.

Some creative game designers hide their messages in the base storylines, character development, and interactive functions or features. It’s a bit odd to think of gaming as a way to, for instance, heal the planet, but once you think of gaming as a means of sensitization and communication, it all makes sense.  

Mobile Gaming is Growing Fast

Mobile gaming is on the rise; within just a decade, mobile gaming has grown from an insignificant commercial niche to a multi-billion dollar industry. This shouldn’t come as a surprise; mobile phone use has skyrocketed since the smartphone came into the consumer gadgets’ scene.

Smartphone manufacturers are continuously making more powerful hardware and software every year. This has made powerful pocket-sized devices very popular and affordable. To game developers, the widespread use of smartphones opens access to a whole new market segment. Today, even giant game publishers such as EA, Ubisoft, and SEGA are in on the action – remastering some of their classic and latest releases and adapting the gameplay and features to mobile platforms.   

AI in Gaming

Artificial intelligence is nothing new to the gaming world. However, over the last few years, advancements in AI technology have revealed new opportunities for game developers. Some of the key areas in gaming that have benefited from AI are interactions, game difficulty settings, and gameplay personalization. Thanks to AI, gamers can interact more realistically with characters in games, especially NPCs. Players can also enjoy solo games depending on their abilities and skills and have a personalized gameplay experience based on their gaming style and in-game choices.

Like other industries that rely on the dynamics of the social-political culture and advances in technology, the gaming world keeps evolving and changing. This entertainment segment is always the first to adopt and find a use for the latest tech in digital entertainment. In a way, gaming also helps push technological advancements as gamers demand more from their consoles, PCs, smartphones, and the games themselves.

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Flutter 1.12 – Everything you should know about the latest one from Flutter



Flutter 1.12 what is new

Flutter is the revolutionary cross-platform mobile app development SDK released by Google. The search giant is putting its weight behind Flutter and is releasing exciting new updates regularly for Flutter.

Flutter 1.12 is the 5th stable release of Flutter since December 2018. The developers working on Flutter have put in long hours to make this release one of the best to come out from the house of Google. They have closed more than 5000 problems that around 450+ contributors pointed out. Needless to say, every update from Google for Flutter has been looked at keenly by the flutter developers’ community. An expert Flutter App Development Company can efficiently cater apps, which would work perfectly across multiple devices, for both Android and iOS platforms.

Flutter 1.12 what is new

With Flutter 1.12 the developers gain access to a wide variety of functions like support for Android app bundles, Game controller and Rangeslider control feature. Let’s have a look at a few important ones among them.

A brief discussion on what’s new in Flutter 1.12

Ambient Computing

Ambient Computing is the concept of providing users and developers the freedom of using/developing apps and other software without thinking too much about the type of device that they are using. The idea is to make the digital experience so seamless, that you can easily access almost all the apps irrespective of the device you are using. This would provide the user freedom to use his/her favorite app on any device that is handy instead of wasting time and energy in remembering and finding the device on which the particular app works best.

Ambient computing is the latest buzzword in the developer community today and the main focus of this release for Flutter.

The major benefit for developers is that they won’t need to decide the type of device on which the app will be used before they start the process of development. With the Flutter framework, the developers would be able to develop applications for smartwatches, embedded devices, smart homes, smartphones, and desktops.

With the launch of Pixel 4, Google had made it clear that they were pushing their concept of Ambient computing. Flutter 1.12 is another piece in the Ambient computing jigsaw.

Dart 2.7

Flutter 1.12 will work on Dart 2.7, a programming language developed by Google. This new update improves Dart 2.5 and provides advance features to the developers by allowing them to access extension methods and other safe string handling capabilities. With the help of improved extension methods, the developers can easily add new functionalities to an existing class.

With Flutter 1.12, the developers can avoid errors when the variables have a null value. The null safety features of Flutter 1.12 will allow the developers to catch potential mistakes by marking specifically those variables that could be null. It will also allow the developers to accomplish things like a parse integer more efficiently.

Another feature worth discussing is the revised Dartpad. In this feature, the developers at Google have added the power of viewing and running the Flutter code along with editing it effortlessly. Google has even launched another special version of DartPad with null safety enabled.

