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6 Savvy Valentine’s Day Gifts & Gets



Valentine’s Day Gifts

If you’re thoughts are turning to shopping as Valentine’s Day looms large, you’re certainly not alone. According to the National Retail Federation, spending on this amorous occasion last year was purported to hit a staggering $20.7 billion—an increase of 6 percent over the prior year’s $19.6 billion and dually breaking the previous record of $19.7 billion set in 2016. With this kind of historical high spending, throngs of consumers are indubitably itching for new ideas sure to impress their sweeties. With that in mind, here are a few gift ideas that, while some are on the “non-traditional” front, will undoubtedly delight your loved ones.

1849 Wine Company (

Wine is a quintessential staple on Valentine’s Day and here’s a great option to stock the wine cellar with: 1849 Wine. This design-minded brand draws inspiration from the 21st Century contemporary art movement. 1849 Wine’s vibrant labels designed by the artist SABER capture your attention away from the endless sea of white, off-white, eggshell and otherwise underwhelming labels that plague contemporary store shelves. Every handcrafted bottle of 1849 Wine not only reflects the company’s artistic spirit, but also their dedication for the finely-tuned art of wine making. Like an artist’s fascinating power to disrupt norms, transcend taboos and change perspective, this company’s overarching goal is to achieve all three with every bottle of 1849 Wine.

Carolina Herrera ‘Good Girl’ Valentine’s Day Set (

What girl doesn’t love spritzing themselves with a fine scent—especially on date night? This gift idea is a decidedly lovely way to realize the sweet smell of success(ful gifting) this Valentine’s Day. Spread the love with Venezuelan fashion designer Carolina Herrera’s “Good Girl” fragrance gift set crafted around the eloquent pair of Jasmine and Tonka. This set includes Good Girl Eau de Parfum, a sensual, evocative fragrance born of the beautiful contradictions and the ever-present duality of modern women and modern life.  This 2-piece set also includes Good Girl Eau de Parfum Légère, inaugurating a new phase in perfumery and the House of Herrera with the creation of an Oriental floral constructed around the DNA of Good Girl. This scent is built around the eloquent pair of jasmine, the emblem of Carolina Herrera, and Tonka, an intoxicating and surprising note. Included in the set is one ounce of each fragrance.

Wildflower Soap & Cool Stick (

Self-care is a Valentine’s Day must, and gifts related thereto are always a treat. And, you certainly can’t go wrong with the basics. But, here’s one with a twist. Wildflower’s all-natural CBD Soap in gorgeous scents of Lavender and Vanilla are made with the highest quality broad-spectrum CBD extracts and coconut oil to keep the skin healthy and hydrated. This gentle yet powerful face and body cleanser lathers into a rich and soothing foam, improving overall skin health without dryness. Lavender’s anti-inflammatory properties offer soothing comfort for your skin and may help reduce redness and irritation. Its benefits extend from gently removing excess dirt oils and dead skin cells to revealing the bright, fresh, radiant skin underneath. It is also an all-natural vegan option made with fresh ingredients including coconut oil, lye, water, broad-spectrum CBD and lavender essential oil.

Onyx Nail Design (

Next is an easy and super chic way for gals to look fabulous this holiday and beyond, or a great gift certificate idea if you want to consider proffering it to another as a present. It’s Onyx Nail Design’s Luxury Reusable Press-On Nails. This is a company that offers a fine collection of unique, high-quality luxurious press on nails that, unlike most press-on and glue-on can be reused over and over again. And, good thing, since these allow users to change their nails as often as their outfit! The company’s nails are made from the highest professional quality products available, eliminating concerns about discoloration or any other side effects that tend to come along with cheap and low-quality alternatives.

Emeril Lagasse Pressure AirFryer (

You don’t always have to go out to celebrate Valentine’s Day festivities, or maybe you’re attending—or hosting—a “Galentine’s Day” celebration with a potluck spread. Either way, an easy and tasty meal is the perfect way to spend time with your significant other or dear friends and family—and even better if that delicious meal is healthy to boot! So here’s a gift idea not to be overlooked, and one that can greatly simplify the in-home cooking experience year-round. It’s the Emeril Lagasse Pressure AirFryer. This stainless-steel system is supercharged, replacing up to 12 different appliances. It features no less than 44 preset cooking functions including sous vide, bake, canner, grill, sauté, roast and more—all in a healthier environment than traditional deep fryers or oil-based preparations. So avoid the constrained “Prix Fix” dinner out on the Valentine’s Day holiday, and otherwise enjoy perfectly prepped, healthy home cooked meals made extraordinarily easy.

