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Schiff: Honestly – I Don’t Know Who Is the Whistleblower



Schiff: Honestly - I Don't Know Who Is the Whistleblower
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House intelligence chief Adam Schiff stated on Wednesday that he has no idea who the so-called “whistleblowers” are. Schiff said in an unsatisfactory speech during the trial of the Senate on Wednesday, “Actually I don’t know who the whistleblower is, I didn’t meet them or talk to them in any way.”

Schiff’s Committee staff told the’ whistleblower’ to contact the Inspector General and file a complaint that started the initiation of impeachment, according to the New York Times. reports: But Schiff denied that his personnel were doing anything to help the’ whistleblower.” The staff of the committee did not write a complaint or coach the whistleblower to file a complaint.’

Schiff criticized what he described as a “conspiracy theory” that its committee members “colluted” his report to the whistleblower and launched the whole probe into the case.

A Schiff’s spokesperson said that the informants “contacted the committee to warn the intelligence community of alleged misconduct.” Schiff focused on “complishing discipline” with his employees, and he claimed that his workers were exposed to online threats because of “smears” initiated by Trump and his associate.

Schiff also said that during the trial he was not going to do anything to endanger the “whistleblower’s” identity. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) fired Schiff off Of and accused him on the “whistleblower” deception. “It’s shocking that Adam Schiff lies to millions of Americans when he claims that she doesn’t know the whistleblower’s name,” she stated. “He knows the name of the whistleblower completely because he worked with the person before the report from the whistleblower! His team added to it!”It is incredible that Adam Schiff is lying to millions of Americans when he says he knows not the whistleblower’s name.

He knows the name of the whistleblower B / C he worked with the person before the complaint of the whistleblower! His staff contributed to writing it!

Elise Stefanik (@Elise Stefanik) Democrats repeatedly called on the “whistleblower” to appear as part of the investigation on January 29, 2020, but Schiff has strongly denied this.

Speaking in Wednesday’s Senate, Schiff stated that demanding the “whistleblower” to testify was no longer relevant, because President Trump released his call transcript.

“There is no more need for that whistleblower except to endanger the life of that person,” he said.

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