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Shames Dems from Dershowitz by Listing Each News.



Shames Dems from Dershowitz by Listing Each News.
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Professor of Harvard law and prominent lawyer Alan Dershowitz, a Democrat for many years, dropped a nuclear bomb at President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

According to a argument by the House of Democrats, the president engaged in an abuse of power by requesting that the Ukrainian government open an investigation into negotiations between democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

This is obviously ridiculous. In this way, all that someone has to do to stop being charged for a felony is to launch a presidential campaign. Heck, maybe they would be free men today if Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen announced that they were simply running for the White House.

Dershowitz made a powerful statement Monday during his speech.

“Most presidents have been accused of abussing their influence in our long history,” he said to the Senate. “I will now give you a list of presidents convicted of abussing their authority in our past and liable to impeachment from the perspective of the House manager of the Constitution.

“George Washington, refusal to return Jay Treaty papers.

“John Adams signed the statutes on invasion and sedition and followed them. Thomas Jefferson, without congressional approval to buy Louisiana.

“I’m going to go on. Martin Van Buren, John Quincy Adams, John Tyler, unilaterally despotic and unethical filibuster. James Polk, I quote, Abraham Lincoln— Abraham Lincoln accused Polk of having abused his office, disregarded the Constitution, usurped Congress ‘ role and taken on the role of dictator. He didn’t try to prosecute him. He only tried to defeat him.

“Abraham Lincoln.” Abraham. Abraham Lincoln was convicted of abussing his influence during the Civil War for the suspension of habeas corpus.

“Chairman Grant, Grover Cleveland, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Jimmy Carter, he said.

“Ronald Reagan, about Iran-contra — and today I tell Professor Laurence Tribe said that this is what is likely to be the president’s most severe breach of duty, a crime which could well lead to an unconstitutional abuse of power.'” George H.W. Trump. Bush. Today’s Clinton Gore campaign released the following. In recent weeks, People have started to learn how much George Bush and his administration exploited systematic misuse of their governmental power.” “That’s how to make abuse of power a slogan for the vote. It should be included in statements made against the other by one political party. That’s the term’s essence. Misuse of power is a political weapon, and political opponents should be removed. Instead Dershowitz moved on to one of the Democratic Party’s favorites, Barack Obama, mentioning that the House Judiciary Committee was having a full hearing called’ The Abuse of Power by the Obama Administration.’ Do you agree with the argument made by Dershowitz?

The professor, a well-known constitutional scholar, is 100% right. Any opposing party can use the phrase “abuse of power” against any sitting president.

It is an all-out phrase that is almost entirely subjective and, if used in this manner, will lead to the impeachment of each President with a majority of the House of the opposing party.

Forget about evidence, forget about records, forget about all this hoax. It is time for the Senate to vote and to acquit and encourage this president to do his job.

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