The Hero Grill (

Also for those who love to cool and eat, and especially for those individuals and families that like the outdoors, is the opportunity for you to be someone’s true hero. This via The Hero Grill—a one-of-a-kind portable grill that makes anyone’s next outdoor adventure simple, clean and tasty. And, it’s also especially great for space-challenged apartment dwellers who have a hankerin’ for foods with fie-forward flavor. HERO Grill uses a self-contained, all-natural charcoal pod that is ready in 10 minutes and provides 60 minutes of cooking time, meaning no more messy bags of charcoal and lighter fluid. This device’s user-focused engineering combines the reusable grilling grid with an all-natural, biodegradable, single-use charcoal pod made of cardboard, lava stones and pre-stacked charcoal briquettes.  HERO defines the new standard in on-the-go grilling.


By Merilee Kern, MBA – an internationally-regarded brand analyst, strategist and futurist.

*Some or all of the item(s) adetailed above may have been provided or arranged at no cost to accommodate this review, but all opinions expressed are entirely those of Merilee Kern and have not been influenced in any way.



6 Most Common Male Sex Problems & Their Solutions



An Active Sex Life Boosts Brain Power

In our western societies, we are so very advanced in many aspects of life. Technology has changed our homes and our working lives, we have advanced scientific knowledge of how exercise and diet affect us and know how to use this knowledge to increase our quality of life and increase our lifespan as well. We also are more likely to be aware of mental health issues and seek help for depression and any other psychological problems we might face. But one area we are still shy and reluctant to be open around is the issue of male sexual problems. Often, as men, we are held back by male pride and feel that discussing any issue shows us as weak males. This could not be further from the truth as there is no shame in seeking help for any medical issue. So here are 6 of the most common male sexual problems and their solutions.

Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence

Why not jump in and start with the biggie, erectile dysfunction or impotence. So if we cannot achieve an erection we feel that we are not performing or pulling through for our partners. But this is a common issue, especially as we get older. There are plenty of options in seeking to solve this issue, drugs such as the extremely well known Viagra have been on the market for decades now and there are some even more innovative solutions like an erection-boosting condom. The cause can also be psychological as well as physical and can be exacerbated by an overreliance on erectile dysfunction medication. When dealing with psychological causes of erectile dysfunction you may do better to visit a good therapist.


Infertility is where a person is biologically unable to have children and although the term is gender-neutral in men it means the inability to father a child. The causes of male fertility can be from a wide range of sources and this is why it can be tricky and time-consuming to accurately diagnose the issue. One of the most common reasons is low sperm count which is fairly self-explanatory but why do we have low sperm count? This can be another range of reasons, such as being overweight or obese, lack of exercise, tobacco, drug or alcohol misuse. For any of these reasons the first thing to try is a lifestyle change and then have your count re-tested. If this has not wielded any results and the count is still low then there are other things to look into, it could be the result of an infection and once treated the count could go back up. But in rare cases you may need to have a surgical intervention, if you have a varicocele which is a type of clot in the scrotum then surgery can correct this and allow a better chance of conception.


These are available for mans who are addicted to sex. You can have them with you whenever and wherever you want. These Toy Girls can make your day fantastic,as you can use them as your desires. Your desires are ready to come true with these dolls. Have fun and have a wonderful joy day.


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Topics to discuss with her on a first date



Topics to discuss with her on a first date

Women can be complicated and intimidating, especially if it’s your first date, you are not familiar with each other yet, and it might put extra pressure on you. We got your back and have a list of topics that you can discuss with her to break the ice.

If you have met each other online, try not to discuss the best dating sites for sex that you both tried before. Keep it simple.

The key to any good date is communication. And to get to know her better, you should ask questions. Start with more information about her lifestyle. Since traveling is popular and a lot of us travel — ask her about her dream country or city to live or what the most fascinating trip she had so far. Ask her about favorite movies, and maybe theater plays. Involve art if you feel confident enough to talk about it.

If you are nervous — it is completely normal to admit. You can make a joke out of it and have a good laugh together. It is most likely that is is also nervous on her end. So that would be an excellent way to break the tension between you two.

