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Turkish Government Does not Discuss Law Allowing Pedophiles To Go Free



Turkish Government Does not Discuss Law Allowing Pedophiles To Go Free
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The Turkish Government will discuss a shocking new piece of legislation that will allow children’s rapists to free themselves if they marry their victims.

“The law first discussed by parliament on 16 January would give men suspended sentences for child sex offenses if the two parties get married and they are under the age of 10,” The Guardian reported on Thursday.

“Opposition parties and women’s rights groups immediately noticed that the bill actually legitimizes child marriage and constitutional abuses in a world whose legal age is 18,” said the paper.

Four years ago the ruling Justice and Development Party tried to pass the bill, but “the bill caused an uproar both domestically and internationally,” the UK. Outlet reported. Reported.

But this time, given the international outrage caused by the legislation, the party could pass the bill.

“In 2016, the government introduced[ similarly] an amnesty bill for victims of child abuse. All the women stood up and were removed after our protests, “Fidan Ataselim, general secretary of the We Will Stop Femicide activist group, told The Guardian.

“We’re going to fight again if they dare to try again,” she said.

Article from WesternJournal: It isn’t as if it’s not a problem in Turkey, mind you. Like the U.N. In a report, the Children’s Fund noted, “Despite the growing average age of marriage, child marriage remains a continuing challenge in Turkey and represents a pattern of gender inequality that strengthens and restricts girls stereotypical roles, compromises their health and exposes them to the risk of violence and poverty.”

Although “marry your rapist” clauses are not special, as a 2017 NPR report shows, there are a number of countries which close them. They are not unique.

These rules were stopped following demonstrations in Syria, Jordan and Tunisia.

In the 2016 dialogue, Turkish officials were, as always, paragons of responsiveness.

“There are people who marry before the legal age. You just don’t know the law, “former Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım told The Guardian.

In the 2016 discussion, Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdağ claimed that cases of sexual attacks involving minors were “unfortunately a fact,” the Guardian states. Nevertheless, he said that the people who committed them were “rapists or sexual aggressors;” unfortunately, child marriage can be a triste fact in some Muslim countries.

The Council on Foreign Relations notes that “some Muslims who follow the conservatism sharia’s interpretation argue that Islam allows child marriage as the Qur’an specifies that girls can marry upon reaching maturity that Conservative scholars describe as puberty.”

Furthermore, Muslim hyper-conservatives also point to the fact that when she was between 6 and 9 years of age, Prophet Muhammad married one of his eleven daughters, Aisha.

That said, Muhammad marrying his father Abu Bakr, one of the most prominent early converts to Islam, at the height of arranged child marriages, in general consensus, was a political move to secure his friendship. (European royalty, too, participated in arranged teenage weddings. Drinking only took place before children grew up.) It was not because he had raped and had to marry Aisha in order to stay himself away from Turkey’s prison.

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