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How The Internet Changed Sports Forever



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Sport has been around forever. Much before we could even remember.
Ancient types of games popular today, such as Soccer, has been reported thousands of years ago. And while some of the most popular types of sports have relatively recent rules for them. We are still talking about decades of years where the most popular kinds of sports such as basketball or Soccer, hasn’t changed all that much.
That’s until the internet came to existence.

What happened since the internet was introduced

These days, people are no longer fans of only their city’s team, no. People from all around the world are fans for some of the biggest sporting clubs out there. That can happen much with the help of the internet.

How many people do you know that went to see a sports match in another country? This kind of awareness was never around in the world.

ESports and Online Gaming


Another crucial change that has happened during the last 20 years or so is the rise of ESports. ESports are a group of games that are incredibly high in popularity and offer the opportunity to reach very high levels of experience. This enables players to compete with one another in a way that we couldn’t even imagine.
These days games like League of Legends or CounterStrike have dozens of millions of players every day. Every day.
These games attract people from all over the world. They also enable thousands of repetitions due to high complexity – that takes a long time to comprehend.


iGaming is another form of entertainment available these days – the possibility to place wagers around specific outcomes of games from the convenience of your home with the help of the internet. No more driving for hours to a bookkeeper, these days are gone.
You can play the best online casino games on the web, place bets on sports, and much more.
The way these websites work is based on high levels of security for the credit card system. And complex algorithms that monitor the activity of such sites to ensure fairness and honest gaming.

Dream League

Another imaginary new hobby that millions around the world partake in is Dream Leagues. All around the world people choose the players they believe will have the best performance during the year and they receive points as if this player was in their team, based on what he has done in real life. There are entire websites where people from all around the world can create their imaginary team and take part in the action

Whats About to Come?

We honestly don’t know. Many new technologies are always adding up to the sum of things that can and could change in the future. It is hard to keep track. All we know for sure, things are about to be very interesting.

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