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Senate: You can’t rely on what we investigated in the House Adam Schiff Tells



Senate: You can't rely on what we investigated in the House Adam Schiff Tells
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In a bizarre attempt to convince Republican Senators to summon more witnesses and documents, Schiff was obliged to admit that the House’s investigation was completely inadequate, even as fellow House impeachment officer Rep. Jerry Nadler boasted that the defendants were being brought before the Senate on Wednesday. Nevertheless, he refused to accept all the demands from the Republican House of Intelligence Committee to new witnesses where he heads–which was also unusual.

In the first two-day marathon question-and-answer sessions, House Managers confronted the White House legal team, where Senators from both parties asked questions that were ninety overall.

Schiff and his colleagues emphasized repeatedly that former National Security Advisor John Bolton had to be called. Nevertheless, the Republicans noticed that Schiff did not want the so-called “whistleblower” to bear witness, so he withheld a crucial transcript that could reveal details of how the President’s lawsuit is released.

Once asked why more evidence and records would be requested by the Senate unless the House Intelligence Committee released the testimony of the General Inspector of the Intelligence Communities, Schiff rejected the motion and said that whatever shortcomings that the House may or may not have put before the Senate “were not adequate to rid the Senate of the duty to hold a trial.” On Friday.-On Saturday. A vote is required on witnesses on Friday.

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