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How AI is the ideal niche for royalty-free music space



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A strong brand audio identity can be a powerful tool for every company, and the most important part of this is music. The value of a distinctive’ tone’ quickly becomes as critical as a recognizable feel, especially given the growing prevalence of the’ audio first’ strategy. It extends to products of all sizes, from YouTubers to the biggest multinational companies.

It is, therefore, no odd that the industry that offers business music is thriving, albeit mostly at the detriment of the musicians that make this. Content needs a soundtrack to really bring it back to life, but material creators around sites such as YouTube and TikTok have not enough time— or money— to license or warrant backup soundtracks for every video they upload. The true music updates from TakeTones Royalty Free Music are the best in class music.

YouTube has not, although they have attempted, succeeded in creating a music library that is completely free of royalties. The producers and advertisers have used stock music for the most part. This will be a long-term phenomenon, with market analysts Technavio forecasting that the stock market will earn a CAGR of 6 percent for 2019-2023, with several audio industry leaders heading to orbit. Apple collaborated with PlayNetwork to create a company-wide streaming and personalized soundtrack for Apple Music for Company. Shutterstock has also launched a music subscription program for YouTubers, social media administrators and radio producers.

A significant number of artists use their time and skills to store this growing number of resources to create music that is just decent enough to provide an inoffensive context to complement a large amount of audiovisual content produced every day. This is a huge waste of creative talent and it is extremely deceptive to see so many music’s works distorted to be combined with visual content. While the background music can be high quality and Sympathie For The Devil might continue as a backdrop on the next yesterday, it is very doubtful, and that is a shame.

This is where the music produced by AI comes in. AI music never will achieve Bohemian Rhapsody’s greatness but it does not have to be flawless for stock music, which makes it ideal for companies seeking something new but not inherently groundbreaking. It places the value of human creations on the ability to tell stories, something AI can not do, instead of its ability to create an appropriate context for the work of someone else. Instead of using their time and creativity to create music for the royalty-free music libraries, artists can regain independence, write, produce and perform in a meaningful way and advertisers can rely on alternatives driven by AI to create the soundtracks they need at scale.

Amazons AWS Deepcomposer also leverages AI to turn melodies into original songs, without asking composers to try to understand the Technology and the software it underlies. Nevertheless, as with human music, the quality of any generated music is still dependent on its ability to provoke an emotional response. While input parameters such as speed, timber, key, and instrument selection are all mechanically useful, the real potential of the music created by AI is unleashed when we can build compositions around individual emotions quickly and easily.

In the wider creative music industry, AI’s position should not be seen as something that seeks to replace human beings and their imagination. Like the best resources, the time and effort required to achieve a specific objective can be dramatically reduced without diminishing current skills and abilities. No mistake, no artist exists for the joy of making undescribed merchandise songs, and the time saved can be spent on things that AI never can do, like tell stories no one else can, and create tomorrow’s true musical masterpieces.

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