Instead of a dull question, where did she grow up, ask where she feels most alive and which place feels like home to her. It’s great to know where people grow up but also awesome to figure out where the person feels happy the most.

Expand the travel topic. Ask about places she’s been to and compares with yours. If there are the same places, try to make a top 3 or top 5 list together. Discuss why and what are the dream places that each of you wanted to go, but so far, it didn’t happen.

Bucket list goals are always fun to talk about. People can have meaningful but straightforward wishes or completely crazy ideas. Both are great and fun to learn.

What was the bravest, stupidest, or scariest thing each of you ever done? The most important thing here is to say in advance that this will be zero judgmental date and you both can relax and enjoy having fun.

Talk about hobbies and imagine what hobby each of you would want to make a reality. Similar to the superpower question. That can be included as well.

What kind of a kid was you? That can be a little bit of a personal question, so ask it if you feel like it is appropriate. You also can share the funniest stories from childhood.

Talk about carriers and dream jobs. What would be the ideal version of a job for each of you, and why it’s a dream but not a reality.

Ask her to describe her perfect day. It can be anything: the perfect day at work or during the weekend. What fun and chill days would look like for her.

In the end, the ultimate goal is to have fun, enjoy each other’s company, and have a pleasant conversation where both of you are getting to know each other better. That way, in the end, you both realize if you would like to have another date. Besides, those questions would help you to understand the person. The character and all the vibes can be produced on both sides. Enjoy!

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Legal Separation: Reasons and Ways to Save Marriage!



Legal Separation: Reasons and Ways to Save Marriage!

Marriages are made in heaven, but if you are not able to get along well with your spouse and separation is imminent, you should first understand what the legal separation in Indiana is all about.

It is an arrangement when the couple is mandated by the court order to live separately from each other. When the couples go for voluntary separation, they may try to resolve their marriage during the waiting period or take divorce at the end of the duration.

But during a marital separation, the couple remains married to each other on the paper. The terms of the legal separation define how they are going to share their responsibilities or obligations towards each other.

Legal separation is necessary to separate the couple in the right way while the legal proceedings of formal divorce are being worked out. In the court-ordered separation, things take place at a faster pace. In contrast, the details such as spousal support, distribution of assets, child custody, child support, restraining orders, other compensation and benefits and similar other details are being discussed. Some of the reason why couples separate are:

Difference Are Severe

No marriage is perfect and there some differences in almost everyone. Although couples fight, there are some relationships where the couples fight about almost little everything making it an issue. When none of them is willing to compromise on their stand, things only take a terrible turn.

Handling Anger and Discomfort

When the couples are getting out of control, their fight can lead to the damage to life and property. It is best to remain away from each other. Legal separation allows them to calm down and prevent from doing anything that they will regret life.

Financial Management

When one or both the partners are irresponsible with their finances, it may lead to differences between them. Excess debt on any of the spouse, gambling, and other vices and do permanent damage to the marriage. It is better than the couple is separated to prevent further damage to others in the family.

Not Trust Left

If any of the spouses is infidel, then separation is an absolute must. It’s because the very foundation of the marriage is shaken. Both the spouse are only hurting each other with their presence. They need time or space to deal with each other and to heal.

Protecting Future of Kids

When kids find their parents fighting all the time, it affects their healthy development. Separation could prevent these fights from happening or reduce them and save the future of the children.

These are some of the reasons which lead the couple to separate. While legal separation may reduce the damage, but often it is difficult to save the marriage. So what can the couples do to save their marriage?

Marriage Counselling

It is no longer an option, but it is mandatory to reach out to them. If the couple is willing to move forward with the relationship and finding out ways to avoid separation, they should better take help of counsellors than trying things in vain. A neutral third party who is experienced in handling marital conflicts can surely offer the right help.

The couple may try to communicate, but when things have reached a point where legal separation in Indiana is imminent, then communication may no longer help. It is best to present the conflicts to the professional counsellor for resolution and have a neutral third party suggest how to move ahead.


If the couple is unwilling to move ahead and resolve the issues on their own, no amount of counselling, lawyers and the therapists and other parties would be able to help. Some patience will surely be handy!

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6 Tips to Help You Move on When Your Marriage Is Over




Relationship endings are hard and they just become harder if we’re talking about marriages. After all, you married the person you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with. Knowing that it’s really over is never a nice feeling and can leave a lot of people with a lack of confidence and direction in life. If you have children, things just become more complicated because you have to think of them, too. Moving on and living your life after your marriage ends is still possible, though.

