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11 Easy Techniques to Go Travel Green In 2020




Be kind to the earth as you travel around it – in 2020. We have no excuse as there are countless apps and websites to help us, as well as the good old fashioned tips that have been around forever.

Here are a few tips to remember; apps to download and websites to visit before, during, and even after your trip to ensure it’s as environmentally friendly as possible. Some of these things are pretty obvious, but it’s important to have a reminder because even though you might do a lot of these things at home, we can sometimes abandon the rules we live by while on holiday.

Before you go, bear in mind…

Where you’re staying

You don’t have to stay in a big hotel to have a great holiday. They are certainly not the greenest places to stay – for example, The Green Hotels and Responsible Tourism Initiative have claimed that:

“A hotel emits an average of 20.6 kg of carbon dioxide per night and produces more than one kilogram of waste per guest per day.”

Try an alternative like an eco-lodge, which is usually water-efficient, and solar-powered among many other things that make it one of the great successes of the whole eco-holidaying movement. You can use websites such as to see a list of recommended and reviewed eco-friendly places to stay.

The homestay or hotel you choose for staying, make sure it is Green Sealed. Also, ensure that your hotel is near public transport facilities or walking distance from places you want to visit so you won’t be tempted to order taxis or rent cars.

Your mode of transport

If you can avoid air travel – do so.

According to the Environmental Transport Association, the amount of carbon footprint any return flight from London to NYC generates is higher than an entire year’s allowance needed to keep the environment safe.

Train travel is becoming increasingly popular, especially for people who want to reduce their carbon footprint. Using companies like InterRail or Loco2 can make booking trains for journeys across Europe fast, easy, and cheaper.

If you do use air travel, then try and make sure your flight is a direct one. You can calculate your flight’s emissions by going to, which also allows you to purchase carbon offsets, which ‘are quantified and sold in metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).

Pre-book your airport parking service as I do at parking at SFO. That saves me fuel and avoid unnecessary emissions.

Greening your home

Turn the switches of all your gadgets off along with the heating, and cancel any paper or magazine deliveries.

Pack light

The heavier your luggage, the more fuel the plane uses. It will also make you a happier traveler if you have less to lug around – especially according to George Clooney.

Minimize your use of the plane bathroom

Go to the bathroom just before you board the plane at the airport – avoid using the facilities on the plane as the fuel it takes for a single flush can run a car for six miles!

Be smart about food & drink

Accept as little as you can while onboard – don’t be too tempted to take all they have to offer with their plastic cups and wrappers – especially if you’re only on the plane for a few hours.

When you get there (if you’ve decided on a hotel stay), do the same things you would do at home to be eco-friendly.

Staying green

Don’t stop at knowing your hotel has a Green Seal, ask about the hotel’s recycling policy and participate in their environmental policy – you can ask to reuse sheets/towels which would save heaps of water – only if you deem it hygienic of course.

Be conservative with toiletries

Many of the hotel’s toiletries will be covered in plastic wrapping, so don’t use them unnecessarily. Either make sure you have brought your own or if you do use them, take them with you because the hotel might not dispose of them greenly if they’re left behind.

When leaving the room

Turn off lights when you leave your hotel room – close the drapes if you know your room is going to get hot from the sun (you’re only going to turn on the AC when you get back).

Get around the green way

Encourage cycling or walk to the places. It’s habitually much more pleasing than joining the locals on long crowded buses or trains. The Moovit app can guide you on how to reach any destination with the help of public transport.

When we go on short rides, electric bikes are more cost-friendly as well as environment savvy mode of transport.

If charges using green solar power, these bikes become purely eco-friendly. The best part is – not emitting fuming exhausts.

Ensure that when you eat and shop, you are buying local products as much as possible – less fuel would have been used to transport the goods to the store. It also helps to support local businesses to keep the economy thriving. Remember, though some souvenirs may be illegal to import like those made from animal skins, horns or shells. Over 800 species of plants and animals are completely banned from international trade, and there are strict controls on the sale of a further 30,000.

Find Eco-friendly things to do

Use the app TripSketch Green Traveler which provides information on eco-friendly activities and experiences in over 80 cities. So you can go sight-seeing while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint. You could always take a hot-air balloon ride rather than take another plane to a neighboring city.

Places that have been noted to have some of the best hot-air balloon experiences include Melbourne, California, and Tanzania.

