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Many Airlines Stop to China in the Wake of Coronavirus Concerns



Many airlines stop to China in the wake of coronavirus concerns
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British Airways said it ceased all flights to China on Wednesday and joined other Asian air carriers who either suspended or significantly cut their service there as reports about a new type of coronavirus that killed over 130 people spread.

Air India and Seoul Air are also stopping all flights into the country, and Lion Air in Indonesia intends to do the same.

Many airlines, including Finnair, Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong and Jetstar Asia, Singapore, are cutting.

British Airways has taken some of the decisive action so far and immediately suspended its services from and to mainland China after the United Kingdom. Government cautioned against premature country travel in the wake of an epidemic of viruses.

The carrier conducts daily flights to Shanghai and Beijing from London’s Heathrow Airport. The action was taken a day after the UK Foreign Office revised its China travel advice warning against’ all but important journeys’ to the mainland, including Hong Kong and Macao.

To order to prevent individuals fleeing and spreading the virus further, China has cut off access to the central city Wuhan, an epidemic epicentre, and 16 other cities. More than 50 million people have been stuck in the most stringent disease control programs ever implemented.

More than 6,000 individuals were diagnosed with the disease on the mainland and overseas.

On Wednesday, numerous online airline cancellations were shown on Beijing and Shanghai airports for both domestic and foreign airlines:• Air Seoul became the first South Korean carrier to halt its flights to China’s mainland destinations, except Wuhan, and to abandon its flights to Zhangjiajie and Linyi.

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• Lion Air said that it cancelled well into February more than 50 flights from India to China. The flights from five international airports to 15 Chinese airports in Manado, Surabaya, Jakarta, Batam and Denpasar in Bali. The suspension will slowly be lifted and will continue until further notice.

• Hong Kong airlines are growing their number of continental flights by about half until the end of March in reaction to efforts to control viruses by government.

• Cathay Pacific Group said that services to 24 continental destinations would be limited to 240 weekly flights. Cathay Pacific Airways, cargo carrier Air Hong Kong, Cathay Dragon and Hong Kong Express, are owned by the company.

• Air India suspends six days a week of Delhi-Shanghai operations, from Friday to February 14.

Finnair, which actively promoted its position in connecting Asian and Western destinations, reported that by the end of March it had cancelled three weekly flights to Peking’s Daxing International Airport and two weekly flights to Nanjing.

• Jetstar Asia will cancel its flights from Thursday through the end of March to the Chinese cities of Hefei, Guiyang and Xuzhou due to a drop in demand.

• Asiana Airlines, South Korea’s second-largest airline, is halting services to the Chinese cities of Guilin, Changsha and Haikou from next month.

Korean Air, the biggest airline on South Korea, also considers some of its flights to mainland China to be grounded as the demand of passengers drops. Four flights to Wuhan had been flown by Korean Air a week before they were cancelled on January 23.

• Taiwan’s Eva Air announced that services to and from mainland China would be partly terminated for two weeks from February 2. The carrier has also stopped supplying mats, newspapers and clothing and limits the use of blankets and pillows on its flights.

• Kazakhstan, which shares a long border with far west China, announced on Wednesday its plan to suspend all flights, bus and train traffic and stop the issuing of visas for Chinese citizens. There were 24 flights a week before the suspension on Wednesday from Kazakhstan to China, including a daily flight to Xinjiang’s capital, Ürümqi.

• Japanese JAL have stated that they have not changed their flight plans, while German carrier Lufthansa has said they are “very close” monitoring the situation and would, if necessary, change in consultation with the authorities.

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