1. Find new hobbies

Devoting yourself to your marriage and your kids often means neglecting your own interests and hobbies. After years of not taking time for yourself, it’s easy to forget what you actually like to do. Now that your marriage is over, you can finally focus on yourself. You’ll finally have enough free time to experiment with different hobbies and activities.

Take that cooking class you always said you would, go dancing, or simply start watching a new show only you like. The possibilities are endless.

2. Talk to your ex

If things ended on a relatively okay note, you should try and get some closure. Without talking things over with your ex, you’ll never be able to truly move on. After all, it’s very hard to deal with unspoken feelings and unanswered questions. Getting your thoughts and feelings out in a respectful manner will be very beneficial for your mental health.

It’s best to have this talk somewhere outside your or their house. This way, you’ll be on neutral turf and won’t feel like either of you have the upper hand in the conversation. As well as all of this, try to actively listen to your ex and consider the truth in their words. You’ll grow from this experience like you never thought you could.

3. Get back out there

Sometimes a rebound is just the medicine you need for a broken heart. Remind yourself that sex and romance are available again after so long of being stuck in an unhappy marriage. Other people still see you and find you attractive, so why shouldn’t you take advantage of that? You deserve to feel the butterflies in your stomach and the sweat on your palms once more. You deserve to feel like a teenager.

Being with someone else will remind you that your ex isn’t perfect and that not being with them isn’t so bad.

4. Have a good support network

Whether it’s your friends or family, having a good support network will help you feel better in no time. These people are on your side regardless of what’s happening with your divorce and they love you no matter what. You should be able to go out for a drink or two with your friends and you’ll always have a place to sleep and eat at your parents’ house.

If you don’t have a good support network like this, you can always look for professional guidance and help. Going to a therapist will also make you realize that you are not alone and that this isn’t the end of your life. The therapist will be able to give you good coping mechanisms and restore your faith in yourself and your abilities.

5. Get a good lawyer

The one thing you need to remember is that you don’t have to lose your kids and your property just because you’re losing a spouse. Most first-world countries have clear cut laws about divorce and there are special lawyers that deal with these issues. In fact, in countries like Australia, people don’t think twice about hiring the best family lawyer in Sydney or Melbourne or whatever other cities they might be from.

Even if their services are a bit more expensive, it will definitely be worth it. Securing everything that belongs to you and getting custody is one of the best things you can do for you and your kids. You won’t have to start living life from scratch after the divorce when you got to keep everything you’ve spent a lifetime creating. Having your life intact after the marriage is over will also give you enough security and self-confidence to keep living.

6. Bond with your kids

If you have children, you should take this opportunity to bond with them. This is especially true if your kids are young. They’ll be going through a tough time too, so it’s your job to show them that you’re still a family. This means that you should openly talk to your kids about the divorce and explain to them how the family dynamics might change.

Instead of letting this event ruin your family life, though, use it to bond with your kids. Take an active interest in what they like, spend more time with them, and make them feel secure. Soon enough, you’ll realize that what’s really important is your children and you’ll stop thinking about your ex. Through them, you’ll rediscover happiness and just how amazing life can be.


As you can see, you don’t have to suffer from heartbreak for the rest of your life just because your marriage is over. Remember that things happen for a reason and that this is your chance to reinvent yourself. You can finally be the best version of yourself with nothing to hold you back. We’re confident that you’ll be able to move on in no time with these helpful tips.

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Putting The Spark Back Into Your Relationship




Now that the first flush of romance is over, and you’ve gotten used to each other, it can be easy to become complaisant and forget about passion and love. To keep the romance alive even after a few years, take a look at the below tips so that you can both enjoy a long and happy relationship. 

Commit To A Dedicated Date Night

Choosing a specific night on which to have a date every week is widely believed to be the key to a successful relationship, so set aside one night a week when you both spend time doing the things you love and connecting with your partner. It doesn’t have to be an expensive meal out every week; a simple date night at home with your favourite film and a glass of wine is perfectly acceptable as long as you both have fun and spend the time remembering everything you love about each other. 

Spice Things Up In The Bedroom 

After a few years your sex life can get a little stale, so get things back on track by including sex toys such as dildos, clamps and restraints. There’s something out there for everyone, including lesbians, who can use a Wet For Her double dildo to make their relationship even more intense. 

