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Republican Lawmaker Bill Labeling CNN, Washington Post, introduces as ‘ Fake News ‘



Republican Lawmaker Bill Labeling CNN, Washington Post, introduces as ' Fake News '
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Tennessee State Rep. Micah Van Huss presented on Wednesday a new bill that would labeled the CNN and the Washington Post as “fake news.” The bill is both “fake news” stores and is part of the Democratic Party’s media wing. It also accused media outlets of “denigrating our civilians by saying that they are weak-minded adherents rather than people who exercise their rights, for which our vet payers paid with their money.” It applies to the latest CNN segment, which has hysterically laughed Don Lemon and his guests Rick Wilson and Wajahat Ali ridiculed Trump’s supporters as iliterate “credulous rubies.”

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In the age of Obama, CNN promulgated several demonstrably misrepresented stories and conspiracy theory, drawing outrage from President Trump and his supporters.

CNN correspondent Manu Raju for Congress falsely reported in December 2017 that WikiLeaks e-mailed Donald Trump Jr. about access to information about two weeks before it was published.

CNN reported in June 2017 that the White House Communications Director fired Anthony Scaramucci for visiting a Russian businessman before President Trump’s opening became subject to federal scrutiny. After Scaramucci vehemently denied the facts, CNN eventually apologised for the false story. Lex Haris, editor of the CNN Board, Eric Lichtblau and Thomas Frank resigned.

In August 2018, CNN reported also that Michael Cohen, President Trump’s personal counsel, was willing to tell Special Counsel Robert Mueller that he had advanced knowledge about his client, Donald Trump Jr., his Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lawyer and others. Recently the spokesman of Cohen, Lanny Davis, told CNN that he “mixed” his evidence and denied claims that his lawyer had any prior intelligence about the meeting.

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