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5 Progressive Web App That Actually Increases Your Website’s Conversion Rate



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What is a progressive web app?

A progressive web app is basically like a traditional web app that you are using but is enhanced with the latest web technology. In other words, it is a combination of web and an app hence provides you a mixed experience. Here “Progressive’ means that they are augmented progressively with the latest web features making it easy to use with old browsers and better with new browsers.

 These apps are capable enough to get their respective window and shortcut on your taskbar. In case of android based devices, they appear in form of an icon on devices home screen and on opening their loading speed is superb due to the use of cache API (Application Program interface) and indexedDB (a low-level API) that stores resources and data related with the app on the device and even providing you with the facility of working offline.

Benefits of Progressive web app

  •  The primary benefit of using a progressive web app is, you can get an experience of both web and an app on a single platform.
  •  Technologies like service workers and push notifications like WordPress Push Notifications and WooCommerce push notifications pave a way for the app to perform necessary background tasks which include synching and sending notifications even when the app is not in use, on devices home screen like native apps.
  • In the case of PWA’s a user is not directed to Google Play Store or App store, but directly the app starts downloading on the device which saves a lot of time and effort.

There are many Progressive Web Apps available for you but we will take you through the top 5 progressive web apps that actually increase your Website conversion rate.

  1.       Forbes: Commonly known as Forbes Magazine is an American business magazine that focuses mainly on business news and financial information. Forbes magazine is published on a biweekly basis and provides articles related to finance, technology, investment, law, marketing, and communications.

Forbes recently introduced Progressive Web App that contains mobile app features like push notifications to engage users. With the help of push notifications, they are able to increase sessions by 43% per user and impressions by 20% per page. More surprisingly they increased engagement rate by 100%.

  1.       Pinterest:  Basically a visual bookmarking tool used for discovering and saving creative ideas. The pins thus created are saved to boards, in an organized way that makes them easy to find when required. Pinterest allows users to save images that appear like bookmarking images and can be clicked to open.

Using Progressive Web App Pinterest has increased its conversion rate. There is 40% rise in user activity on the app, 44% increment in Ad revenue, 50% increment in ad click-through and 60% rise in core engagement.

  1.       Make My Trip: An Indian online travel company that deals with holiday packages, travel guiding, booking services for hotels, cars, buses, trains, and flights. Not only this, but route planner from Make My Trip also provides information on almost 1 million routes in India.

At one time they face drop off rates and acquisition costs. Then they switched to progressive web apps. This provides their user a hand on experience on both app and web in a single browser that helps to increase their conversion rate by 3x. Not only has their page load time increased by 38% but also user sessions by 160%.

  1.       Sarenza: A leading online shoe retailer from Europe, based in Paris offers hundreds of different brands to select from, with tens of thousands of styles.  A few years ago they were struggling with the recovery of abandoned carts.

Then they use the idea of Progressive web app and take the help of WonderPush push notifications. Later in a survey, it was found that they were able to recover 23% of abandoned carts with push notifications.

  1.       AliExpress:  AliExpress is a popular Business to Business eCommerce retail site owned by giant Alibaba group, based in China, a retail company that displays products of many suppliers across the world. Alibaba is also one of the top blue-chip brands in the world.

A few years ago AliExpress’s website failed to engage customers on mobile. This made the switch to a progressive web app. The results were astonishing as for new users the conversion rate increases by 104%, pages visited per session becomes 2x and time spent per session increases by 74%.

Conclusion: Progressive Web App is a future software technology for the websites. It is a tool that can be used to attract more customers to your platform and helps to bring profit to an organization rapidly.

Author bio: 

WonderPush, A platform that brings to you the latest trends in technology. The progressive web app is one of such technologies that has one of the highest web conversion rates to boost your sales. Here you are provided with the resolute dossier on where this technology is utilized with outcomes in figures to make you aware of its impact on customers.

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