And after your trip, once your journey of a lifetime is over…Provide feedback.


Using Spirituality to Beat Alcoholism – Learning from Jane Zarse




Alcoholism is a global concern as millions of people around the world are suffering from this condition. It is a severe form of alcohol abuse, and it takes an individual to a dark phase, finding a way out of which is close to impossible. It is a condition that can negatively impact an affected individual’s performance in professional, social, as well as personal life. However, an effective way to cope with alcoholism and take a step forward towards recovery is to look for inspiration. There are innumerable examples in the world where people were able to come out of the dark phase and return to their lives.

Jane Zarse, the author of “Love and Compassion, is My Religion,” and “Sober and Pissed Off,” was a victim of alcoholism. She was in the dark phase and spent most of her life as a drunk individual. As she began to realize that her life was turning into a mess, she became a part of Alcoholics Anonymous and set out on a journey of recovery. In her books, she explains how spirituality and her faith helped her find her way back to life and escape the horrors of alcoholism. 

Roots from a Well-Off and Privileged Family 

Alcoholism hunts without discrimination. Whether it’s an individual stuck in poverty or a privileged teenager, suffering from isolation, alcoholism can find its roots anywhere. Daughter of a successful member of the Chicago Board of Trade, Jane Zarse, was born and raised in Lake Forest, Illinois. Her family was well-off, and she was privileged enough to receive a quality education. Her family resided in a ninety-two-hundred-square-foot lakefront estate. Even in her school, she was a very popular student as she was one of the top performers. Moreover, she graduated from Boston University on the Dean’s List.

It was during high-school that she began to consume alcohol and stepped into her life’s dark phase. At the start, drinking was occasional and mostly when she went out with her friends. According to Jane, drinking alcohol helped her get comfortable in her skin and gave her a sense of security. Starting as a social drinker, Jane slowly and gradually proceeded further to troubled drinking, and finally to merry-go-round drinking. The signs begin to appear when her academic performance deteriorated, and her aims started to fade away. 

Stepping into the Dark World of Alcoholism 

According to Jane, the most common reason which leads a person deeper into alcoholism is temporary escapism. People drink because it provides them relief by cutting them off from the world temporarily. It helps them forget about their problems while allowing them to live in the moment. People fail to realize that alcohol brings relief by taking away all the good things in life one after the other. Before attacking the physical existence, alcohol takes away the things one cares about and loves. 

Excessive alcohol consumption was making her feel hopeless and helpless. Things were getting worse with every passing day.  When things got out of hand she finally decided to join Alcoholics Anonymous. It is the place where she understood the true meaning of God’s existence and realized the importance of spirituality. It was the starting of her journey toward a better life. Faith, spirituality, and God became her saviors in the dark world of alcoholism.

Finding God and Working on Spiritual Existence 

When Jane first stepped into the meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, she saw a wall with the word “God” on it. As soon as she came across that wall, thoughts of negativity came rushing to her mind. She was skeptical about joining the group and when she realized that she has to deal with religious beings, her motivation levels drained. Jane did, she did not give up on the group. By regularly attending the meetings, her concepts about God and spirituality began to change. It was at this time that she began to hope that things would get better for her. The group was using spiritual healing and was disregarding logical actions. 

Jane Zarse believes alcohol to be the most powerful thing to exist in the universe, and the group helped her find an entity greater than alcohol and all worldly things – God. Her belief in the Higher Power helped her realize that alcoholism was more of a mental state than a physical obsession. Having a negative mindset and living as a pessimist are the most crucial factors that take one deeper into alcoholism. When she finally began to accept that there was a Higher Power, things got easy for her. The feeling that God is always there for His people can help men overcome any obstacle in life. The feeling of isolation and loneliness make situations worse for an alcoholic. The love for God helps to understand that they are not alone. God is always there and looks upon the people when they feel alone and neglected. 

Drinking cuts off one’s relation with God, and this disconnection is what eliminates all chances of recovery. When an individual gets deeper into spirituality and realizes about their relationship with God, it takes half of their pain away and encourages them to quit the wrong deeds to get closer to the Higher Power. The first phase of recovery is acceptance. Acceptance does not necessarily mean approval. One has to start accepting their situation before they can find a way out. Without acceptance, one can never realize that they have a problem. Spiritual rejuvenation is a way people learn to stop surrendering to alcohol and submit to God’s will. 

