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Elizabeth Warren Plans to Sue Anonymous People who spread ‘ Disinformation ‘



Elizabeth Warren Plans to Sue Anonymous People who spread ' Disinformation '
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Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has spent half her political career boasting about her Native American origins, is now seeking to sue criminally people who spread “disinformation” online.

The presidential candidate for Democracy revealed his latest authoritarian program on Wednesday in a tweet.

“Disinformation and foreign interference online erode our democracy, and both were invited by Donald Trump,” Warren said. “It must be fully prepared for everyone who tries to challenge and beat Donald Trump during the 2020 election, and I have a strategy to do that.” “I would push for new legislation impose serious civil and criminal penalties for intentional distribution of this kind of material, which has the clear goal of undermining the fundamental right to vote,” she said in a press release entitled “fighting Digi” It would also compel Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other organizations to reveal their algorithms to allow users to opt-out.

Most specifically, though, Warren “would advocate for civil and criminal sanctions to intentionally disseminate lies when and how to vote in the U.S. elections” and would place a national security specialist in charge of sniffing out and sanctioning those who disseminate such facts, essentially creating a “global Truth Office.” It would “establish rules for information and data sharing to ensure that websites are able to communicate with each other and the government while protecting the privacy of users,” primarily giving the government the right to unmask identities that are supposed to create problems, and even compel platforms and service providers to share information as needed.

The whole scheme would actually involve a public-private partnership. “A coordinated effort to combat disinformation is much more effective than isolated efforts. Through sharing information, businesses can better identify cross-platform intelligence efforts and warn risks law enforcement officials, as far as privacy laws permit. Such cooperation will help identify and delete fraudulent accounts, prevent the propagation of misinformation and stop illegal activities. “Strangely enough, however, Warren’s campaign does not appear to have avoided oversight according to her own rules. Although she vows her campaign will not “knowingly use or disseminate inaccurate or distorted content like fake or altered news reports or doctored social media photos, audio or video,” Warren herself contributed successfully on many notable occasions to misinformation spread online.

Warren, for example, has long maintained that it is native American, when in fact it may be less than 1/64 Native American, and 1/64 may originate from anywhere in North or South America. To order to support her argument she depends on family lore, but she has never been able to produce any evidence better than the mediocre DNA test outcome— a justification she may have used for organisations to offset their minority candidate quotas.

She also twisted the facts on occasion to support her political platform. Warrene appears to have been released from a pupil’s job because she was visibly pregnant and claims to have sent her children solely to public schools (she did not) to have a credential required for a full time return to work after her ‘ emergency certificate expired’).

Warren also massages fact on the topic of misinformation. Your press release indicates that disinformation campaigns definitely affected the election results in 2016, but FiveThirtyEight also notes that this is not quantifiable.

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