Talk Things Over

Communication can drastically decrease in the later stages of a relationship, so make sure that you regularly take the time to talk together. You might choose to have a quick chat after work every day, or you might prefer to have long, in depth discussions about your feelings on the weekend; whatever you choose, make the communication honest and two-way. Listen to your partner and make them feel loved. 

Share The Chores

Women often take on a disproportion number of household tasks such as laundry, childcare and cleaning. To help overcome this issue and ensure that you’re both doing your fair share, map out exactly what tasks need doing around the house, then divide them equally. Create a rota for regular tasks so that you both do equal amounts and don’t come to resent each other. 

Remember, Emotional Labor Is Still Work

There is a strong consensus that taking on all of the emotional labor in a relationship affects women negatively and can cause problems in their work, social lives and relationships. To avoid this issue, make sure that you and your partner are supportive of one another and try to divide the emotional labor and caring between you as equally as possible. 

Change Things Up

When your relationship is getting a little stale make sure that you change things to get it back on track. This might include bringing in new ideas or positions into your bedroom activities, or something more drastic like going away for a short break to reconnect and relax. Making small changes can help you to keep the spark alive for longer, so consider how you can both make things better for one another and really reconnect. 

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Rose Day 2020 – The Ultimate Buying Guide



Rose Day 2020 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

As February nears, Valentine’s Day looms over the horizon. However, this is no longer restricted to 14th February. Instead, the week leading up to Valentine’s Day is full of anticipation. Each day is a different day for a specific gift.

And we begin with the most classic gift of all: a bouquet of flowers. Or, as it is better known, Rose Day.

Rose Day, as the name suggests, is when you express your love through the elegant, sweet-smelling rose. The rose has always been the perfect metaphor for a relationship. The lushly coloured and fragrant flower has thorns, symbolising the hardships you fight through, which only makes the right parts better.

That said, if roses are not immediately available to you, luckily there are other means to make flower delivery in Salalah.

With giftsonclick, you get a large selection of bouquets to choose from for your significant other! Send roses to Oman and let your partner know you are thinking about them the moment the day begins!

Your Options for Rose Day 2020

While the red rose remains the classic option, there are several other colours to choose from in today’s day and age. And the colour you choose is critical – it shows how well you know your partner!

Making a thoughtful flower delivery in Sohar ensures your partner not only knows you are thinking about them but also that you know them well enough not to choose red.

But let’s begin with one of the most exceptional, most impressive bouquets we offer.

100 Red Roses

Whether you want it in a vase so you can surprise them by leaving it on their dining table or a bouquet to hand to them in person, the 100 red roses never fail to impress. Our expert flower arrangers even give you these 100 roses in a heart shape!

100 Roses

The deep red and high number make for a spectacular display sure to leave your partner speechless. After all, there is a reason this arrangement has survived the years, and we continue to provide it!

However, if you do not want this particular arrangement and this colour, we have several other options that ensure you make the perfect choice when you send roses to Oman!

50 Pink Roses

If your S. O. is a fan of softer, more pastel colours, then our 50-pink rose bouquet may be perfect for them. These cheerful roses are gentler on the eye while smelling just as sweet as their red counterparts.

Pink Roses

And, if pink is what your partner prefers, your love may make them smell even sweeter! So use our flower delivery in Salalah and make this a (Rose) day to remember!

Bliss to the Eyes – Assorted Roses

Maybe the relationship is brand new, and you are not sure of their stance on red roses. Perhaps you consider red a sign of too much, too fast. Or maybe your partner is not a fan of an entirely red bouquet but has no particular favourite colour in mind.

Regardless of the reason, our assorted bouquet is perfect for the occasion. Whether you want the easy-to-carry 50 or the over-the-top impressive 100, you get a gorgeous combination of white, pink, red, yellow and orange roses in a vase!

Shadows of Love – Red and Yellow

Balancing our your red roses with some yellow roses is definitely pleasing to the eye. This arrangement is the perfect half-and-half flower delivery in Sohar!

The 40 deep red roses are complemented perfectly by their cheery 40 yellow counterparts! Together, they come along for the perfect arrangement, depicting both the passion and the cuddles perfectly!

Ethereal Red Bouquet

If red and white is your ideal combination, this bouquet is for you! With 10 deep red roses forming the core of the arrangement and pure white roses, lilies and brassica in the centre, this romantic arrangement is shaped like a heart and becomes the perfect gift!