Divine intervention is the only way out of the dark phase, and the entire world’s collaboration has not resulted in a proper cure or treatment for recovery from alcoholism. To feel loved and to know that there is someone always looking out for one is effective in the process of quitting drinking. With a love of God, one can develop courage and even strengthen their will power. 

The victims of alcoholism need to understand that their mindset and pessimistic personality are the two most crucial elements that make it difficult for them to step out of the dark phase. Along with logical treatments, people need to work on their spiritual existence. Rejuvenation of one’s soul is only possible if they have a clear understanding of their relationship with God. It is during the journey of spiritual realization that one gets a chance to beat alcoholism and step out of its horrors. 

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Top 8 tips to travel abroad on a budget



travel abroad

Think that there are no cheap ways to travel abroad? Well, it’s time you think again. Take a situation where you win a lottery, now think of all the incredible things that you’d finally get to do with that money. Maybe, explore the pristine gems of Peru’s Machu Picchu, go snorkeling in Bali, or book a trip to see the Tokyo’s blossoms bloom, or encounter the wildlife in Tanzania? The world around us is limitless, there’s so much to see, and so much to do, that even if you did try, you wouldn’t be able to explore it all. But, how about doing all of it without winning a lottery? Yes, now you can tick off every location in your bucket list, without hurting your budget. Please know that traveling isn’t just for the rich. So, here we have come up with a few quick and easy 8 tips to travel on a budget. Let’s get started. 

Plan travel with your friends

Amplify your fun and adventure by planning a travel with your BFF? Zoe, who offers online assignment help Australia, says that your group chats are always full of travel plans. So, it is time you convert this into a reality. Traveling with your friends is undoubtedly the best way to save money, as doing so, you can split all the costs. From car rentals to activities, accommodation, and groceries, everything gets cheaper when you have more people in the group. So, discuss with your friends and get planning. 

Start Couch surfing

Wish to spend your vacation surfing the Brazilian coastline, but cannot afford a hotel that has an ocean view? So, what should you be doing? Try couch surfing. You can find different locals who are ready to open their doors for people seeking cheap accommodation. Brian, who offers online statistics homework help, says that locals can also tell you about the hidden gems of the city, budget-friendly restaurants, and the quiet beaches around you for your early morning surfing. So, by staying with locals, you’ll get a wealth of information about the city that wouldn’t be possible by staying in a pricey hotel. It will also help you save a lot of money.  

Look for volunteering programs

Maria, who offers online write my essay for me services, says that volunteering is not only good for the planet and the community but is also good for your soul. So, if you get a chance, do enroll in a volunteer opportunity abroad. You can find a myriad of programs and causes for volunteering. So, look for something that best satiates you. It is the perfect way of budget travel. Though you’ll have to pay for this program, your meals, accommodation, and other costs would be covered under it. So, in short, it is a great way to save money. 

Look for a part-time job

Some people like to live in luxury. They do not like budget travel. If you, too, are one of them, this is a great alternative for you. So, if you plan a stay in your chosen country for a month or two, you can look for a part-time job there. Annie, who offers online research paper writing service, says that a good paying part-time job is a great way to fill the gaps in your finances while traveling. So, if you have a part-time job, you won’t ever have to sacrifice your comfort, and you can live like in the movies. In case your visa allows you to work short term, you can speak to a local temping agency, and they’ll help you with a good paying part-time job. It will not only help you earn money, but will also add cool job experience to your resume.  

Look for budget destinations

Mathew, who offers online CDR writing services, says that there are a couple of beautiful travel locations that have a cheap cost of living. So, now, you can travel and save money by heading to these countries. Some of the budget destinations include Sri Lanka, Colombia, Portugal, Bosnia, and others. These are safe and affordable, even for solo travelers. Here, not only the accommodation but also travel and transportation is cheap. So, book your travel to these destinations, and save big. 

Study abroad

A lot of people wouldn’t ever consider studying abroad as part of a budget travel trip. But it is very much possible. So, depending on the duration and the location of your travel, you can look for different study abroad programs. Some of these foreign study programs will not only be cheaper but also worthier than ones in your home university. To go about with this, you need to first look for a cheap travel destination and then research the short-term and affordable courses there. You can even acquire a scholarship. It will drastically reduce your travel costs. 