Add-to-App feature

With Flutter 1.12 now the developers can add to any existing Android app or iOS using the ‘Add-to-App feature’. This feature can prove especially beneficial to the developers when they are thinking of migrating the app from Android or iOS to Flutter. The Android App developers can add Flutter to their existing Android project quickly by using the feature called ‘Flutter Module’ in Android studio.

iOS 13 Dark mode

iOS 13’s dark mode is an instant hit amongst iPhone users. The developers at Google have listened to the umpteen requests of Flutter developers to add this feature in Flutter. With Flutter 1.12, there will be complete support for dark mode in iOS 13. This feature is in addition to the support for dark mode in Android 10 already provided with Flutter.

Fluttery Web

With iOS and Android conquered, the web remains the last frontier that Flutter intends to capture. In the last year’s conference called Flutter live, Google’s developer team showed a preview of building apps for the web using Flutter. The project was named Hummingbird.

In pursuit of web glory, the Flutter team has also released the macOS alpha version that is aimed at making the lives of macOS developers easier. With 1.12 Flutter developers can now directly build applications for macOS.

Flutter 1.12 has keyboard navigation support that helps in making the UI widgets of Flutter desktop friendly. In 1.12, the developers can also change the app’s visual density so that the app can easily acclimatize itself to the screen size differences between desktop and smartphone.

Although still in alpha, the feature is a promise that in the near future a stable release will come out.

Along with the above-mentioned features, another add-on in the latest Flutter update is that Google has allowed the developers access to the Google Fonts package. This font package includes 1000 font families that shall allow the developers to add wonderful calligraphy in their apps.

Summing up

With a horde of new features, it is evident that Google is solidly backing flutter. Many App developers think that this is the best Flutter release to date. Flutter is an important cog in Google’s digital dominion strategy and further releases will prove it.

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Growing Technological Advancement to Drive the Portable Heating Systems Market



Growing Technological Advancement to Drive the Portable Heating Systems Market

“Portable Heating Systems Market – Global Industry Dynamics 2018-19, Trends and Forecast, 2020–2027” is an upcoming market research report added by the analysts at Industry Probe. Portable heating systems market report offers existing driving and limiting factors, consumer behavior & trends, and scope for opportunities that can help the strategists and companies.

The report is a result of a thorough secondary research as well as interviews with industry experts. Therefore, numbers are as close to accurate as they get and the information accessible in the report on the portable heating systems market is easy to comprehend. Industry Probe analysts have included some of the major players operating in the portable heating systems market along with information about revenue, strengths, opportunities, segmentation, competitive landscape and regional presence of the market players.       

Want to win in new markets by identifying right opportunities? Request a PDF sample here

As per the report, growing technological advancement is also anticipated to drive the global portable heating system market. Industry Probe analysts state that the industry participants are investing in R&D to develop smart appliances. All these factors are expected to boost the market growth of portable heating systems during the forecast period, says the analyst.

The report further states that the global portable heating systems market is highly fragmented. Some of the prominent players operating in this market are included in this report to give a better competitive analysis of the market and these include Mobile Air, University of Wisconsin System, Aggreko Energy Rental India Pvt Ltd, Heller Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Limited, Rinnai Corporation, Kambrook Australia, Dyson Ltd, Gebr, Sunbeam, Goldair Group, Kmart Corporation, De’Longhi S.p.A, Dimplex, ALDI Einkauf GmbH & Co, UAB ADAX, Kerone Engineering Solutions LTD, and others.

According to the current market situation, companies face high levels of competition among themselves. In order to gain a competitive edge in the industry, market players are dedicated to product innovation and new product offerings. This strategy helps them to remain competitive.

About Us 

Industry Probe is a global market intelligence and advisory firm with an unwavering purpose to help businesses achieve strategic objectives through a varied range of offerings. Based on a unique amalgamation of our big data technology and human intelligence, our services are dedicated to serve the businesses operating in the consumer goods and industrial machinery sectors. Our offerings comprises syndicated research, strategic consulting & advisory services, competitive intelligence, and full time engagement to bring true & actionable insights into our clients’ business environment. Combining research & technology adoption, playing the perfect mix of the best data, and centered on consumer goods & industrial machinery sectors, Industry Probe believes in targeting one industry at a time.

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Things to Remember while purchasing Solar Panels



Solar Security Camera

The trend of using solar panels to meet the energy required of home and business motives rising each year. Solar panels reward their holder by providing feasibility to transport the surplus power pack to the utility and make money.