Red Bouquet

Complemented further by the green hypericum and silver twigs, this arrangement creates a heavenly image, giving you further reason to surprise your partner and send roses to Oman!

With giftsonclick, you get a plethora of arrangements, each more beautiful and meaningful than the last. Our well-thought-out rose arrangements are especially ideal for making your Rose Day brighter and more fragrant, helping you enjoy and express your love to its fullest!

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Getting Pregnant: Here’s How to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy



Getting Pregnant Here’s How to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy

You have decided that you want to conceive and intend to plan your actions accordingly. Getting pregnant involves mental, emotional, and physical preparation to ensure the health and safety of the baby. And this pregnancy involves your partner too, as both of you have to be well and ready.

The physical aspect of preparing yourself for conception is a challenge within a challenge. Depending on your current condition, you may have to adapt or modify your behavior to make room for healthy choices.

So what do you expect when you want to expect?

Consult Your Doctor before and during Pregnancy




Mayo Clinic recommends women, along with their partners, trying to conceive to go on a preconception appointment that covers a tall order of critical issues relating to fertility and more:

  • Birth control
  • Vaccines, especially if you are up-to-date
  • Medications or supplements
  • Chronic conditions
  • Health history (yours and your family’s)
  • Age
  • Previous pregnancies
  • Weight ideal for conception
  • Lifestyle

This visit to the doctor sets you up for realistic and deliberate planning for your pregnancy. As you conceive successfully, you have to undergo ultrasound scans to monitor the growth of your baby. The ultrasound transducer typically glides over the abdomen to perform the scan. You can look into what ultrasound transducers that hospitals and clinics use here.

Go Easy on Coffee

A study reveals that there’s little association between coffee intake and fertility or achieving pregnancy. However, the study finds that consuming 300 milligrams of caffeine every day during early pregnancy is tied to a greater risk of spontaneous abortion (SAB). To be on the safe side, limit your coffee intake to less than 200 milligrams a day or a 12-ounce cup, according to the American Pregnancy Association.

What about herbal tea?

It may be generally safe for you to drink tea products while waiting to conceive. Still, consult with your medical practitioner regarding the consumption of such products and their effect on your fertility, if any.

A study notes that consuming more than four cups of green tea a day leads to low serum folate levels during the early stage of pregnancy. Folic acid reduces the risk of birth defects such as neural tube defects (NTD), and tea consumption may increase such risk.

Eat Healthy and Right

You may have to lose or gain weight to get pregnant. What’s important is to achieve this ideal weight prior to pregnancy.

Thus, eat a balanced meal by doing these:

  • Cut back on junk food, empty calories, and high-sugar foods.
  • Include fruits, vegetables, and grains in your meal plan.
  • Take vitamins and mineral supplements, including folic acid.

Ask your doctor about specific restrictions or inclusions to your diet.

Move Around

Exercise plays a role in improving fertility and helps you manage or control your weight for pregnancy. According to the Fertility Society of Australia (FSA), obese women who have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) but exercise regularly can increase their frequency of ovulation. That then leads to regular menstrual cycles and higher chances of conceiving.

Per FSA, do at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity that includes brisk walking and dancing every day.

Can you travel during the preconception stage?

Traveling itself can influence the levels of melatonin and cortisol. That, in turn, affects your monthly cycle. The fluctuations in the levels of those hormones can disrupt the window of fertility. You may have to scale back on traveling that can unduly stress you and mess up with your cycle. Instead, bank on sleep and rest.

Abstain from or Quit Drinking, Smoking, and Using Drugs

Medical experts always warn both men and women about consuming cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs and its effects on the unborn baby.

  • Alcohol: the substance can interfere with ovulation and may make it difficult for women to get pregnant. Alcohol can also decrease men’s sperm count.
  • Smoking: it can damage the eggs and cause miscarriages. Aside from lowering the sperm count on men, cigarettes have been linked to sluggish sperm motility.
  • Drugs: they can cause hormonal imbalance that leads to fertility issues. If your partner chronically smokes marijuana, then the sperm count and development of the sperm also take a hit.

Thus, you need to abstain or refrain from taking any such substances leading to and during pregnancy. You must also avoid environmental toxins, such as those from pollutants that can interfere with the baby’s development.

You can refer to this ultimate guide to flush drug toxins out of your body and pass a drug test if you or your partner needs to take one for the workplace. The key takeaway is that you have options to ensure you are clean months or so before you plan to get pregnant.