Stay with your relatives

Pia, who offers the best product management courses online says that if you have a relative living abroad, it is best to stay with them. It will help you save out a lot on the stay and food costs. Further, your relatives will be able to offer you insider tips about the city of travel. So, if you have even distant relatives living abroad, convince them to let you stay with them. 

Intern abroad

If you need a break from work, and still wish to do something to boost your career, then you can think of interning abroad. It is a good way to progress in your career. Interning is a budget-friendly means of traveling abroad. You can look for any duration of the internship in any country you like. So, if you would like some international connections and gain some insightful experience, interning abroad is the way to go. 

So, these are the top 8 tips to travel to a foreign destination on a budget. If you have more tips to add to the list, do let us know about it in the comment section below. 

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7 Ways to Stay Warm for Winter Camping



Winter Camping

Winter camping can be one of the most precious adventures that you can experience or gift to your loved ones. People may think of winters as a non-ideal condition to go camping, though winter can surely enhance your whole camping experience to another level. There is so much to explore with the scarcity of population around you like the cherry on top during this season. Snow, dreamlike fog, beautiful landscapes, and, best of all, voiceless serenity are the ingredients to a memorable camping trip. If you too are a true wanderlust soul that wishes to enjoy the best of nature through camping in the winter season, then you must know a few tips among which, keeping yourself warm tops the list.

Winter camping comes up with a common concern that usually leads the people to give up on this magical experience, and that is maintaining warmth. Although non-winter seasons lack this hassle, they also lack tranquillity, so it is only valid to compromise a little comfort in exchange for an exceptional adventure, right? Fortunately, not anymore. We have compiled a list of seven ways to stay warm for winter camping that will allow you to enjoy your camping without compromising your comfort. So let us get started!

Choose your sleeping location wisely:

It is necessary to choose a site carefully while setting up your roof rack tent as the location can help you dodge biting cold. Look for a spot that acts as a shelter from the wind. The selection of camping locations can affect your camping experience widely, so make sure you do not end up near a high area, which is prone to catch the chilly wind or a shallow spot where cold air settles.

  • Don’t stay low on food:

Throw away your concerns and the will to maintain that waistline cause winters are a time to munch on your favorite snacks that are high in calories. You might feel guilty while indulging though it will help you a lot to stay warm in harsh temperatures. Constantly burning calories inside your body act as heat units to keep you warm, so don’t forget to keep a packet of your favorite high-calorie snack beside you at night.

  • Layer your bed:

It is impossible to sleep on a cold bed isn’t it while naturally, our body lowers the temperature when we fall asleep. This phenomenon can interrupt your sleep and make you catch a cold very quickly, so it is better that you layer your bed before. Use an electrical heating blanket underneath your bed and use two or more layers of the blanket upon it. This simple method offers you a comfortable, warm bed to rest.

  • Layer your clothes too:

Just like you layer your bed to make it warm and comfy, layer yourself with warm and fuzzy clothes to trap body heat. Layering is also trendy among people nowadays, so at the same time, you will get pretty pictures without compromising your comfort. Coats, jackets, sweaters, beanie, socks, and gloves, deck yourself with every warm piece of clothing to the extent that it does not suffocate you and you are good to fight the weather!

  • Gather your heating equipment:

Heating equipment comprises significant devices that provide you with extra heat when your body heat and clothing are not enough to fulfill the need for warmth. Pieces of equipment such as disposable heating packs, electric kettle, and heating quilt are some of the most equipment that people bring with them to a winter camping trip. You too can use such devices to make sure that you don’t fall ill before the biting cold and enjoy your camping thoroughly.

  • Keep your water bottle handy:

A surprising trick that only a small amount of people know is using water bottles to trap comforting heat inside your bed. You can perceive it as a DIY heat pack. Fill up a hard plastic or stainless steel bottle with warm water and place it inside your bed under a blanket or two. The heat radiating from the water bottle will keep you warm thoroughly and will last longer too.

  • Use your body heat:

Your trapped body heat is what keeps you warm under the layer of blankets or clothes, so why not use it smartly to enjoy even more warmth? You can actually reuse your body heat very smartly through this simple trick. Keep the clothes that you plan to wear the next day under your bed or blankets. It will allow you to keep the clothes warm and comfortable for you to wear the next morning. It is a simple method though you will thank yourself later for warming up the clothes.