Solar Surveillance camera

There may be many of the reasons why solar panels, as an energy sources for your camera, it will be a good alternative option. To grow the cause that would favor the use these types of product, some particular situations that may elaborate the purchase and use of solar panels for surveillance camera like:

  • Your desire to place the camera where there is no power
  • Your present is not working and you need a safe and authentic alternative

Solar Security Camera

A solar surveillance camera is a camera that has no wire simply mean wireless camera. We found some brands of the camera are Arlo, Ring or Canary and we can use one of them.

The good thing about solar panels is that suppose if you miss charging the battery for a long time, then do not worry about it. Normally the solar panels will work 365 days without any obstacle, of course, it will work far better in sunlight.

  • Waterproof
  • Ecological
  • Installation and Removal is Easier

Once you have placed your solar panel in sunlight, especially facing south, then it will be charged automatically. The solar panels soak up the sun’s rays by using their cells. A solar cell generates direct current supply that sent through an inverter. Almost 12 volts are required to work with a solar panel.


Solar Security Camera

Solar Security Camera

Some Important points to remember

There are many factors should be clear when you are thinking of installing a solar security camera. The main thing is that you read the instructions carefully before installing it otherwise you get disappointed with the purchase.

What are characteristic?

To function flawlessly, the solar panel must receive as much light as possible. You must be taken care of that your solar’s most of the part should be in the sunlight.

You may found data and internet storage problem

Being to Place a surveillance camera absolutely anywhere, top of the roof, remote mountains with the solar panels is a very big thing. Now, think how could you access the data over there, but without data access, you will not be able to view captured data or direct access. Storage is the main factor which we have to should keep in mind while installing the surveillance camera without this you may not able to capture live access so we do not have many options to do with it but the things we can do are.

  • Make sure you have a WI-Fi network that will cover the surveillance camera.
  • The camera you are using must have a SIM slot so you can have a data subscription.

Battery Backup

Nowadays solar panels suppliers provide high-quality battery backup panels. It is very necessary if you are thinking to install the solar camera so you should know the size of the batteries before installing it which must be adequate to work in all circumstances. For this motive, it is better to buy a battery 5 times higher its normal use.

Size of Solar Panels

The normal size of the solar panel is used for the installation of the rooftop is nearby 65 inches/39 inches or 5.4 feet/3.25 feet. Some time the size may vary, it depends upon brands, if you are installing a solar panel for business purposes or a large scale then you need to install close to 6 feet long. Each solar panel individually made by PV (Photovoltaic) cells. PV cells usually come in 156mm/156mm and we can say 6IN long and 6IN wide. Mostly solar panels for rooftop installation are made up of 60 cells and for commercial installation are made up of 75 and vary up to 98 cells.

Table 1

FeaturedResidential PanelsCommercial Panels
No. of Solar Calls6075
Average Length (In)6578
Average With (In)3939
Average Depth (In)1.5-21.5-2
Solar Security Camera

Solar Security Camera

Voltage for Solar Panels

Voltage makes electrical charges move it is a push that causes charges to move in wire or another electric conductor, Voltage is also known as electromotive force.

The formula of the Volt is V=IR

The 12 volts rated terminal voltage required solar panels almost 10.0 volts, but the use of regulator voltage is almost reduced by 13 to 15V which is needed to charge batteries.

Voltage at Open Circuit

The size of solar panels to generate 220V is 12ft*24ft=288 sq  ft. It also depends like where do you live, what is powering, and what kind of solar panels you are using. To power your equipment and light at night you required a battery 7 days backup provides good convincement
Suppose 7*24 *1. 2117=203.57kWh which is similar to 2 Tesla motor car batteries.

Table 2

Nominal VoltageVOC-TypicalVMP-Typical No. of Cells in Series

AC and DC Importance

The main difference in Alternating Current and Direct Current is the AC is bidirectional current and DC flows in one direction, as you know DC is continual with time while AC changes at each and every instant of time.

Power Factors

AC always lies between 0 and 1 and in DC it will be always 1.

Solar Security Camera

Solar Security Camera

Almost any type of solar panels can produce 220AC solar panels that don’t produce any electricity at all, a panel never covers wiring in between the PV panels.

DC is perfect as compare to AC and has fewer lines losses than AC lines, AC current travel on the skin of the conductor, but DC flows entire conductor not only a conductor, so DC has fewer losses of skin. Ac is more dangerous than DC it has more things to do with the human body.

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