Follow these tips to physically prepare for conception, and coordinate your efforts with your doctor every step of the way.

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Fabulous Valentine’s Gifts to Rejoice the Bond of Undying Affection



valentines gifts

Valentine’s Day is devoted to lovers and married couples all over the world. It is a grand celebration that helps them to strengthen their deep relationship forever. The best part of this special occasion is the way of showing undying affection for each other. Most of the time, couples dedicate some romantic tokens of remembrance to mark this memorable event of the year. They even plan some extraordinary things to create some joyous memories of the day. It is an excellent time for you to provide an attractive gifts for valentines day to enchant your beloved partner. When it comes to choosing the best present to celebrate the bond of togetherness, then you have to put little effort to make it special for her. This V-Day, you can plan some exciting ideas to show how much you love your better half.

Here are some thoughtful gift ideas to rejoice your bond of endless love on Valentine’s Day.

Flowers Basket:

Fresh flowers always make a gesture of deep love and affection in relationships. You have the chance to design a beautiful floral basket to show your endearment. Add all your favorite flowers in a lovely floral arrangement to greet your beloved partner. It can be helpful to complement the beauty, love, care, and happiness of your relationship. If you add a handmade greeting that will be perfect to win her heart. It is going to be a meaningful gift to convey your deep emotions from the heart. 

Chocolate Bouquet:

The best idea to add sweetness into your relationship is to make a hamper of delicious chocolates. You can even order an attractive chocolate bouquet to spread some happy moments of the day. Make sure to select her favorite chocolates to show how much you care about her taste. The best idea is to add some assorted chocos of her choice to make it more adorable for her. Your better half will surely enjoy such mouth-watering chocolates on Valentine’s Day. It will be a nutritious food hamper to commemorate another special occasion.

Designer Dress with Ornaments:

The gift you choose for your beloved partner should be according to her preferences. On this memorable event, you can surprise her with a designer dress or something she may be planning for a long time. Another option is to take her to the shopping mall where she can select by herself. Ask her to buy a pair of ornaments to match with her beautiful dress. It would be a fantastic way to show your concern for her. She will be thankful for considering her particular choices in apparel and jewelry.

Delight with Photo Cake:

A cake is always a center of attraction on any occasion you celebrate. This time, you can amaze your better half with a personalised Valentine cake. You have to select her favorite flavors and ingredients to prepare a yummy cake for the celebration. The best way is to choose a memorable photo of your wedding day to personalise the cake to mark this lover’s day. You can even write a love message at the center of the cake. It will help to rejoice your deep bond of endearment.

A Big Wall Frame:

Every year you have to try new ideas to celebrate your relationship. If you want to refresh some joyous memories of your togetherness, then you should design a big wall photo frame for her. You can even choose a heart-shaped frame to give her moments of happiness. It can be another fantastic way to express your heartfelt emotions on this most awaited event. Another idea is to engrave a suitable caption on the photo frame to mark this memorable occasion. 

All of these are some of the fabulous gift ideas by which you can rejoice the bond of eternal love and affection with your beloved partner.

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A Common Divorce Alternative – Separation Agreement in New York



Not all marriages last forever. Many couples undergo rough patches; some come out of this as whole while; others may end up broken. In case, the couple have reconcilable differences that cannot be patched up, there are two alternatives available to them; either they get separated or divorced. A separation agreement is an agreement that is signed by a couple to get a legal separation from each other. It is usually signed by a couple when they want to live apart from each other for a period of time without dissolving their marriage. In such a case, a couple still has the hope of reconciliation and be together again in the future. It is an alternative to divorce which is quite common these days.

Just like in marriage, there are certain responsibilities and rights that are associated even during the time of legal separation. Both the spouses need to respect those rights and responsibilities which are mutually agreed upon and mentioned in the separation agreement.

What are the major issues dealt within a separation agreement?

When it comes to a separation agreement, the main issues dealt in it include:

  • Which partner will get to keep the house?
  • Details of child custody, support and visitation
  • Spousal support like alimony or maintenance is discussed
  • Issues of property division (marital liabilities or assets)
  • Any other provisions unique to the couple’s situation

Importance of a Separation Agreement in New York

In New York, mere physical separation from one’s spouse is not considered an actual separation. The couple needs to sign a ‘separation agreement’ and get it notarized by a notary in order to live legally apart under the New York law. Living apart from one’s spouse without a separation agreement will only be a physical separation. In this case, both the spouses will be entitled to equal distribution in any newly acquired property or in any debt incurred. This can further complicate matters if the couple chooses to go ahead with divorce after legal separation.