These are some of the best ways that you can and must use while camping in the winter. Do not let the fear of chilly nights scare you away from this enchanting experience. Pack your bags, invite your loved ones, and get ready to spend a marvelous winter camping experience filled with love and warmth!

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Should You Sleep on the Hammock for a Longer Time? Benefits of Hammocks



Benefits of Hammocks

Sleeping on a hammock provides more comfort and rest than a usual bed does, as what most users would claim. In fact, the image of a hammock depicts lazy summer afternoons and long comfortable sleep on a windy day. Because of this, a lot of people have taken advantage of the comfort it gives and now utilize the material in different situations like book reading and recreational activities like hiking, climbing, etc.. Others also have seen a way of replacing their bed with a comfy hammock for deep-sleeping purposes. 

The Questions

But people have been asking if whether or not, sleeping in a hammock is comfortable or healthy for the body. There are many differing opinions about this, both from medicine and common men, but the answer is yes. Sleeping on a hammock even provides some benefits to your mental state and physical body. Millions of people in South and Central America are using the hammock as their bed every night. And it is not because these families cannot afford a bed, but because the hammock is both convenient and cheap. 

The two probable reasons for bad hammock experience

Why do some people have a negative experience in a hammock? One prominent source mentioned that it boils down to two reasons: first, some people purchase a hammock that is not made of good quality materials and is not properly structured. The design can make it difficult for users to have a comfortable position when using the material. Second, even if they purchase good quality and well-built hammock, the problem arises when it is not properly installed or used. 

What The Experts Say

Many doctors have postulated the therapeutic effect of lying on a hammock. According to Dr. Steven Park, a head surgeon and a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, lying on one’s back, with the head slightly elevated between 10 to 30 percent, can give one’s brain optimal blood circulation. Aside from this, the position induces unobstructed breathing.

Amanda Miller from, who have been reviewing hammocks for over 3 years now, always suggest people to set an alarm clock whenever you plan on taking a nap in a hammock to avoid lying in an unergonomic position in an extended period of time. 

Hammocks have been used in the medical field. For instance, medical hammocks are used as a therapy for premature babies, and other diseases like sleep apnea, autism, acid reflux. Hammocks are even used to treat stress and to provide healthier, deeper sleep. 

To elaborate on the experts’ claims mentioned above, the following advantages of the hammock are explained in details:

  1. Sleeping on a hammock makes you fall asleep quicker than the bed does

This is based on a current study done in Biology: that you fall asleep faster when you are in a hammock and being cradled by it than lying flat on your bed. This study monitored twelve subjects who took naps in different sleeping equipment: one was a stationary bed, and the second was a swaying bed (hammock). The results suggest that the subjects fell asleep faster on a hammock than they did on the bed. This is attributable to the sleeping position that a hammock provides, where your body feels comfortable and is conditioned to sleep. 

  1. Sleeping on a Hammock Induces Deeper Sleep

The hammock makes you fall asleep deeper. In contrast to a typical bed, the hammock provides a greater effect in conditioning your body for sleeping. Hammock user does not just fall asleep faster but they are also able to maintain this deep sleeping condition effectively than they do on typical beds. There are many benefits of a deep sleep including sharper memory, a more improved mood, better mental performance, and others. 

  1. It Provides Relaxation

Beds are made for sleep and relaxation. However, hammock users will claim that hammocks provide more. The swaying hammock and its slow oscillation induce a more relaxed state to anyone on top of it. It is said that the oscillations alter the brain waves, which effectively makes the brain stronger. However, this claim is made by the users and not further proven by science and experts. 

  1. It Cures Insomnia

It was already mentioned that sleeping on a hammock makes the user sleep faster and sleep deeper. When the user experiences this type of comfortable sleeping system on a daily basis, this might help anyone with insomnia cure a destructive sleeping pattern or disability. This claim is supported by many hammock users who also acclaimed to have experienced insomnia. 

  1. It Provides More Comfort

This is the most obvious advantage that a hammock can provide. On the one hand, mattresses can make pressure points that can strain our bones, muscles, or our whole body. On the other hand, sleeping on a hammock does not create pressure points because the user is suspended in the air. 

