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Top 6 Best Job Search Apps for 2020

Gone is the time when you ran door-to-door, from company to company, in search of employment. With digitalization, finding potential job opportunities is much more convenient than it was in the time of our fathers and forefathers. The competition, on the other hand, is more intense now. There are ma

Job Search Apps
Job Search Apps

Gone is the time when you ran door-to-door, from company to company, in search of employment. With digitalization, finding potential job opportunities is much more convenient than it was in the time of our fathers and forefathers.

The competition, on the other hand, is more intense now. There are many talented people, but not enough opportunities, and, most often individuals without talent steal the positions from those who deserve it.

2020 brings in a new era!

Multiple platforms now exist that make it possible for candidates to search for jobs not just in the vicinity of their homes, but also beyond the oceans. Individuals can find their dream jobs within city limits or on the other side of the planet, with the Internet connecting the world and eliminating geographical barriers.

With the increasing use of smartphones, recruitment apps like Apply Up take center stage in helping applicants and employers find their best fit. So, if you’re a candidate finding your next opportunity or an employer looking for the ideal candidate, these are the job search apps, you should look up in 2020:

1.     LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best job search apps out there. It helps individuals fulfill two of the most crucial aspects of their professional lives: building a network and finding new employment opportunities.

It is a social platform where you can connect with other professionals in your niche and outside your profession. It is also a powerful and intuitive recruitment app. If it knows you’re looking for a new role, it alerts you of any vacancies that meet your criteria and skill set. Furthermore, the app highlights you in employer searches for any job openings.

On the other hand, you can also find jobs manually and filter results by location, pay grade, job title, or company. For students, fresh graduates, and experienced individuals, LinkedIn has tons of opportunities based on your level of expertise and requirements.

The best feat, however, is that LinkedIn keeps your job searching activities on the down-low. Meaning your current employer will not know you are job hunting until you are ready to disclose it.

2.     Indeed is better known as the best job search website on the Internet. But now it is available on the mobile platform for both iOS and Android users.

Unlike LinkedIn, you have the option to register for an Indeed account and search for job opportunities. The platform allows you to hunt for employment within any corner of the globe, even without registration. Simply enter the city/state where you want to work and the job title, and Indeed will bring up the vacancies that match your criteria. It lists salaries, job posting date, company details, and its rating, so you can do your research before applying.

Additionally, the app allows you to filter your search by location, role, hours, pay grade, and more. You can upload your resume onto your Indeed account and directly apply to jobs in a few taps or bookmark potential opportunities if you want to apply at a later date.

3.     Apply Up

Apply Up is a modern recruitment platform that revolutionizes the hiring processes for recruiters and candidates.

Like with any other app, employers post job vacancies and candidates apply for positions of their interest. But the notable feature is that it enables employers to reach out to potential applicants for interviews. So, instead of candidates running after employers, it’s the other way around.

Apply Up works on an algorithm that limits the hassle of job/candidate hunting by finding candidates with skill sets that match the job requirements; and, for candidates to find opportunities that fit their skills.

Additionally, recruiters can conduct in-app audio and video interviews, eliminating the need for recurring visits from candidates as well as geographical limitations.

4.     Glassdoor

Recruiters conduct thorough research on the potential candidates before hiring them; Glassdoor allows applicants to do the same. Individuals can search through the massive database of companies, and gain an insight into the company of their interest, read up employee reviews, salaries, and interview methods.

Additionally, you can find out if you are earning your worth by comparing salary structures of various job profiles, search for vacancies, and even share opportunities with other users. You can also upload your resume to directly apply through the app or save jobs and apply later.

5.     LinkUp

With online searching, you can’t be sure if the post you are applying for is even vacant anymore, or if the company that posted the job is legit. The LinkUp is one of the best job search apps of 2020 that solves these concerns.

LinkUp guarantees listing only genuine companies, no scams or fake job posts. You can search for opportunities on the company websites via the app, and filter your results by keywords, company name, and location. Additionally, you can save jobs and apply directly through the app.

6.     ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is another job search app that helps you set up personalized alerts for employment opportunities. The app offers multiple features that allow you to apply for positions of interest without the need to visit the website.

You can upload your CV from Dropbox or Google Drive or connect with your LinkedIn account and receive daily alerts in your inbox. The app allows you to look through millions of opportunities from top job boards around the globe.

Find Your Next Job Opportunity!

These platforms are some of the best job search apps for 2020.

Each platform has its pros and cons. For example, LinkedIn offers you the chance to build your professional network that no other app does. Additionally, Apply Up lets recruiters conduct in-app interviews that is its unique feature. But these platforms are sure to ease the stress of job searching whether you use one or all. If you use them regularly, you are likely to increase your chances of hiring and working at your dream company.