Additionally, if one spouse starts dating before signing a separation agreement, it is considered adultery, which is a crime under the penal code. Moreover, adultery can give a reasonable ground to file a divorce to the other spouse. Thus, it is important to sign a separation agreement to be able to dodge such problems.

Is there a need to hire an attorney for a Separation Agreement?

Though Sample Separation Agreement NY are easily available, hiring a highly competent attorney before drafting a separation agreement is recommended. This is because even a small, single mistake can render the entire agreement void and thus, not legally binding. A competent New York separation agreement lawyer will be helpful in drafting a separation agreement taking care of protecting your rights.

Can a couple of file for divorce after signing a separation agreement?

If even after the best of efforts, a couple fails to reach reconciliation even after living separately and apart for a year and wants to completely end their marriage, they can file for a New York conversion divorce under the terms of the separation agreement. However, there are a few requirements which must be met:

  • The couple must not be residing in the same place. It is mandatory for the couple to live separately and apart from each other at least for a year before filing for a conversion divorce.
  • The separation agreement must be filed in the residing county of the couple.
  • An index number, associated with the separation agreement, needs to be purchased. This index number is later used to file for conversion divorce.
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Romantic Surprises to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Loved on Valentine’s Day



valentine day gifts online

Valentine’s Day is celebrated to recognize the love, affection, trust, and understanding in a lover’s relationship. It is also a popular day for couples to spend some golden time with each other. It comes every year in the month of Feb and allows lovers to refresh their beautiful memories of togetherness. The practice of sending the best valentine gift is essential for expressing their undying affection. It is associated with flowers, red hearts, chocolates, and handmade greetings to express love with the beloved partner. Many couples like to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a long drive, late-night dinner, and doing some romantic things. You have to show extra creativity to impress your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. It is required to strengthen the bond of love and affection in your beautiful relationship.

Here are some romantic ideas to tell her how much you love from the bottom of the heart.

Make A Jar Filled with Love Notes:

Make A Jar Filled with Love Notes:

You have all the different ideas about the fantastic things about her. Valentine’s Day is the best occasion when you can express your feelings through handmade greetings. You can write all the eternal emotions on colorful notes for her. It can be an ideal way to share some romantic quotes and captions with your girlfriend. You may think most of the time about your girlfriend that you can write on the love notes. With such lovely handwritten messages, she will be able to feel the love in your absence.




valentine cake

Delight with A Designer Cake:

When you want to give some sweet moments to your beloved girlfriend, then you should dedicate her favorite dessert or chocolates. A happy valentine cake can be the best choice to show your romantic love for her. It should be a heart-shaped cake to make her feel loved. You can also design the cake according to the love theme of Valentine. If you are at a faraway place, then you can even send cake online to double the charm of this big celebration. It is going to be a perfect sweet gift to give her pleasurable moments of the day.


Heart Shaped Pendant

Heart-Shaped Pendant:

When you want to give another romantic surprise to your girlfriend, then you can go with jewelry items of her choice. A heart-shaped pendant can be the best option to symbolize your endless love for her. It should be a customized pendant in which you can engrave your initials to show your passion. She would love to put a beautiful token of love around her neck. You can also complement it with classy danglers to give her a new style statement. She will be thankful for such a fantastic gift at this special event.



Charming Flowers

Charming Flowers for Her:

Flowers help to convey some immense feelings from the heart that one feels for their loved ones. There are some exotic flowers which are best to relish your beloved girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. You can make an attractive floral arrangement with red roses for her. It can surely bring a lovely smile on her face. It should be a surprise hamper to make her feel pampered. She will be happy to get such an appealing flower gift from your side. Through these blooming flowers, you can convey deep emotions with your girlfriend on this lover’s day.


Write A Love Letter

Write A Love Letter:

It is not necessary to always go with materialistic gifts for your girlfriend. This time, you can write a love letter to tell her how much you feel blessed to have her in your life. It could be a traditional gift to impress her on this memorable occasion. You have to share everything you think about her through this love letter. Don’t forget to compliment her with a cute teddy bear. It would be a fantastic gift that she had ever received.

All of these romantic surprises are perfect for expressing your feelings of love and care for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

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