  1. It Induces More Concentration

Using a hammock is claimed to provide more concentration to anyone who reads a book. This is why a lot of people use hammock when reading something. When you read, your body makes a certain position, which your bed may not accommodate. The hammock, in comparison, can provide you a good position ideal for reading a book. In addition, the hammock does not require you many pillows to support your back and upper body. 

  • 7.Provides Better Overall Health

When the above-mentioned benefits of hammock both on your brain and body, using it on a regular basis can improve your overall health. When a person falls asleep quickly, the longer the hours he/she will have for rest. Aside from this, it also entails that he/she is feeling more comfortable in her sleeping position. 

The hammock also induces deeper and longer sleep. This kind of sleep can boost your immune system, improve mood, and prevents stress – the leading cause of mental health disorder. 

The Answer

Many people are asking, “is sleeping on a hammock for a long time is good?” The answer to this is yes. With the several benefits it provides, it is surely advantageous to sleep on a hammock than on a bed. It provides mental and physical benefits, which are also proven by experts and science. To experience the optimal benefit of using a hammock, a good quality hammock and a proper usage of this material are important factors. The users need to purchase hammock made with good material and build in a good structural design, and to install and use the hammock in a correct way. 

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How To Prepare Your Putting Green For Winter



How To Prepare Your Putting Green For Winter

Rain, drought, wind and temperature extremes impact the way ball rolls, bounces and even flies in the air. Despite weather being summer, winter or spring, the superintendent has to maintain resilient surfaces to offer consistent playing conditions. Heavy rain can cause soft conditions. Freeze-thaw cycle, ice formation, or dangerous occurrences such as flash freeze can bring about catastrophic turf damage. These tough winter conditions can be very difficult to manage.  

When days are shorter and daylight your golf course receives is inadequate, the solar panels of turf i.e. turfgrass leaf blades cannot produce adequate energy required to fuel growth. You are not going to get an extra hour to sleep. So, wear your work boots. It is important to make the putting greens winter-ready. You have to perform tree work to make sure that the grass receives maximum possible sunlight. We don’t place solar panels in the shade. 

So, even when the temperature is mild if the winter is around the corner, you have to take the following steps to prepare your putting green for winter: 

Raise Mowing Heights

  • Readjust your Toro golf course mowers to raise mowing height. This increases the surface area exposed to available sunlight. As a result, grass can generate and store the energy required to survive tough winter conditions.         
  • Doing so also reduces turf stress. You need to make sure that the turf is not in a weakened state while it enters cold weather. As compared to healthy turf, weakened turf experiences more winter injury. 

Evaluate Sunlight Penetration

  • Turf needs sunlight to harden off during fall. This reinforces the turf to harsh conditions of winter. 
  • It doesn’t matter whether the turf is growing or not, make sure that adequate surface area is exposed to sunlight. Winter sunlight melts ice and snow. The frequency of thaw cycles and freeze is also reduced. This also prevents winter injury. 

Consider Drainage

  • The turf hardens off properly when conditions are dry. 
  • Collar dams are a frequent problem you have to address.
  • Surface depression can increase the risk of winter injury. You can take the following steps to reduce this risk: 
    • Removing strips of sod create channels. These channels drain excess water from the turf.   
    • You can also install heating cables in these drainage channels. These cables keep the water from freezing. 
    • If you find subsurface drainage in putting greens, cut holes from the surface to drain lines. 
  • You can improve drainage with deep aeration. This supports better drainage and hardens off the turf. This also makes the turf less vulnerable to winter injury. 

Plan Fertility 

  • Keep an eye on nitrogen application. Putting green covered with tarp should not receive nitrogen application as this can be risky. Turf becomes more prone to winter injuries.    
  • Potassium levels should be adequate as this increases the risk of winter injury, especially on Poa annua putting greens. Turf uses only the required amount of potassium. Excessive potassium levels are not going to help. Excessive levels can also increase snow mold. It is a turf disease that can cause serious damage or kill grass when the snow starts melting in late winter. 

They say when grass and trees compete, trees always win. So, make sure that the turf is exposed to direct sunlight. You have to prepare the turf before winter arrives. The turf should not be weak when the winter is around the corner. So, prepare your golf course for winter before it is too late. This does not only prevent winter injury but also improve springtime playing conditions. Make sure that your Toro golf course mowers and other pieces of equipment are also winter-ready.

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