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8 Top Home Staging Mistakes Sellers Must Avoid



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Staging your house properly is of utmost importance if you want to increase your chances of selling it fast.

Selling a house is not only about putting it up for sale at a competitive price, but also making sure that its value and appeal are evident to whoever comes for a house visit or checks out an advert.

Unfortunately, there are a number of home staging mistakes that are often made, often without one being aware of the negative impact this is going to have on the possibility of selling the house. So, let us outline 8 of the most common home staging mistakes you should make sure to avoid.

Too Much Furniture

Furniture is a key element in any house, and you might be of the idea that the more furniture items there are, the more you are going to have prospective buyers like your house. However, if you include too much furniture you are more likely to make the rooms look smaller, and the general look of the house might end up being one of too much clutter.

Too Much Empty Space

You do not want to overdo it with empty spaces in the house. Instead of making the house look spacious, you might end up giving the impression that it is bare and impersonal.

Overdoing on Personal Touches

A prospective buyer does not want to see your personal stuff. Rather, you should try to help him in envisaging himself and his family living in that house. So do your best to remove clutter, personal belongings and items such as photo frames, as well as pets.

Ignoring Important Improvements & Repairs

Minor fixes can go a long way in making your house look more appealing. You might think that a few scratches on the wall, cracks, tears, dents and other defects will not be evident. But in truth many people will see them and the general idea will most likely be that you did not care about the house. These seemingly small defects might end up being a major aesthetic eyesore to a prospective buyer. Remember – good first impressions matter a lot!

Decorational Mistakes

Small decorations and ornaments can help to make the house look more inviting. However overdoing it with sporadic decorations such as vases, figurines and such ornaments could end up giving an image of too much clutter or personalisation. So, keep such pieces to a reasonable minimum.

Here are also some things that you should look out for when it comes to decorational elements:

● It is a nice idea to add some live plants here and there, but stay away from fake plants as they do not make such a nice impact.
● Wall prints can also have a lasting effect on a buyer, so make sure to invest in some nice prints of paintings that can manage to fit different preferences. Do not stick to a specific style which might be disliked easily by a buyer.
● Not adding lamps. This is a common mistake. In reality lamps can really make a house look cosy and inviting, and when they are lit they can make for a really nice focal point in a room.

Outdated Window Treatments, Carpets & Upholstery

Outdated window treatments, old carpets, dirty upholstery and soft furnishings, can really kill a room’s appeal as soon as one steps inside. You should bear in mind that such elements can make or break the look of a room. It might be worthwhile to invest in new window treatments and carpets as you can actually totally revamp the look of a room, and make a very positive impact on a prospective buyer.

Poorly Dressed Bed

One of the main focal points in a house is the bedroom, and the bed is the piece which draws most attention. This might seem absurd, but beds with cheap linen, or empty bed frames, can really make a bad impression when it comes to home staging.

Lack of Audience Focus

You need to bear in mind the type of prospective home buyers who might be most likely to buy your house. Consider the ages, status, and their likes and dislikes. If your house is a small ground floor property which is most likely to attract senior people, stage the house with traditional decor.

On the other hand if it is a studio flat or small apartment ideal for a young single person, you might wish to opt for a more contemporary and practical look.

If your house is more suitable for a family with children make sure to highlight how lovely it can be as a family home, with lots of space, and plenty of kid friendly aspects.


Make sure to avoid committing the above mentioned common home staging mistakes so as to improve your chances of selling your house more quickly and effortlessly. From then on, simply get in touch with your local house movers to prepare your move and set off to your new home!

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